1. @LoveUkraine LoveRussians The reason Russia invaded Ukraine is because of wimpy corrupt Communist Biden and his corrupt Communist Democrat Party control USA Congress.

      Under President Trump the entire Free World had economic and military security on all levels.

      Evil Russia, China and Iran knew the would be leveled if they dare invade Ukraine or any Free World Nation. That is why they didn’t.

    2. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    1. NATO is Hitlers last wish, Soviet Collapsed and NATO rise, Globalist control NATO, and it’s a union against Russian. 2% of country’s Wallet goes to NATO, NATO is a army union Against Russians. Soviet Union was free membership to defeat Hitler. And NATO is Hitlers last wish Carried By globalist that protend Democracy and Presidency Matter. They censor communication so their will not be info war. Covid-19 was a social Experiment
      27 million Russians die war to Hitler.
      Don’t forget how the Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler

    2. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

    3. Right, this is an argument between two former friends. Zelensky and Putin. Why should all of Europe get involved? Or the whole world. Is Ukraine that important? They should just rejoin Russia and the madness is over. Now they also want to evacuate the whole country. When Ukraine belonged to Russia they had a better living. Now half the country is poor.

    1. Wishing nothing but lights, flashing lights, for Ukraine. nothing is ever perfect, I mean, what did you expect during Biden term?. Hahah..

    2. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

  1. When problems are created by politicians and those who benefit from it, civilians are only those who suffer…May peace be with civilians from Ukraine and from every parts of the world where there are wars and the media choose to ignore


    2. @condorX2 That’s pretty one sided. First of all the harmful actions in the separatist regions were caused by BOTH sides. The separatists were supported by Russia and pretty much an unofficial extension, which is why it makes sense to fight them.
      When it comes to the water the Ukranians built the infrastructure. It wasn’t a natural source. If it would be a normal river I’d agree, but why should they provide a hostile region with water? That’s not their job.

    3. @Ark Genesis How did you learn about Yemen? I’m pretty sure that the media which you criticise for not reporting about it gave you the information in the first place. They just didn’t focus on it, because, geopolitically speaking, it’s a much smaller issue.

    4. @aboveforever I don’t watch CNN .And even if people do their entitled to their own opinions. Everybody it’s a brain washed conspiracy spreader believer Republican or Democrat. Some of us just don’t want to be nuked by a dictator because he on some power trip b s.

    5. @ThePandafriend One sided? Cheers for your reply.

      Here is the full version. Please tell me what you think.

      “I feel sorry for the people and I wish them a safe evacuation but the Ukrainian government did this to themselves.

      2 weeks ago, Putin made himself clear that there will be no Russian military advancements towards Ukraine as long as they do not join NATO as they were already building US/NATO military bases along the Russian border and the Russian government see this as a threat. Putin said it twice in a sentence to make sure the point got across. Not one western media covered it on the west but now that Russian military has advanced towards Ukraine they release tidbits of Putin’s statement and portray it as a declaration of war.

      Imagine if Russia built military bases on Mexico, the US would invade Mexico without hesitation.

      US already building military bases on the Russian border way before the rumors of Ukraine joining NATO. NATO signed an agreement in the 90’s not to advance towards Russia. US is a member of NATO… They already broke the agreement and Ukraine joining NATO officially would further escalate things and putting pressure on the Russian government. The west instigated this. Don’t get it twisted.

      – Hunahunaa


      Nobody in western MSM is talking about the suffering and 14,000 deaths of the 4 million inhabitants of Donbass, Russian speaking and pro-russian, prosecuted and attacked (shelled) because of that, equivalent to genocide, as Putin rightly said in joint press conference with Chancellor Scholtz (who laughed at the term). Putin said over and over that Russia does NOT want to invade Ukraine, since they are considered their brothers, as demonstrated by the current invasion, handled in a kind of ‘soft war’ to avoid as much as possible affecting civilians, infrastructure, not an all out bombs carpeting as the US usually does. It was the last round of shelling to Donbass last week which triggered the swift Putin’s response to this other intentional crossing of one of his RED LINES (the others being Ukraine joining NATO or one inch more NATO expansion TOWARDS Russian borders). The shelling was performed not by the Ukrainian Army but the pro-Nazi Azov Ukrainian paramilitary batallions precisely to incite Russian intervention hoping NATO would step in.

      That NATO, US or the EU decided not to intervene, perhaps reflects the fact they are fully aware of the Azov paramilitaries intentions, while IGNORING the Donbass people’s suffering. Putin has had enough of this.

      -Otro Librepensador

      Led by the US, Nato had continued its expansion to annex member countries of the former Soviet Union. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined Nato in 2004. Georgia and Ukraine were offered Nato membership in 2008, though without the military alliance.

