‘They Had One Chance’: Chris Hayes On GOP Opposing 1/6 Commission 1

‘They Had One Chance’: Chris Hayes On GOP Opposing 1/6 Commission


"This is a completely amoral calculus. And it is the same one Republicans have been making since 2015," says Chris Hayes on the GOP opposing the January 6 commission to cover for Trump.
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    1. It is obvious that some people did not see the Domestic Terrorist attack on Jan. 6th, orchestrated by Repugnicons!!

    2. @Mike W like Trump said at the onset of the Coronavirus “We have it under control” and “it’s only one case from China” and “1 day its 15 cases and then it’s zero it’s like a miracle”= Trump BLATANTLY LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LYING IS EVIL = Trump canceled the USA Pandemic Team in 2018 to spend Billions on a Wall “You Reap what You Sow” yes it’s ok for Trump to marry 2 European wives and brought their families over to America yes Trump is an Evil Racist Chain Immigration Hypocrite = Worship Money and MAGA is Evil go MAGA Massive Amounts Graves America World Leaders Coronavirus because Trump lied “The Blind will follow the Blind into the Pit” Holy Bible quotes = Selfishness leads to Arrogance leads to Ignorance Evil America DESERVES EVIL TRUMP built on slavery, lying, cheating, stealing and killing the Native Americans and Mexicans and Trump is the Perfect President for America = Trump only paid $750 in taxes yes I paid more than the Billionaire Trump and Trump pardoned Manafort and Bannon for ripping off the American taxpayers yes we have to pay their share = America Land of the Free and Dumb = Freedom CONNED BY A KNOWN CONMAN YES A KNOWN CONMAN it’s almost like we didn’t know that the Evil Rich man would lie to us so that they can give themselves the largest and permanent tax breaks all the while driving up our National Deficit is Conservative and fiscally responsible NOT AND GUESS WHO IS MAKING MONEY OFF THE DEFICIT INTEREST YES THE SUPER RICH IGNORANT AMERICANS DESERVES EVIL TRUMP”Snares of the Devil “ well done actually believe the Biggest Liar in USA HISTORY = End Times = READ THE BIBLE = Repent and May God have mercy on our souls and bless you and your family I love you because God is Love so Love everyone just like Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior said “Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you”= TRUTH AND HOPE TO SEE YOU IN HEAVEN THAT IS MY ONLY GOAL TRULY LOVE GOD AND LOVE EVERYONE no I don’t need your vote or money so you know I’m telling the truth = Many man Democrats and Republicans are NOT GOING TO HEAVEN UNLESS THEY REPENT AND SIN NO MORE = Truth LOVE

  1. Of course the GQP opposes the creation of the January 6th commission. Why would white supremacists investigate their fellow white supremacists??

  2. After years of trying, this makes wannabe Trump officially a Mob Boss! Capeesh?

    1. ‘Hey Ukraine. You got a real nice country. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.

    1. @Insignificant360 that’s exactly what I was going to say!! The MAGA hat is the sign Bill Engvall has always wished was available! He just didn’t mention it would come with 24 hr rage…

    2. Don’t try to fix stupid, you’ll let democracy down. GOP is acquitting Trump the third time now. Defending the real actual border (democracy) is now on the Dems. So… snartypants quipping feeling smug on the sidelines has really served America great hasn’t it. Get more efficacious, Dems.

    3. Maga’s, like msnbc and all of MSM, are illuminati swamp creature lovers.

    1. There are plenty of Americans who support and defend Trump’s insurrection. Republican senators would risk being voted out if they voted for the investigation, but not before being attacked by the Party of Trump.

    2. @camwyn256 yes tourists. If had toured the Capital like that. I’d be locked the f ed up if not shot on the site.

    1. Hence when was it great for them? It’s like they are acting like the old dems of the 1800’s. aka “Manifest Destiny” when the WH posted it last July.
      Not to mention the insurrection in NC in 1898.

