‘There’s Just Too Many Positives A Day’: Texas County Overwhelmed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Judge Barbara Canales of Nueces County, Texas, talks about the need for medical supplies and testing supplies as medical workers are being overwhelmed by the growth in COVID-19 cases and the spread of the coronavirus. Aired on 7/17/2020.
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'There's Just Too Many Positives A Day': Texas County Overwhelmed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I’m a former Reagan republican who believes in truth and decency. Nicolle Wallace is also a former Reagan repubican. We BOTH believe in COUNTRY FIRST.

    1. @Toni King These 24,000 are first simply the amount of people who died more than in previous years.
      Normally around 8,000 NYers die, this year 32,000 died.
      Are you still trying to give any explanation for these deaths? Or shall we discuss now the validity of the death numbers? Just decide.

    2. @Toni King Sadly, Most of them are so brain dead they actually wake a lot of people on their own.

  2. “I’m a very stable genius
    “I’m the chosen one”
    “I take no responsibility”
    Donald J Chump. 🤯🎪
    Vote everyone. 👣💙

    1. The GOP-Virus will continue to be a problem as long as Trump and the Republicans control the Federal Government. We need Democrats in the White House, Senate, and as many State Capitals as possible. Vote BLUE in November!!!

  3. “We’ve lost control of contact tracing.”
    That’s cause we lost control of ourselves by installing this guy as president.

    1. The GOP-Virus will continue to be a problem as long as Trump and the Republicans control the Federal Government. We need Democrats in the White House, Senate, and as many State Capitals as possible. Vote BLUE in November!!!

    2. Are these ‘positive infected cases’ accurate? is the CDC validating numbers, are they questioning any CASES being counted numerous times or are they questioning Cv19 causes of deaths? Can the CDC actually do an audit on some of these very serious concerns from the public that are being scared by the CDC numbers? Is anyone auditing the Doctor’s treatments or reporting? Is this really happening? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-XVqbEe3ns Bless this woman for coming forward!

    3. @Pam Deshane Well, if trump is trying to hide these figures, I guess they can be considered as very accurate

    4. Pam Deshane I wouldn’t worry too much about that video—don’t forget this is a new virus, and very complex compared to the annual flu virus. That’s why it was so difficult to pin down these details regarding symptoms, treatment, and accurate numbers.
      Those health-care workers were as busy as they’ve ever been in their lives trying to figure things out on the fly—WHILE BEING ATTACKED BY THEIR OWN PRESIDENT! He’s too dumb to figure any of this out, so he’s trying to BS his way through it—and confusion is his goal because he can’t offer anything useful and he knows it. He’s in way over his head.
      I believe the nurse in the video has the best intentions, but I’d still attribute much of what she was reporting to the fact that this was a very confused time. It seems to me that it’s getting sorted out with time. That’s the way complex problems ALWAYS are—you start in the fog, and with hard work and smart, trained professionals, things eventually clear-up.
      Also remember that trump is a hateful, spoiled rich boy who’s never grown up. He couldn’t care less that his foolish behavior increases stress of tens of millions of people here, and around the world, and is stoking every fire he sees, or has started himself.
      We’re getting this figured out—now we need to dump the party that’s making this much worse than it had to be.
      Let’s put an end to this dangerous nonsense—Vote Blue in November!🇺🇸😎

    5. @Pam Deshane I never get any answer though I asked this about a hundred covid19-deniers already. Maybe YOU are willing to provide one:

      There is a study on the cdc website “Preliminary Estimate of Excess Mortality During the COVID-19 Outbreak — New York City, March 11–May 2, 2020”

      32,107 deaths in total

      24,172 (95% confidence interval = 22,980–25,364) were found to be in excess of the seasonal expected baseline

      13,831 (57%) laboratory-confirmed COVID-19–associated deaths

      5,048 (21%) probable COVID-19–associated deaths

      5,293 (22%) excess deaths not identified

      So my question to YOU is:
      *Whats your BETTER explanation how these 24,000 people died (4 times more than usual) and how can you back it up with evidence?*

      You can find similar studies for other hotspots like Spain or Northern Italy and no Covid19-denier can give me any explanation for these enourmous death rates. I am so curious!

  4. The amazing thing is that all of this was predictable and in fact WAS predicted.
    The lack of preparedness is a scandal! The lack of supplies and equipment is negligent.
    The inaction and sheer incompetence of the President and his Republican Governors should be unforgivable.
    How is it possible for anyone to still support this dishonest, negligent President?
    A President who ignores scientists and Doctors.
    A President who silences experts and anyone he dislikes.
    A President who clearly does not care about American citizens, who does not care about the safety of the military.
    A President who orders unidentifiable troops onto the streets to unlawfully arrest and terrorise citizens who are exercising their Contitutional rights.
    A President who orders the gassing and assault of peaceful demonstrators so he can take a photo.
    What has America become under Donald Trump? What will it become if he remains in office?

    1. @Toni King you have been conned.
      You are totally deluded.
      Please stop watching the fake Fox News and watch real journalists who actually report the truth.
      You have been lied to. Open your eyes.

    2. @Charles Brewer you said this was predicted i agree. 2010 rockerfeller foundation document LOCK STEP agenda 21 don’t play dumb like MSNBC ,FOX , ABC, aren’t all Fake news

    3. Toni King lol have you been to Sweden? Sweden only has 10 million people in an country that is roughly the size of California and they are 5th for death per capita during the pandemic. Their prime minister just ordered an inquiry to why they didn’t lock down.

    1. @Abhay Achalits communist China and so does Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates don’t forget the CDC and WHO

    1. Texas had time. Don’t feel sorry for the state that ceded from the confederacy trump loves. Fuckem.

  5. Lol not enough time in a day to contact the people who tested positive, lol.
    What a tinpot little corrupt country America has become

    1. German here. Having mild-middle cold symptoms for two days.
      Called today local covid hotline to ask if a test would make sense (“yeah, better come”). 1 minute phonecall.
      Drove 5min to next testing station.
      6 containers in a parking area of a hospital, only one currently used.
      Had to wait 1min, showed my health care card, answered questions for another minute, specimens got taken within a few seconds.
      Drove 5min back home.
      Will get results tomorrow morning by phone.

    1. Your country is on its way to a fascist dictatorship.
      Prepare for the worst case and Trump cancelling elections or declaring himself the winner after his loss in November. Despite covid19 you will have to protest till the Republicans will stop to back him up and till the police will drag Trump out of the Oval Office.

    2. @Paul Wilson
      They did try to sack him, but the GOP wanted to keep him there.
      Please don’t blame the Dems, they were simply out voted.
      November should fix that problem.

  6. “I’m the chosen one”
    “I take no responsibility”
    Donald J Chump. 🤯🎪
    Vote everyone.

  7. So the Texan Governor is just like tRump, a mass murderer by ignoring the science. Vote them out folks, vote them out!

  8. Trump: America, you are on your own. I am not going to spend any more time on the pandemic. I am going to promote Goya, play golf and photo-op.

  9. When does the Trump’s Administration complete neglect of the safety and health of American citizens become a crime against humanity?

    1. When will Fauci be charged with continuing the development of Covid when he was told by the U.S. government to stop under the Obama administration but he continued the research in Wuhan.

  10. “‘There’s Just Too Many Positives A Day’: Texas County Overwhelmed” motivates us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to immediately find out at any given moment, including while On-line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to convince them to call their doctor and self-quarantine per their doctor in hopes of stopping this pandemic before it overruns all our hospitals starting with the ones in Texas.

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