Things To Know About The Potential Release Of The Trump Memo | MSNBC 1

Things To Know About The Potential Release Of The Trump Memo | MSNBC


The wait for whether Merrick Garland would accept a judge's order to release the Bill Barr DOJ memo on whether to charge Donald Trump with obstruction of justice ended awkwardly, but as we now wait for the appeals process to play out, Rachel Maddow makes two key observations about where things stand so far.

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Things To Know About The Potential Release Of The Trump Memo | MSNBC


    1. @tecums3h Our nation has waded far too long into the jungle of secrets and subterfuge. We are supposed to be above that. And not by drone…

    2. @tecums3h A whole bunch of it already has been exposed, via many books and authors. It’s an entrenched system that needs to be halted and then reformed. Giant steps…

    1. @Gary Bell you do have the burden of proof on this. Provide evidence or go back under the bridge.

    2. Did you not just view this video? It ain’t happening… Biden and his administration have self-evidently become the appeasers of 21st c politics. It’s a disgrace.

    3. @David Goldman nothing fake about the Steele dossier. The pee tapes are coming as soon as Putin gets tired of watching them

  1. To late that Republicans and Trump organization knew very well to abuse their power

    1. Perhaps they did it which is why these papers were redacted Why did the Biden justice department blacken out all of these reports? What truth is the Biden Justice Department trying to hide now? This is what we voted for, we want to transparency and what we are getting our blackened out reports about the previous administration.

    2. Remember when Rachel promised you to bring Trump down by showing you his tax returns. Hyped it for a month and then you all found out he paid them. You get played every time. You scream Orangeman bad as you hold up chinas sack.

    3. Biden made a big mistake head of the United States justice department. He is like a state’s attorney doj who will do nothing to bring shame to the office. Even if that means covering up past. Dog Corruption in office Garland and this Administration do not want to make waves. Like Obama, Biden where do nothing to write the path of the last president. Cowardness in office is the tone of the day. Like I have reported before that is my own opinion, Republicans in local state and federal Offices are treasonous to the Constitution of the United States. And that Democrats no matter where they are in the political Spectrum are cowards. Some of the reasoning for this maybe, wanted to hold on to their job and Power are to appear as a nice person. Hyperfire don’t want a nice person in office. What must be done is to have a true fighter there for the people of this country. If you’re not willing to fight get out we need more politicians who are like Bernie Sanders. Myself being a socialist Democrat will stick up to the ideals of socialism and democracy. Since President Wilson gave us income tax we are a socialist government like it or not. That is what income taxation is all about. Pay your taxes, 14th Amendment, which set up the idea of income tax for all. Another words we all look out for each other I putting money in the federal, state

    4. @Moses Ruben Moses… My Dad used to Rail against this ALL THE TIME! He called them the “Go Along to Get Along” party and he was SO On the Nuggets RIGHT!

      But I think PART of it is that SO MANY have gotten into the pockets of “BIG BUSINESS/CORPORATION” for their Campaign Money that they fell that if they DON’T “PLAY NICE” they won’t get those Dollars?!

      And that is SO VERY SAD! It is SUCH a case for “CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM”!!!

  2. This just shows the damage that a madman would-be dictator and his minions can wreak on democracy. The fallout from Trump’s dishonesty and incompetence could very well still destroy us. Doubt that? The fallout– economic, social, political, what have you– has just begun. As the truth about Trump sinks in, the U.S. is going to begin to understand the ramifications of electing a leader as insanely inappropriate and perverted as Mr. Trump.

    1. @Old Doug I know the process seems glacial, O.D., but now that we have so many lunatic Trump lookalikes popping up in the GOP, I think sane, rational Americans, still outnumbering the lunatics, will see clearly the damage electing Trump has caused. Take care.

    2. @Don Satalic True, Don– It would probably be a re-run of Nazi Germany. Or worse. Take care.

    3. Remember the people in the streets crying the day Trump won holding up signs saying we are all gonna die? Well over 600,000 did.

  3. Garland might as well just state that the justice department did not expect to be held accountable when they did it.

    1. @Rod Didn’t you watch this video?, or didn’t it matter they deliberately misrepresented the case?. The Barr DOJ was fully complicit in all this and now we know it, we will demand they re open that case. He DID obstruct Justice and we want to see him explain himself in court WITHOUT bill barr. The people have had enough of tRump and his criminality we expect JUSTICE

    2. @slactweak Well the people are getting sick of seeing that and just read the comments here, we wont allow it.

    3. @Laura Walker I’m thinking it’s a rather brilliant political move. Garland knows the appeal is a vapid and pointless as it seems but he’s using it as an opportunity to show the public just how vapid and stupid his predecessor was.

  4. They wouldn’t forgive a person that has $10 worth of weed in their pocket and end up in jail and lose everything they shouldn’t be forgiven either cuz it’s a bunch of crack

    1. @eltorocal Lmfaoooo you’re the one who must be 11 if you don’t know who Pee Wee is. Lmfaoooo. U just exposed yourself and I figured you were a child. Now run along little boy and go back to Fortnite and let the adults talk before I change the wifi passcode and watch you really squirm.