      Without an unequivocal and strong pushback, it is a matter of time that NATO’s tentacles would completely encroach the entire eastern front of Russia. Besides, should Ukraine and Georgia become full-fledge members of NATO, it will effectively increase the encircling pressure and constrict Russia’s access to the Black Sea.

      That is not a situation Russia can live with.

      Similarly, had Washington enlists Taiwan into AUKUS or the Quad, China should not be held responsible for treating that as an act of war. No doubt, like Russia, China will response decisively.
      -KC Koay

      It’s not for nothing that the US has been called the “United States of Amnesia.” The same leaders who invaded Iraq and killed a million people, who are starving Yemenis and Afghans, who label Palestinians “terrorists” for throwing rocks, and who took every opportunity to escalate rather than de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine since 2014, have suddenly dusted off their international law books with regard to Russia and are celebrating and promising to arm the Ukranian resistance.


      America invading and bombing other countries never results in boycots or condemnations. america invading Cuba (bc of missiles) and a subsequent economic boycot causing misery for Cubqs citizens, its all accepted.
      a bit hypocrite i would say.
      Russia is forced to invade Ukrain bc it doesnt get guarantees from Ukrain it wont join Nato and possibly put missiles at the border. Ukrain should be a better neighbour but unfortunately it was played by america in its ongoing economic war against Russia. The same as America meddles in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
      – ช่องน้องจิมมี่

      After the collapse of the USSR on December 26, 1991
      RUSSIA had an agreement with NATO that the former member states of the former USSR, including Ukraine, should not join NATO.
      Unfortunately, since the early 2000s, NATO and the United States were the first to violate this treaty by allowing these countries of the former USSR to be part of the Atlantic alliance.
      Note that a NATO member country may have a military base and American intelligence services on its soil.
      Given the urgency RUSSIA since 2007 began to feel threatened by the American presence a few km from these borders. So She informed Westerners that the red line not to be crossed is to allow Ukraine to join NATO.
      You should know that RUSSIA shares nearly 3000 km of borders with Ukraine. So to accept that Ukraine enters NATO is to allow the United States to settle directly on its borders, which is not normal in terms of geopolitics.
      In addition, if RUSSIA accepts that Ukraine which is manipulated by Western powers joins NATO, it would be its end.
      Vladimir Putin, knowing the danger, took the lead just to protect his population from the American threat.

      Since 2014 the US-backed regime in Kiev had not only waged relentless war against ethnic-Russians in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, it also deliberately built a dam to prevent fresh water from reaching Russian Crimea.

      While the Western media depicts Russia’s ongoing military operations in Ukraine as a “crime,” Russian forces are in fact ending various long-standing crimes by the current regime against both the Ukrainian people and Ukraine’s neighbors.

      –The New Atlas

      Russia Ends Another of Ukraine’s War Crimes – Fresh Water Flows Again to Crimea

      He have been killing their civilians last 8 years even now using them as shields. Did you know there was civil war going on in Ukraine over linguistic racism for native russian speaking ukrainians, you wont believe what crimes Zelensky regime followers did.
      -Б. Анхбаяр

      Ukrainian trying to stop civillian from escaping the city they could use them as Human Shields. and nobodies seeing it from this prospective?
      -haikal hadzik

      “I cant fathom why Russia suffers all of the heat of the world, being sanctioned, kicked out, sabotaged and hated all over the world when they do war but the United States dont suffer like this when they are killing and destroying countries all over the world. Russia is just defending itself. My heart ache for Putin and for all the Russians and most of all mother Russia.” 🇷🇺😢😢😢
      -Japu Taruko

      Unfortunately the international media will never give this version because their mission is to demonize Putin. According to them, he’s the bad guy, yet it’s quite the opposite.
      – 酥妹

      Ukraine War Exposes US Hypocrisy, Double Standards & Racism, w/ Ali Abunimah & Rania Khalek

      Russia is Fighting a War of Self-Preservation

      Who is responsible for the Russia Ukraine War? A discussion with Ben Norton

      US and western hypocrisy revealed in Ukraine crisis, Ukraine latest to be used abused & discarded

      US-fabricated false information about China’s position on Ukraine issue nothing but smears

      Ukraine restricts border access for men ages 18-60 in case they are needed to fight

      US biological labs in Ukraine have indeed attracted much attention. According to reports, a large quantity of dangerous viruses are stored in these facilities. Russia has found during its military operations that the US uses these facilities to conduct bio-military plans

      Besides Fort Detrick at home, US military has 336 biolabs in 30 countries including Ukraine

  2. I’m in Australia and wake up every morning to listen to how the Ukrainian people are going. It is depressing that these brave Ukrainians had a normal life until Putin started this war. Australia stands by you Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. This is an argument between two former friends. Zelensky and Putin. Why should all of Europe get involved? Or the whole world. Is Ukraine that important? They should just rejoin Russia and the madness is over. Now they also want to evacuate the whole country. When Ukraine belonged to Russia they had a better living. Now half the country is poor.


