‘The Reckoning That's Looming For Donald Trump’: Joy Reid On Trump 1

‘The Reckoning That’s Looming For Donald Trump’: Joy Reid On Trump


Joy says, “the irony here is that, had Bannon not been successful in the campaign of 2016, Trump may never have been President and may not have attracted the kind of scrutiny he’s now under.”
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    1. Donald followed the footsteps of his father SATAN the DEVIL GREATEST LIER EVER followed by Donnie

    1. @trianglechokeU well this time Citrus Caligula ripped away so much of their mask that somebody has to go to prison.

    2. @trianglechokeU Frankly, l would rather see him doing community service like cleaning out toilets and picking up garbage off the road. He can learn you don’t have to flush 15 times unless you have a big load of..uh.sh-t.

    1. And Don the Con’s most close associates, to include political appointees, personal lawyers, family members and insurrectionist supporters, end in legal jeopardy.

    2. @felixcoqui – %.
      So far (with allowances for ‘as-of-yet-announced indictments’)…
      #45 *’accrued’ FOUR disbarred lawyers (and counting), SEVEN former employees INDICTED for felonies (SIX already CONVICTED), had DOZENS of…’unplanned resignations’ AND, at last count, FIVE administration members with “Contempt Citations” on their resumes FOREVER (Barr was cited TWICE ).*
      And we won’t *EVEN mention* #45’s *numerous* ‘financial fiascos’…
      *Or* the seditious riot *HE incited.*

    1. @J B Just like Trumps fake election lawsuits! Dismissed lack of evidence! Is anyone going to jail then that shows proof till then your just a LOSER!

    1. *and we laughed at russiagate, and the whole saga of the brett cavanagh, and the chinaflu end of us all plandemic; your point?*

    2. @deja vu told me to
      All those criminal cases and lawsuits piling up on Trump has got you all in a tizzy, huh?
      It shows:)

    1. @R G it was not that long ago Clintons belong in jail joe and nacy Kamala are no better open the border the floyds at the white house he was a drug addict drug dealer p.o.s. the poster boy for America all the politicians are a threat to the nation

    2. When you have the NYC district attorney turning over evidence to the grand jury, that’s a little out of McConnell and McCarthy reach I’d say.

    3. @Michael Eggleston its why she waited for him to be out of office. only one that can help him is Biden.. And that is not going to happen.

  1. You think that with all the money Brannon stole that he could afford a haircut, a shave and maybe a facial!

  2. Trump was very clear, he repeated it many times, “Mexico was going to pay for the wall” !!!!!. So why was Bannon collecting money from Trump followers to build the wall.

    1. Greed, pure greed! We knew from the very beginning that there was no way Mexico was ever going to pay for the wall. It was just another one of the thousands of lies that Trump told. And the thing is like all the other lies he told his base believed him because that was the kind of stuff they ‘liked to hear’, and that was what Truimp was/is all about!.

    2. @Troy Stocker Oh yes! He’s sharing a flat with Putin, Manson, Madoff, Cosby, Mengele, Weinstein, and many lesser scumballs.

    3. @jayteadesigns … Well it was obvious Mexico was not going to pay… at least obvious to those with some intelligence. But there are still some really stupid GOP voters.

  3. The 80 million who voted for Biden is more than the 75 million who voted for Trump!!! (80 is greater than 75)

    1. @Refund Replay wrong again, the stimulas package, and the child credit, and the unemployment, money to schools, more Covid vaccines, Covid cases and deaths are going down, 1.5 million jobs created in 100 days,stock market new highs, consumer spending increase, highest jump in GDP since 2003, in the first 100 days, sadly facts are not on your side

  4. No, this is justice for the 80 MILLION who say don’t let the door hit you in the diaper on your permanent way out.

  5. The same Trump supporters that enjoyed their stimulus checks will vote for people who voted against the checks. Simply Amazing!

  6. By taking a pardon, Bannon admits his guilt. Doesn’t that open him up to be sued civilly or even for state charges?

    1. Yes, a Presidential Pardon only applies to “Crimes against the United States” care of the United States Constitution.

  7. Just imagine how different all of this would have been if the GOP had defended the country instead of their party and their wallets!

    1. Absolutely, there would be a focus on building infrastructure, lifting people up.. the devastion of the Coronavirus would have been vastly minimised… the list goes on… the USA is losing, losing big time

  8. And he’s still telling them to send him money, after all this they deserve to have their money taken!

    1. The Universe and human stupity are limitless. On second thought, that might not be true of the universe.

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