'These people should not be applauded': Cuomo weighs in on DeVos resignation after Capitol riot 1

‘These people should not be applauded’: Cuomo weighs in on DeVos resignation after Capitol riot


CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses the resignation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and others from the Trump administration following the riot at the Capitol.

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    1. @Laquinton Wagner’s Black Life Matters Dude you telling me to not believe what I see with my own eyes. My neighborhood and community ain’t affected by scary white people and Trump. You are speaking like black kids are scared of the boogie man. My neighborhood is together and have many different options on the president and I know my neighbors. You act like blacks all think the same.

    1. @Football Nerd you’re literally dumb and a low info voter. You voted for anyone that isn’t trump and it shows. There was never an insurrection. They wanted their cases heard and they were turned away from the courts on standing. AZ would flip for trump if the court saw the evidence of over 400,000 illegal votes being thrown out, securing AZ for trump. Why did some of these places reject subpoenas for their voting machine info? Kinda shady dude, and democrats shouted “No fraud, Biden won!” But there was fraud, impropriety, and inconsistencies across the board. There is evidence everywhere and thousands of sworn affidavits. The left decides to ignore it and only cover “orange man bad”. Trump could literally save a child from a burning building, then the media and crooked left would say trump started a fire and held the child hostage. It’s stupid.

    2. @Jason Milton no, not at all. I watch left and right news sources and that is totally incorrect. He didn’t do anything. People are pissed at the lockdowns and the fact that they’re out of work and can’t feed their children while hypocritical governors and mayors go out, party and dine where they please. If you talk to an actual trump supporter and listen, they’ll tell you that they’re tired of the lockdowns and lies. Lockdowns haven’t worked for our country, so stop destroying the economy and let people work. We can agree on that, right?

    1. @God’s Com’n You are a hypocritical deluded fool. Antifa – right wing extremists – caused the violence at BLM peaceful protests & BLM activists denounced it. They took advantage of peaceful demonstrations for racial justice. What the extremist right wing Trump Cult did yesterday was an act of sedition – insurrection. A violent, criminal assault on our government & attempt to overthrow it. They placed explosives in the Capitol, erected at least one noose, and hunted the Capitol for members of Congress and VP Pence.

      Shame on you. How dare you use “God” in your screen name. YOU will have to answer to God for your lying, racism, hate & judgment of your fellow human beings, and your enabling of the carnage that occurred yesterday. Shame on you.

    2. @john smith what are you talking about? They have arrested a lot of them and they are Democrats. But ignore months of riot and 32 people dead huh??? Idi0t! You people belong in the ground

    3. @God’s Com’n OMG, you sound like a cult member. Get help, before they talk you into giving up your life for them.

    4. @Shasha0709 Its true it was ANTIFA and anarchists and Democrats PRETENDING to be Trump supporters. Keep up twit.

  1. I would argue that their absence is actually ‘less’ of a void than when they were supposedly holding the position they’re resigning from.

    1. @Chris McCaulley No. I do not think so. What affects you affects you. Being upset may be the effect of that which affects you. Lol.

    2. As my grandma would say..telling people to go home in peace is the opposite of absolutely encouraging them.

  2. The way i saw this from Canada, the vacuum of responsibility begin 4 year ago… Stay safe, “interesting time” are ahead… 🙁

    1. I am extremely angry at those fascist, excuse-making right-wing Senators and Congressmen who are refusing to join the Democrats in calling for the immediate removal of that radical, racist, fascist orange crook! Not just that, but those 14 fascist, racist, anti-America right-wing Senators and Congressmen should also be removed and imprisoned along with their fascist orange cult leader!

  3. I have another theory about people leaving now. They don’t want to be part of history because they don’t know what he will do in the next 13 days.

    1. They all know that the 25th Amendment NEEDS to be invoked but they are cowards who will not do their job so they are leaving.

    1. If they resigned sooner, they wouldn’t be able to write a book in the future. It has to be just right before the ship sinks. Pathetic!!

    2. They’re just as corrupt as him. That’s why they stayed. Trump fired the Inspector General who was investigating Chao

    3. Biden need to bring charges against Chump and his cronies. No other Citizen is above the law and will get punished for their crimes and so should Chump and his henchmen.

    1. They supported him when he was lighting the fire. Now that it’s blown up they wanna walk away w only 2 less than 2 weeks… gfoh!!! She ain’t shi*

    2. You mean like the flames of the burning buildings between may and September from riots that were allowed to roar on for weeks ?

      Please post a video of Trump explicitly calling for any riots ? I don’t want to hear you say it was a read between the lines or dog whistle call . If the elections weren’t rigged and Trump won I can guarantee the left would have been rioting in every major city destroying innocent people’s property and harming innocent people as they did for months starting in May and Democrats allowed that mess to fester and get out of control because it suited their poltical agenda… are you calling for the heads of those who allowed those months of violence and destruction to take place ?

    3. @Tonia T …agree all these ppl have been silent for 4 yrs…knowing what trump was about…

      silence is compliance and they have been silent all this time

    4. @yerwrng Please do your own research and stop being so lazy. All “please post a video …” means is there is nothing you would believe. There are rioters and looters on both sides. At least the left acknowledges that this behavior is wrong. The right tries to blame ANTIFA. Really?

  4. Anyone who tries to resign after what happened yesterday should not be allowed to, your hand was in the cookie jar…

  5. I read a comment that simplifies what has happened: “when you elect a clown… what you get is a circus”.

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