'They Got What They Wanted': Indictment Outlines U.A.E. Wins With Barrack Working Trump 1

‘They Got What They Wanted’: Indictment Outlines U.A.E. Wins With Barrack Working Trump


Rachel Maddow reports on how the federal indictment against Donald Trump insider Tom Barrack outlines how well served the United Arab Emirates was by allegedly having Barrack as an agent influencing Donald Trump on their behalf, and how lucrative the arrangement was for Barrack. 
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    1. @Bruce Swearingen trump and o’bama both born at the same hospital. trump wanted putin to be his brother but actually trump and obama have the same mother. Family functions are some what tense.

    1. @Pete Pounds It’s already been reopened! The 45th & true US Patriot officials expanded it knowing they would need it for all the ones who participated in treason.

    2. @Bridget Murray it’s who not what! An official from Cali that sits on the house intelligence committee who turns out was hooking & cozying with a Chinese spy & she was getting info off of him reporting it back to China.

    3. @Richard Gilley – I must say I do admire your ability to leave out important facts. I suppose you just assume that we are all stupid and don’t do any research ourselves.

  1. Republicans commit crimes then claim innocence…let’s hope these crims get maximum sentences for what they did.

    1. @Tony Belmonte Republicans denounce 4 star generals for telling you the truth.

      You have no credibility anymore.

    2. @Tony Belmonte y’all lost your reality and credibility throughout past five years, enough said!

    1. Absolutely, anyone that was ever near this lying criminal psychopath would be thoroughly investigated.

  2. There’s not enough sarcasm in the universe to respond to the sh!t that’s been happening lately with trumps minions.

    1. Lock them up, lock them up, lock them all up!!! … the orange clown administration the most corrupted ever in history!!!

  3. ,How much money did it cost the UE government to have Donnie read a speech that they prepared. Old Tommy knows where the money went and to whom,..hahaha

    1. Always does! Skimming right off the top, like he did with his Children’s Cancer Foundation. Despicable POS!

    2. Anyone remember that time when a Russian oligarch picked up the phone and asked Trump to move the US special forces off the Syrian oil fields? The Russians got a 25% bounty on Syrian oil production. Do you think Trump got a piece of that or did they just pay Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans? It’s all coming out now.

    3. Trump seems to be the type of person who wants to be paid for everything he does, while he pretends it’s costing him money to do it.

  4. And who benefit from these wheeling and dealings? All roads leads to Trump and minions, not the U.S government.

    1. Jared got caught using a Saudi Arm’s Deal to skim enough cash from a Qatar Prince ($1,890,000,000.00) to pay off an outstanding debt on his 666 Fifth Avenue, NY property. Kushner should have NEVER qualified to receive National Security Clearance/s… even after 5 attempts. I swear, #45 supporters cannot read anything more than 125 characters. The Mueller Report, the Kashoggi murder, and 323 other incidents prior to the Capitol insurrection, are well documented. It’s just that GOP people are plain illiterate and can’t read, or; believe their supporters are stupid. If Obama or Biden had done .002% of what #45 did, I guarantee you that they would have been impeached. The GOP Senate is so corrupt… that they cannot even fathom an objective view of facts… let alone act on them.

    2. It was actually closer to $1.2 Billion from that Qatar Fund. Jared had already procured $600 M – $700 M in earlier funding from Chinese and Saudi investors. Jared was $1.89 Billion in debt (on the 666 Fifth Ave. property) at the start of #45’s term. He got a few $200-300 M smaller loans in the first 18 months of #45 being POTUS.

    1. Well currently I’m sure he thinks his money and his connections will get him off! We need to insure it doesn’t and that he is made an example of for others!

    2. LOL, just another Republican on a fruitless spending spree. He’s probably glad for the tax package the GOP put in place, gives him some mad-money.

    1. @Kenny Hill I don’t think the founding fathers thought that we’d end up with a country split down the middle with morals..

      Then again the south was slow to realize having people as pets wasn’t good either.

    2. @Catrasho they always do until the ring closes around them, hence why his circles being arrested as we speak

  5. Rachel what an embarrassing Trump administration conflict of interest unveiled…corruption at highest level with foreign power link… CON America

    1. Well what about hunter and buy dem and guy sleeping with a chyneze spy being on the intelligence committee? Quit being selective. There’s more going on in the doj, fbi, cia in a single day than a year in the presidents office.

    2. @Craig Cherry I do believe that the only person involved with foreign agents, planting evidence etc was Trumps lawyer Giuliani. There was absolutely no real evidence that Hunter Biden did anything wrong. Giuliani admitted he may have been “taken in” and used by Russian agents.

    3. @Seawitch Pirates No evidence? His emails are not evidence? He admitted to corruption himself lol. The testimony of his associate is not evidence? Are you dumb?

