There Are 'More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death' 1

There Are ‘More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death’


The head of the CDC has said that over 99% of Covid-19 deaths have been among those who are not vaccinated, yet many states in the South and Midwest are still struggling to vaccinate more Americans due partly to disinformation. Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton, the co-founder & medical director of GOODSTOCK Consulting, LLC and an associate professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at the University of Virginia, joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez to share advice for anyone with a loved one who do

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  1. 11 months after New Zealand’s last Covid death, looking at American media is like stepping back in time..

    1. @MJL you’ve never heard of the “Great Reset”??….it’s even been on your favorite MSM propaganda networks…it’s not even a THEORY….they CALL it that in mainstream reports!!…Agenda 2030!!….my GOD some of you people are in SELF INDUCED comas….smh

    2. Why are you watching American media? I have never watched or cared what New Zealand’s media is broadcasting.

  2. So, when will this ever end? Every time we hear “we’re almost there!” and then the rug is pulled out from under us. I don’t see this ever ending. Too much power in it for some.

    1. @robotron17 mamm. Org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates….. Brand new tube, BitChute, Rumble, Lbry and Odysee have un cen sored Ne ws

    2. @chansetwo yeah I got the Johnson and Johnson one. For the ones with allergic reactions. I’m still alive and my heart is fine.

    3. Have you considered looking at this a bit different? Hear me out.

      Don’t think of the government .

      There is a new highly contagious airborne virus spreading throughout the country. Humans have no natural immunity against it. As more research is done and new information is gained the recommendations may change. That’s science. It’s evolving.

      A government exists for what reason? The needs of the people or the benefit of corporations……which one or both?

      The richest nation in the world should have paid everyone to stay home. Our government made a false choice between the economy and the health and stability of the nation . The economy won. Always short term bandaids and no planning for emergencies or infrastructure or anything. Short term gains that end up costing us 10000x more if what seems to the American way. I think this is wrong.

      CEO’s to doctors to fast food workers- all are not the 1%. You work you aren’t in this group. This is less than 200 families I’m talking about here. They are the ruling class. They contribute huge sums to political campaigns and lobbyists. They create policy. The will of the people has been ignored. These people want no government helping people out and closing up for a few weeks to get a handle on this. They wanted worker bees to keep working to create profits for themselves..

      They don’t want to pay living wages despite wages being stagnant for 40+ yrs because they want a workforce that is so desperate they’ll take anything but see when you work 40hrs and still can’t afford to have a roof over your head you start to see the pointlessness of it all. There is no labor shortage. Middle income jobs were moved willingly by US corps overseas to increase profit margins. There are tons of low wage, part time, no benefits jobs. Under the last President there were record jobs but it’s not progress or anything to brag about when the reason for an increase in jobs was due to people who are so exploited they work 2-3 jobs to barely scrape by.

      These are a few things to think about.

    4. @FirstName LastName It’s not proof that Rona caused it either. That’s not how it works. 1-2 weeks after the second jab, they had heart problems. The jab is unproven. Logic is important.

  3. Oh, they believe in “long covid” but they absolutely will not consider that almost all Lyme disease is “long,” “chronic” or “late” Lyme.

  4. I live in Arkansas. I haven’t heard a single thing about an up rise in Covid-19 cases. 400 new cases? Wow! I better put my hazmat suit on because the population in Arkansas is over 3 Million. Better be safe than sorry I guess.

    1. No offense but you’re from one of the most boring state in America …I’ve never heard anyone say they’re taking a vacation to Arkansas .

    1. @Chuck U Farley 34million 600k dead yes very sad but the virus is evolving very fast they have already lost control sure say what you will just wait and see the only way man will stop the hate if something effects us all equally and it’s here but it will get worse wait and see

    2. 160 million zombies waiting to be born. What’s funny is none of the media are vaxxed let’s see them rolling up those sleeves on live

    1. Yall people need take it easy on D W. Yall are letting emotions lead your decisions. People that died from ligit heart attacks were marked as “covid deaths”. You dont have to buy it because im not selling it. Its simply the true look it up. If your going to be ignorant and not look it up yourself then…..maybe there’s just no hope for you and yours then.

    2. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have un cen sored Ne ws…..mamm. org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates

    3. Cobid affects those with underlying conditions, those that get the shot without it don’t realize the vaccine will attack other areas/organs!

    1. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have un cen sored Ne ws…..Video; Catherine Austin Fits Planet Lockdown……mamm. org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates

    1. 2024 election I’m sure they’ll create something else, as woke as these lunatics went no true American would ever vote demorat again.

    2. Yeah, more dead Americans then perished in every war since 1865 combined, and an infection, hospitalization and death rate that is once again increasing. Where’s the story in that?

    3. @mopthermopther 2 days ago — The figures showed that 257 people had died with the Delta variant, most of whom were over 50. (regarding UK)

    4. Not many people for cumulative. As for 600K dead here, it always has made since March 2020 to social distance as much as you can manage within reason. Everything else in respecting that number is open to debate. I prefer freedom across the board on such dealing, I judge risk etc.. and should be allowed easy access to ivermectin (this country is a disgrace for not being all in on using that as a treatment

  5. *”The flu can damage your sense of smell.* Fortunately, this is usually not permanent, though it may take it a while to return. Often, whether or not you regain your sense of smell depends upon the underlying cause. If extensive damage is done to your nasal nerves, it is more likely that the condition will be permanent.” – From Raleigh ENT 2018. This page will probably be scrubbed from the internet soon.

    1. My dad died of the flu, January 2020. If it would have been a few months later, it would have been called covid.

  6. Next they will say:
    “After you die, You will get Covid-19 in the Kingdom of Heaven, and die again if you don’t get the vaccine!”

  7. CDC said few days ago vaccinated teachers and students not to wear masks, now they said they all should?! I wonder what the CDC is taking/drinking/smoking every single day!!

    1. Mamm. Org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates….. Brand new tube, BitChute, Rumble and Odysee have un cen sored Ne ws

    2. It’s better to be vaccinated and wear a mask compared to just being vaccinated. Being vaccinated helps you fight against it but it doesn’t make you immune to catching it.

  8. They are nuts, they love control. Can’t understand why people are going along with these quacks knowing all the lies they have told and backed track so many times, and they still follow them.

  9. “There Are More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death”. Yep. Like the unknown lifelong consequences of an experimental untried vaccine…

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