‘The hypocrisy is jaw-dropping’: Honig on Trump taking the Fifth

CNN’s John King and legal analyst Elie Honig discuss former President Donald Trump’s past statements on the Fifth Amendment after news broke that he declined to answer questions in a scheduled deposition with New York Attorney General Letitia James. #CNN #News


  1. Yes, the hypocrisy here is jaw-dropping, but it’s nothing new. Hypocrisy is the capital city of Trumplandia.

  2. I’m guilty so I’m taking the 5th. Besides I can’t remember all my lies and I would trip myself up > trump

  3. His disgusting hypocrisy, backpedaling, and accusing others of the very thing he’s up to…they’re ALL classic Narcistic Personality traits.
    If you think at this point in reality, ANYONE is even remotely surprised, think again.
    if there are, all you need to do is call up those 4 people in the wilderness, on their satellite phones.
    He’s a common rich kid with no integrity boundaries or ethics. SO PLEASE, NO MORE PLAYING dumb. It insults your audience.

  4. He is precisely what he sees in others when making fun or judging others. For example, when he accuses someone of being dishonest. He talks about himself👹

    1. LOL why should he answer any questions? He hasn’t been arrested or charged for anything. The witch hunt continues LOL

    2. @Don Bianconi Take a minute and just think about what you just said. A prosecutor is NOT supposed to perform their job with political bias.

    3. @Jake R everyone has bias. It doesn’t mean one can’t do their job. Any malfeasance on her part? Seriously does it matter if the prosecutor doesn’t like the accused. If she were defending or judging for sure it’s a problem because then she could cause him harm. If you know of anything she has done that was inappropriate fill me in. How could she even negatively impact his defense?

  5. They’re asking the wrong questions. You have to ask him something on topic that he wants to answer and just let him talk. He’ll end up answering about 5 questions you didn’t think you’d get an answer to. Let him talk, he’s his own worst enemy.

  6. He does everything he accuses his opponents of doing, publicly… on Video… Openly. And his supporters say it doesn’t happen. You can’t argue or debate that, you can only ignore stupidity at the level of the average Republican citizen. At least as far as deciding who to charge

    1. @Knucklehead I don’t say projecting because it’s a buzzword, and, quite frankly, I use as simple of terms possible in anticipation a semi literate maga drone might read it.

    1. That’s everybody’s constitutional right you don’t have to talk to somebody that wants to use your words against you

  7. “Ted Cruz is a total hypocrite and, until recently, a Canadian citizen who may not even have a legal right to run for president.” -Donald Trump 2015

    1. @Lawrence Iverson Are you talking about “Three Home Bernie”? The socialist who endorsed a neocon for president? 😂😂😂

  8. “When a party invokes the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination in a civil case, the court is permitted to instruct the jury that it may draw an adverse inference that the answer would have been against the party’s interest. Mitchell v. United States, 526 U.S. 314, 119 S. Ct. 1307, 143 L. Ed. 2d 424 (1999)”

    1. *_REMINDER of a Bannon MAGA/GOP moment:_* *Since becoming pope in 2013, Francis has expressed a consistent message on the type of “America First” nationalism championed by Bannon. Two years ago, the pope cautioned against growing populism in Europe, warning it could lead to the election of leaders like Hitler. He has called for compassion toward migrants, saying that fearing them “makes us crazy,” as well as other marginalized groups including the poor and gay people. He has also defended diversity.*

      *_Bannon alleges that Francis has mismanaged numerous sex abuse scandals roiling the church, and says the pope is not treating the issue seriously enough._*

    2. @Rough Habit they got plenty. Do you genuinely believe they could have got Trump subpoenaed unless they did?!

  9. “The mob takes the Fifth,” Trump said at an Iowa rally. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”
    But trump will say,
    “I just invoked the 5th amendment. It was completely beautiful. Nobody has used the 5th Amendment like me. No one had even heard of it before me. People, very smart people, are coming up to me saying with tears in their eyes “Sir, we’ve never seen someone use the 5th amendment like you before. It was beautiful, truly beautiful.”

  10. “I took the fifth. Nobody takes the fifth better than I do. In fact, there has never been anyone in the history of this great country who has taken the fifth better than I have, nor is there anyone who knows as much about taking the fifth as me”

  11. Well, for the first time in his life, he’s telling the truth! Pleading the 5th is an admission of guilt that he has committed crimes!

    1. Pleading the 5th is not an admission of guilt and he was an idiot to say what he said about it. It is part of the Bill of Rights for a reason.

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