  3. Republicans have no interest in investigating a Republican riot. By the way this is showing Susan Collins’ true colors. Like we didn’t know.

    1. Her fund raising (money laundering) into the GOP RNC is finally getting a little traction by the complicit corporate media. Her husband “lobbies” for Russian interests PRO BONO out of a tiny office in a small rural Alaskan town. Not suspicious at all.
      All roads lead to…

    2. Republicans dangling their yes vote by asking for more adjustments.., but will still say no in the end even Democrats agree to their seems to be never ending adjustments.

    3. @eltham treehuggerok, Susan Collins, we saw were that led us!It imboldened him, instead of teaching him a lesson. It practically gave him a free pass to do whatever his insane, criminal, three-braincells wanted to breed inside his ugly, corrupt, narcissist head.

    4. @Armando Garcia propably tell us the TERRORISTS a d their incitors! learned their lesson!

  4. They don’t care -period end of story. They don’t care that those Police officers lost their lives, don’t care about those that were injured. They just don’t care. Voters need to make sure they don’t forget and Make them care by Voting them Out!

    1. Have they forgotten that they were cowering in the room, maybe to the point of soiling their own pants.

    2. It’s not going to be so easy to vote them out now that they’ve stilted elections systems countrywide. The American fascist party is manifest

  5. Many gopers were so involved in the Jan 6 that, of course, they would not want a commission!

    1. @Snaggal Frash then talk to your congressional representatives. Tell them to do there jobs and propose their own commission to investigate the summer riots

    2. @Snaggal Frash that’s like saying we need the 9/11 commission to investigate the Oklahoma City bombing. Totally unrelated

    3. @Snaggal Frash Give me a break, it does not even compare. They walked on to the 5th floor, stood there long enough to shout a chant then left peacefully. Nothing was damaged, and no one was harmed. It didn’t even last 10 minutes and violated no laws.

    4. At the very least we are showing America how totally DISGRACEFUL the current Republican Party is and has always been. AMERICA IS LEARNING LOTS!

  6. The criminals don’t want the criminals being investigated, that just wouldn’t be right…….

    1. @James Guitton is a paid shill for MSNBC to boost the algorithms, no rational person would post obviously delusional statements like these

    2. @sharon olsen @James Gutton as most posters of regressive lies is paid by MSNBC to troll to boost their channel’s stats
      Pass it on

    3. The GOP made a calculated decision to regain power. They know very well that a full investigation will make the party look REALLY, REALLY bad and significantly damper any chances in upcoming elections. Twice now the party was given the opportunity to take the hard path… to rebuild the party and make things right… but they failed. They aren’t concerned about protecting America or preventing it from happening again. McConnell and McCarthy know they may never take/regain control of their respective chambers, within their remaining political carriers, if it passes.

      Then, when 45 runs and loses again, history will repeat itself.

  7. Trump is a guarantor of Dems victory in 2022. Trump will rally and talk only about his “loss” in 2020 and how dump Mitch is.

  8. They say that you can’t serve two masters, and the republican party is well of aware of this. And they have made a clear decision to serve Trump, instead of our country.

    1. They have said exactly that. They have demonstrated exactly that. I mean, what else does it take?
      The US has a large portion of its population united in their pathetic hate, and now they’re a cult.

  9. Republicans: We should stop wasting time on the past!
    Democrats: So you’ll stop fighting the 2020 election results?
    Republicans: No wait…

  10. Traitors. Every last one of them. If your blocking the truth because your on the wrong end of the truth you shouldn’t be aloud govern anyone.

  11. With Moscow Mitch it’s about one thing – MONEY. If the ‘facts’ come out, then Moscow Mitch KNOWS his ‘money pool’ will evaporate!

  12. The sad truth is, had this actually been a “black and white” issue, the GOP would have been all on board.

  13. The republicons are afraid the commission would expose their complicity in the insurrection and their continued efforts, through election manipulation, to install themselves in totalitarian power.

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