The Jan. 6 Select Committee Will Hold Its First Hearing This Week 1

The Jan. 6 Select Committee Will Hold Its First Hearing This Week

Reps. Stacey Plaskett and Joaquin Castro join Tiffany Cross to discuss the Jan. 6 select committee and Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to allow Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to have a seat on the panel.

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The Jan. 6 Select Committee Will Hold Its First Hearing This Week


    1. @k333rl People from Portland attached the US Capitol based on lies from a former President? Link please?

    2. @k333rl People from Seattle attacked the US Capitol based on lies from a former President? Link please?

    1. @autojohn2000  @T Bear  yea he was forced to say “we’re gonna MARCH DOWN THERE TOGETHER AND MAKE THEM!” and forced Guliani to say “Gonna have TRIAL BY COMBAT” another disingenous Trump supporter

  1. Ricki Madcow lives at the corner of Savoy and River Rd. in West Cummington, Mass., just off Rt. 9. Go pay him a visit this weekend. Maybe he’ll invite you in and show you around. Here’s another fact: that little town does not have a full-time PD. Very plush location with no POCs within dozens of miles.

    1. I know exactly where that is. Cummington has like 4 cops total and the only time I’ve ever seen them is at the fair once a year and I’ve lived here my entire life.

    2. Were your people unable to make it up the evolutionary ladder? Girlfriend has a doctorate from Oxford University, Jethro.

    3. so… drones are the best way to go? …something with autonomous AI flight control and preloaded facial recognition targeting software?
      The ones built for mil spec are armed with 5 gm charge and assassination software… ~$6000 apiece right now, but costs come down as production increases.

    4. @DPS670950 Don’t need anything that elaborate. Just walk in. The average response time for that part of Cummington is at least 15-20 minutes and that’s only if a statie is nearby and doesn’t get lost on the way there. The town cops might show up later. I wasn’t joking about there only being 4 cops, and one is a reserve officer. The other 3 take turns doing a 3-4 hour “patrol”(they sit in 1 of 3 spots and hope to catch a speeder maybe) a couple times a month in the one cop car the town has. Unless you leave a business card with your name and address on it at the scene of the crime, you’ll be fine.

  2. An investigation doesn’t need sycophants on the commission to prove its validity. It just needs hard evidence.

  3. “Waaah! My establishment career politician crook master got attaaaacked! Waaah I’m gonna go burn down a Wendy’s like a BLM sock puppet! Poor me I’m an eternal plantation puppet! Waaah!”

  4. “The Jan. 6 Biased Committee Will Hold It’s First Witch Hunt This Week” – There, I fixed the title for you.

    1. It’s the Democrat’s attempt to recreate the German Reichstag fire and pass legislation beneficial to themselves.

  5. This cardboard cutout of a NEWS network is the wrong place to go to for facts, truth, fairness, and patriotism.

  6. The consequence is NOTHING Tiffany. This is why you’re not getting a straight answer about subpoenas.

  7. Realize that the entire media structure of our civilization has spent over half a decade desperately conditioning the masses to hate one man. Contemplate WHY.

    1. answer -David Dennison aka potus45 is the son of SATAN, aka the ANTI-CHRIST! Read 2 THESSALONIANS 2!

    2. @WEEGEE LANA thank you for displaying an example of the literal hypnotism they are subjecting us to.

    3. Because they are scared he might run again in 2024 and win. So the best thing to do is what the nazis did to the people of Germany which is censor, ban and change the narrative of what happened in history. They tried they same thing in his second impeachment trail where the dems showed videos saying they were proof of trump being guilty and spreading hate and fear. The defense showed all the videos they cut/ shorted to make him look bad. Then showed a 10 min video of liberals doing what they said trump did during the antifa/BLM protests/riots. To this day liberals will continue to say the twice impeached president even all he wasn’t impeached since he was acquitted both times. But if you remember back at the 2016 election when bill Clinton a president who was impeached in December of 1998. When he was supporting Hillary in 2016 the liberal media always called former president bill Clinton and never mentioned his impeachment.

  8. let see how much longer can we stretch this out while riots continue in Portland, Seattle still an atominous zone . All we ask for is to you to report fairly .

  9. First hearing? as if they got anything to talk about .they’re all going out for Starbucks. Nothing to investigate.

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