The Secret Service is investigating a break in into a senior Biden administration official’s home

CNN's Evan Perez breaks down the investigation into the break-in at National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan's home, which was undetected by the Secret Service. CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Jonathan Wackrow, a former Secret Service agent, discuss. CNN's Brian Todd then reports on the two staffers of Virginia Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly who were attacked with a baseball bat. #CNN #News


  1. American Dream disappearing one ESG Score at a time… Thanks Dr.Evil where is Austin Powers!

  2. A drunk guy got into his house with secret service guys there? Really? What a joke. He was drunk!!!

  3. So the secret service is investigating themselves into their failure to protect some one they are assigned to.
    Yeah ok.

  4. Remember to allow plenty of time for the Secret Service agents to erase and replace their phones before launching any investigation, like you did the last time.

  5. Isn’t that what professionals are expected to do? I wonder what they were looking for.

  6. How did he get in?!! The whole story sounds fishy!!! Came and went and wasn’t seen!!! Wow!!!

  7. How did the alleged drunkard get INTO the house in the first place? No electronic security alarms? And the advisor didn’t then alert secret service outside?

  8. I hope the secret service is better investigating than the FBI! They’ve been holding onto Hunter’s laptop for years and still haven’t had the chance to look at it! ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  9. “additional training”

    If they need additional training, then the Secret Service needs to be replaced with some beat cops or FBI. Because either they GOT the training and simply slacked off a job in a way that SHOULD lead to termination, or the entire group of them must be poorly trained.

  10. It’s been obvious for years that the Secret Service is not what they want the public to believe it is.

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