    2. @Javier Aviles you know any C++ …that’s one Stupid hair-doo…

      You need to cover your camera… and turn off your mic, or just mute it. Do you notice the small “Pi” icon in your lower right taskbar? That’s me… stay logged on, PLEASE… and keep your camera unmasked. I’m getting great footage… but there is something wrong with your mic.

      Praetorian… 3.14… 22/7ths… Pi… and clean off that keyboard…boy. Now go finish supper, put your plate in the sink… go brush your “tooth” and go outside and play… preferably in the Road.

    1. JfC! Someone at the DoJ needs to locate and reinstall Garland’s friggin’ spine ASAP. That pos barr blatantly covered up trump’s criming – multiple times! If this is allowed to pass then game over – just hand the friggin’ keys of the oval back to trump (and putin).
      I just hope this is some kind of feint by Garland to dupe the perps into complacency cuz nothin’ else about this makes any sense at all.

    2. Our government is not like how it used to be anymore because of corrupt Trump all these people are all brainwashed by Trump our government is blind our government does not have a spine or backbone anymore it’s all corrupt Wicked true propaganda and our government no longer has balls to stand up for what is right and justice for all the people here of our nation!!!

  5. Don’t worry folks….there’s probably more that’s even bigger than the memo. We’ll have to wait and see what they truly have. It must be a whopper that will fry all the fish at once. I’ll wait and let Merrick clean house….moles, trumpsters, and all.

    1. Q: the difference between you and qanon supporters
      A : ur probably the only they’ve ever kicked out of their cult!!

    2. @Lloyd Little Throwing stones when you live in a glass house? You people literally march down city streets rioting, looting, setting fires, and assaulting people eating dinner while repeating chants from some moron with a bullhorn.

    3. @Grunchy LMAO, not true bro, there are many examples you can find with a quick Duck Duck Go search. You can start with Lawrence O’Donnell retracting a story he ran about Trump’s finances being directly tied to Russia (although you probably didn’t recognize it as fake news because you’re brainwashed).

    4. @Bunter Hiden You should be Hiden.
      the difference is O’Donnell wasn’t sued for $1.5 billion. and it happens much more often on FAUX NEWS than anywhere else.
      but you know that already don’t you Bunted from be Hiden.

    1. @History Fan And monarchies across world history have shown the same. Napoleon and Hitler as well. Here and now we’ve got the right wing propaganda ministry convincing a whole class of people that it doesn’t matter how bad the candidates are as long as they’re not the other party. They demonize the opponent on an emotional level. Not looking good.

    2. @MTN17 Correct political factions have been causing issues since the creation of civilization, I wanted to point to another Republic so that the correlation was easier for people who aren’t history obsessed nerds (like me).

    3. @WSOX Man better than a Racist Fraudster President. What a shame!!! First American President to be indicted.

    1. Is it possible that too many heads would roll if the truth came out? How many compromised officials will remain in office?

    2. @lesley wall lots… they still got ole chrome dome Dejoy ruining… I mean running (sorry I accidentally said the truth about his performance there) the post office. and he’s the post master general and intentionally slowed the mail so Trump could say “see how bad vote by mail is?!” u think they’ve filled or replaced all the low to medium level people who were super radical politics hires in one of the few a-political organizations in the country? no way.

    3. The rich and powerful protecting the rich and powerful, regardless of which political side they are on.

    1. @Trolling Them Softly NAIVE.
      Elections officials covering their backsides. No proper investigation. Only Forensic Audits can find the irregularities. No fraud because of no serious investigation.
      # CarTel Biden !!!

    1. @Annabella Gardner, 82 million is still a minority of Americans and far far less are MSNBC lemmings, like yourself. Before you say it, I don’t watch Fox. I know that’s a favorite line of lefties for over a decade now.

  6. I believe Glen Kirschner is correct in saying that this is a smoke screen in order for Garland to investigate and bring charges against Bill Barr. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t see this, because not everything is about fRump, as much as he’d like it to be.

    1. If that memo is true?? Yeah Barr can be facing real charges.

      Perjury is illegal. And if the courts decide that the “misrepresentations” were purposefully false??? Jail time for everyone who signed false documents or made statements under oath in court

    2. Barr should go to jail. He committed crimes n justice should be done. He’s evil person to cover for Trump crimes n lies.

    3. This is the machination of the court. Barr lies, the court orders the memo proving it released, the DOJ appeals that order, now it goes to another court to decide. Eventually the appeals are run out, the memo becomes released, Barr faces perjury charges. I can’t help but think this is a stall tactic in order to shield Trump by running out the statute of limitations on his own crimes. Garland needs to take ownership of this.
      It’s like if you get a nest of spiders or something in the attic, eventually you have to knuckle down and clear out that mess. A shop-vac is a good tool for such a job.

  7. Haven’t we seen this before, “Too Big to Fail?”
    This is too Connected to Fall. We all fall down!

  8. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ~ Upton Sinclair

  9. There is something in that crucial “ MEMO,” that contains criminality, stay calm. When the time comes, we all will know the real “DEAL.”

  10. The disgraced former guys own Chief of Staff said he was the most flawed human being he ever met.
    That may be the nicest way to say that the disgraced former guy is pure evil.

    1. This guy wanted military parades to show off US military assets. This is what dictators do. No one in the US seemed to catch on to this.

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