Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC


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    1. *How much is $250mil of 1.5B not much really. And that’s only what his company was enriched by in one deal with the middle east!*

  1. I should have thought of this myself, but it does seem likely that one reason that charges against these scoundrels have been so slow coming is because if Trump were still President, they’d be pardoned.

    1. @Bruce Bridges we done I let you go back to pushing Marxism to the bots with ALL THE FACTS SCIENCE AND INFORMATION as a bot isn’t a free thinker or has commonsense but they might be able to spell and use good grammar and as some have to use commonsense as the Marxist like us not proficient in education as how else can they teach garbage Marxism or racism

    2. @Bruce Bridges I be heading over to fox News where 2 and 2 is 4 not 5 with the Marxist on the left telling us with ALL THE FACTS AND INFORMATION I suggest you stay here as they more on stopping Marxist pushing Marxism

    3. @Kay Surf good Grammer ……..I don’t care if you gammer is good bad or indifferent… do use either Grammer or punctuation.

    4. @Bruce Bridges not really as most of my friends that went to a democratic sanctuary bankrupt city school all write like me but not into politics but I’m trying to tell them you want AOC the Marxist moron giving you facts science and information

    5. @Bruce Bridges peace brother as I’m trying to be Done with the left but they just won’t let and ever time they get debunked on fact a lefty cries

  2. I would guess the Brooklyn prosecutor waited to indict until after the failed & disgraced Trump couldn’t pardon his good friend Tom Barrack.

    1. Former WH Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Predicts Biden Will Be Removed From Office Over Mental Health

    2. @S McDonald Giuliani will get his due, trust me. He is being disbarred in state after state. He is also being investigated, and will likely face charges. Investigations take time…even years. There is years of his BS to unravel.

  3. It is a good thing and lucky they waited, if they would have charged him last year, trump would have pardoned him no?

  4. So why TF do we still keep referring to this entity as the “Justice” Department…???

    1. @Paul Swift Uphold justice for the imaginary crimes Trump did to your head while screeching cnn blasts Trump 2 Jail next video. Keep watching. Trump will be reinstated to jail in August blah ……

    2. Justice to hold US citizens accountable, not for the law makers and their friends. We put these people in office to take advantage of us!

  5. I am so proud that the Afghan translators are being given asylum. Our pull out from Vietnam was one of the most tragic betrayals of that century

    1. I love the scene in Air America where he tells them he is no general Ho. He wants KFC, San Diego.

    2. @hopeless The Kurds had an agreements with the USA. The Kurds would do the heavy duty dangerous ground battle with ISIS in exchange for air protection from the Turcks by American airforce. Many Kurds have lost their lives in the ground battles against ISIS. Since USA retracted their airforce from one moment to another and the USA turned out to be an unreliable ally. The results were that many Kurds were killed by the Turcks but also The Kurds could not keep the ISIS prisonors of war in custody because they were a target themselves for the Turcks. This resulted in dangerous ISIS people free to roam through Europe. If the USA had pulled back out of the war against ISIS in an organized way, after consultation with the Kurds and the other allies, this disagree could probably have been prevented. One of the alles could maybe have provided the protection of the Kurds.
      Remember, we (USA and europe) own a lot from the Kurds, who basically with provided airsupport, defeated ISIS in a ground battle in which they lost a lot of lives.
      I am from Europe and at this moment I have a hard time trusting the USA as an ally. The last 4 years showed that it is wise to not really trust the USA. I do trust that Biden will not pull similar stunts and will consult/inform with allies before pulling out somewhere. However, in 2-4 years, the situation can be complete different. Currently, you have nothing in place to prevent an incompetent, corrupt and mentally ill person to become president.
      When I vote in my country (Netherlands), I will pay close attention how a party thinks about collaboratie with the USA.
      I don’t know If you know the expression but:
      Trust comes on foot but leader on house.

    3. @hopeless we occupied that country long enough? we’ve been in this country far longer than we were in iraq

    1. @Zennbubba I forgot to put in her last name, Nancy. I did forget about Maxine . I’m sure there is more out there

    2. It doesn’t matter. Both Parties. Hillary and her E mails, fake Russian fizer report, Hunter Biden and his deals with China, and the Ukraine, and now his bogus art, They’ve crawled through every nook and cranny trying to pin something on Trump in the last 5 years. None go to jail. In Trump’s defense, the left and Rachel’s looked pretty stupid!

    3. Hillary Clinton should be in prison. Lisa page Peter strock Andrew McCabe Jim comey Loretta lynch Bill Clinton all should be behind bars. Lying to congress. Illegal spying. Google James clapper interigation. He tells all under oath. What he says under oath is not the same as what he said in public. Shocking. I knew this stuff was going on. This just confirms it.

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski My inarticulate rambling was merely because I didn’t care enough about sub bell slop like you to go back and edit an error.

  6. And, Rachel Maddow, DT also gave a ‘stand down’ order to protect the rioters on Jan 6th, which is WHY the insurrection went so far, he had the cops on hold. HE is directly responsible for Jan 6th and HE needs to stand trial for it.