    3. @Rocky The Rooster Prohibition and the war on drugs was initiated and driven by the USA. In that time the illicit drugs industry has grown to be the 3rd largest industry on the planet. Clearly the war on drugs has as much to do with solving drug problems as their global peace keeping activities have to do with engendering peace.
      The USA is the global virus of war.

    4. I’m Australian and the Scomo narrative on Ukraine you support is complete BS. Cant wait for him to lose the election.

    1. @Wesley Bielen Would you like a tissue to dry up your tears because you believe there’s many grammar mistakes. Or would you rather someone simply point out that Putin is fooling his people into believing that this is a justified occupation of Ukraine. Please go ahead and send me a corrected version with perfect grammar please. I think my grammar is ok in that message I put. Or would you prefer I write it in the other 4 languages I speak. Two of them are in totally different scripts. Go away and crawl back under your rock.

    2. @Fire Sky Cam The correct quotation is as follows: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ― Mark Twain. The presumption that you speak 4 languages is irrelevant to the fact that you couldn’t even do a basic Internet search to find the quotation using correct syntax/grammar. Utter rubbish.

  3. Lies flow so freely from his lips. I wonder if he’s ever spoken a truth that wasn’t also simply a reflection of his narcissistic psychosis?

  4. Well-wishes to ALL Ukranians in these trying times. You`re in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.

    1. Israel killing kid – self defence
      Russia killing kid – terrorist
      The world is funny,, if you in USA side. no matter what you did. its legal

    2. @Lucas Minor At least they won’t be under the Rule of Fascist Putin. Stay Strong Ukraine!!!

  5. This war is just so crazy because it’s not simply a war, there’s so much more going on and there are so many people involved. It’s just sad that innocent people are suffering.

  6. I have spoken to many Russians since this invasion began, probably just under 100. I would say less than 10 people I’ve spoken to believe that this war is justified or that Putin is telling the truth. Many of them say that they get their news from other sources. I hope this represents the majority. 🙏🙏🙏

  7. It’s unbelievable, we just got out of a deadly pandemic, we should be still mourning our dead loved ones, but we are in shock watching Russia trying to destroy Ukraine.

    1. *CNN will not Show Unarmed Africans students who are tortured and beaten by Racist Ukrainian but I have posted videos*

  8. We’re watching the Ukrainians fighting Russia by them selves, and we won’t even supply the Polish jets from the NATO airbase. Seems so cowardly and immoral

  9. It’s crazy how you can come to a conclusion that Ukraine has ill intentions when the solders that were captured were able to call their parents. This made history on so many levels. What war has there been where your “enemies” allow your parents to come pick you up after you tried to kill them?

    1. When the cameras aren’t rolling there will be cutting up and torture. It’s Darwinism. Primal savagery.

    2. @Whitedsepuchre13
      Just stop the insanity! 🛑 Those “kids” are already on their way back home. The process has started logistically. It’s just a matter of implementation while navigating through war zones. What you don’t understand is that the soldiers on both sides are like brothers. They look, sound, and speak the same. So they have compassion for each other and DON’T want to kill their brothers! They will indeed show each other respect and human dignity. I’m talking about the young ones. I’m sure the older soldiers and generals will carry out their master Putin’s plans on que. Because if they don’t they will die or be imprisoned when they return home to Russia.

  10. When going into invade Ukraine

    Was Putin not expecting Resistance fighters ?
    Was Putin not expecting massive military casualty ?
    Was Putin not expecting international sanctions ?
    Was Putin not expecting Russian economic collapse?
    Was Putin not expecting domestic protests ?
    Was Putin not expecting a long conflict ?

    It is Madman Putin and he expected all these before this act.

  11. No no, Putin. You got it wrong. It’s not an “economic war”. It’s just a special economic operation 🙂

  12. This unfortunate business with the Russians in donbass Crimea and now Ukraine at large might have been avoided, if cooler heads had prevailed, if Putin and eu/NATO could have left Ukraine alone and more-or-less neutral, if Russia and the west stopped trying to get Ukraine on side and just reached a mutual understanding that it would be in neither camp… stalin and Hitler each tried to use Ukraine as a geopolitical/economic asset for their own purposes and many Ukrainian people died, recently again foreign interests have attempted to use Ukraine and people are dying….

  13. “Defending Russia in a special military operation”

    Yes. Defending Russia in another country that you sent them to. That’s definitely how it works.

  14. For the first time, I heard from Western political scientists an absolutely correct assessment of what Russian society is like at the moment. Totally agree with Mr. I. Bremmer in everything he said.

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