    4. there IS no embarrasment to any STURMPED administration, HE SIMPLY doesnt CARE anything about anything but HIMSELF…. He lies he tells small truths..and he thinks that you’ll forget his small lies.. but these lies is what he puts forth as his aqenda

  6. This better be part of a collapsing of dominoes, that lead to the final orange piece toppling over and into prison.

    1. @Carin Somers I don’t see how that would help the democrats by any means! The Biden administration is trying to fulfill their agenda & hurts the dems severely. Even if you dislike Trump you have to admit Biden is the worst ever! Just within months he has caused so much damage whether it’s intentional or just blindly in their hate for Trump & do everything opposite from him even if it hurts American & the world. I definitely will not stand with Biden after all the derogatory words & comments made about blacks & lgbt & the division caused by the democrat officals. I wanted Gabbard but when she didn’t win, I started seeing through the manipulation of perceptions & step away.

    2. @Carin Somers Well that tells me just how out of touch with reality you are! Seriously have you not seen or heard the devastation Biden is leaving in his wake? Ultimately if you disregard fake news & misinformation & look solely on the factual facts not misconstrued & out of context; Trump was the best of the most recent. I’d say since Kennedy! Democrats have only destroyed my life & country, to tell me they care about the American people yet nothing they do has been directed towards actually helping the ones struggling.

    3. @Anna Jorgensen lol I’m so happy you got tested for CV19, us nurses know they put a mystery fluid on the swab to poison you I mean what?

    4. @Richard Gilley sorry I think the same of you, anyone who thinks trump is better is done for me , you are delluded , good night

    1. @Tony Belmonte Well, talking about presidential administrations, compared to the Republicans the Democrats are almost perfection. Just take a look at the recent history:
      > Since 1969, Republican presidential administrations have 317 criminal indictments 97 convictions, while Democrats have had 3 and 1 respectively.
      Note: The above does not include recent indictments of Trump cronies that have been brought in the last few weeks.

    2. Between COVID infections and DOJ convictions, there won’t be many MAGATS left to vote in 2022

    3. Yeah sure, The Great Orange Toad…and every other government on the planet. This is how international relations has really been done for over 500 yeras.
      Ever heard of Machiavelli?

    4. SD Florida Attorney Berman was investigating Giuliani and Barrack and the Inaugural Committee but was fired by Barr.

    1. @Kat Thomas You should tune down the bigotry and instead get smart and start lying to the minorities instead–like trump did in Florida….you would have lost Florida otherwise…you’re going to need all the votes you can get…your voter supression ain’t gonna do it….barely any MAGATS left!

    2. @Tony Belmonte Nope…nobody’s falling for that…or Biden’s Laptop, or Mr Potatohead, or critical race theory, or the Big Lie, or whatever other crazy desperate MAGAT talking point you’ll dig up tomorrow…the people have spoken and they have seen trumpism for what it is—lunacy…you all are done…trump will be fertilizing Attica’s lawn within a year…just like the lawn fertilizer who was formally known as Rush Limbaugh

  7. Trump: ‘Tom who?? Never met him. I don’t know him. He was the coffee guy. I wish him well.’

    1. Trump will say I know who he is because we where at a strip bar he was seating across from me

    2. Knowing Trump’s history of turning on people in a moment’s notice, why do they continue or agree to discredit and humiliate themselves all for the sake of this con artist who cares about no one but himself. I guess it’s fools gold or sheer stupidity.

  8. Don’t y’all agree that even tho the last administration refuse to charge these people, that does not mean that they should be free from any consequences

  9. What’s the sentence for a guy who’s committed these kinds of felonies? Wait! UPDATE Ari said 7 counts = 50 years.

    1. “If you are convicted of making a false statement to the FBI, you could face up to five years in federal prison. This penalty could be extended to a maximum of eight years if your misstatement relates to any act of international or domestic terrorism. Time in prison is not the only potential consequence.” That’s just for starters!

    2. @Sheila Boston So, the rich and connected guy will get a stern reprimand? I have no faith in American ‘justice’. I do remember a black man getting life in prison, on a third-strike, for stealing a piece of pizza. Steal a billion? No biggie.

  10. Once all the facts have finally emerged, history will condemn Trump as a traitor.
    I feel sick at the thought of the long-term damage that Trump has inflicted on America, as a direct result of his self-serving corruption. .

  11. Weisselberg will probably never flip on Trump, but Tom Barrack I have a feeling he’s gonna sing like a big fat canary

    1. He can’t flip on trump. Your tds has gotten the better of you. This was all started years ago before trumpo even thought to run for president. This was ushered by killary and obumma.

    2. @Craig Cherry tds is not delusion..
      Now if everything we feared about Trump was not true then TDS would be a thing.
      But the things we fear about Trump are true.
      They are true and unfortunately they are not even the tip of the iceberg.

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