    1. You need to get back on your meds…. giving a stand down order to protect the rioters makes 0 sense. Trump does not control the capitol Police. If you can find any proof of what you are saying send it to me … but fact is it is just hot bs air.

    2. @John Swo you have to be kidding
      How stupid and blind can you people be???
      Ignorance is a choice

    3. @Donna Walls I know but I can’t help myself it is so much fun to make them look stupid …. and easy too.

  7. The charge sounds like a headline I wish were linked to trump, “Conspiring To Collude With Foreign Forces To Endanger National Security”

    1. @Lisa S. Because treason is the only crime identified in the US Constitution and there’s a condition precedent to any charge of treason — the nation must be at war which doesn’t apply now — and the individual charged must have either “changed sides” a la Benedict Arnold or have provided “aid and comfort to the enemy.” On top of those essential facts, the method of proof is very high.

      In order words: a charge of treason cannot be made out by facts and law.

    2. @Sue Ann Smith : You are Absolutely correct in your opinion. And many of us who are Awake and Aware agree with you. The rest don’t count because they are blindly and ignorantly part of the problem.
      X-Resident Chump Divisive Liar and Criminal in Chief created a Nepotistic and Nontransparent administration where it seems like everyone involved had a certain skill set for Criminality.

  8. Isn’t it possible that the justice department just delayed because they knew Trump would pardon Barrack

  9. Maybe someone should ask Billy Barr about the DOJ and why it’s gotten complacent. He was doing a lot of the presidents bidding. So it’s no surprise they had to wait to charge Barrack.

    1. Believe what you want but Barr was not an advocate for president Trump , but I understand you’re one of those democrats that believe what you’re told to believe

    2. @J. Wright the Iran contra cover-up General toady Barr is a disgrace and was Conald Drumpfs sycophant personal AG, just like Hitlers Hans Frank, luckily the Jan 6 insurrection Reichstag failed, just like everything Trumpturd touches dies

    3. @Marleystrummer When you are following the dictates of large corporations, academia, entertainment and big government you are the sheep. It is an empire of lies disguised as a counterfeit good to trigger people like you to be the “useful idiots” until the power grab is complete.

    4. @Jamie Jay what they do is their business not yours. All you righty whitey tidy people think you have to control everything and everyone. Get over yourself.

  10. Not just when there’s a Democrat in office. We lost so much forward progress under the former guy that it’s not even funny.

    1. The former guy trump is the WORST period. His cultists are behind him in hatred towards our democracy.

    2. @Suzan Robinson Yeah your making progress! crime up 135% since Biden took over. Cartels terrorists drugs just walking in because Creepy Joe invites them! How those liberal policies working in Chicago?

  11. 8:00 Biden: “freedom of the press is vital to humanity around the world”
    Crumpf: “you can report to accurately, you know that. I have a very beautiful relationship with Xi jinping, he’s a very beautiful man, very beautiful, we made beautiful manly love together”

  12. Why is Biden & Garland DOJ Protecting Trump DeVos from criminal prosecution? Can’t lead democracy when you refuse to entire Justice in America

    1. The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.

  13. Honestly, the USA can’t claim to be a decent example of democracy while the Electoral College exists. It’s a joke and calling this a democracy isn’t even funny.

    1. @lordcirth that wasn’t the argument I expected u to make…..

      If those states have a higher pop then they should have a bigger influence


    2. @Lirain Weerasekera The southern states have *less* population. Their votes are disproportionately weighted, which combined with gerrymandering is why the GOP has been able to win elections with 35-40% of the popular vote.

    3. @lordcirth alrighty, im gonna retract my previous comment coz its stupid and i didnt put much thought into it.

      The majority vote should always be the determining factor.

      if u apply this logic, a country with a huge population like china will have more influence just for having a bigger number vs a smaller country. the smaller country isnt any less important than china just for having a low population.

      so u need to take all of the states individually. a state is like a small country anway. california has the largest pop, which gives it a huge advantage meanwhile wyoming with the lowest will have a major disadvantage. u might have a situation where politicians will only try to appease the states with the larger populations only and ignore the smaller ones. making the smaller states useless.

      plus each state will have its governors and whatevs anyway. the president doesnt have all the power.

      gerrymandering has its use also. its to capture a diverse group of ppl that reflect the entire community properly. its not perfect but it shouldnt be eradicated.

      also even if u get rid of gerrymandering and the electoral college, it doesnt necessarily mean that every close GOP victory would never happen. the politicians will just change their strategy.

      in 2016 trump had 3 mil less votes….. if he wanted to go for the highest vote count he wouldve just changed his strategy.

    4. @lordcirth The 3/5ths compromise has no effect today. you are confused. Also, it’s the Midwest that gets disproportionate power.

  14. *The American people are shocked! (NOT!) Pay attention people and speak up…this is your country in case you don’t remember!*

  15. Don’t forget he also pardoned “Scooter” Libby. Why ? Google WHO prosecuted him . . . Make sense now ?!

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