'This was no drill': Congress tells chilling tale of rioters at Capitol Hill | USA TODAY 1

‘This was no drill’: Congress tells chilling tale of rioters at Capitol Hill | USA TODAY


Congress tells horrifying story of pro-Trump groups storming Capitol.
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Republicans and Democrats share first-hand accounts as pro-Trump supports stormed the Capitol.

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    1. All it takes is a little desire on the part of the people to oppose tyranny. Most people in the people are willing slaves, unfortunately.

    1. @S T if these protesters were handled in the same way BLM protests were squashed outside of the Capitol building then law enforcement could’ve done plenty. There have been warnings of this for weeks and the ill preparation for this shows how much they prepared for protests that didn’t storm the Capitol and at least respected the federal building and didn’t bring bombs.

    2. It seems quite suspicious that there wasn’t more security. They knew tentions and probability was high. Seems set up to me. Wonder who wanted to stir the pot and put more slander on Trump? Wonder who woukd want to seal the Democrat deal?

    3. @Alec P look at the track record of each. No comparison. Trump supporters don’t act like wild animals and beat and kill and burn and loot and deface govt property and hate police nor want to defend them. Go figure.

    4. @Joe Guajardo Look at the source. These are the same people that called the BLM riots peaceful protest and called the people that did this EXACT SAME THING during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings hero’s of democracy.

    1. Americans were dealing with terrorists all year? Storming their workplace? is this a COVID analogy? I guess COVID is a kind of terrorist. Or were you talking about having to wear a mask and how that infringed on your ‘murican freedoms? I always feel terrorized when they tell me to put my mask on at Target. I’m just trying to understand.

    2. @Francisco Sanchez He’s probably talking about the blm protests/riots where a portion of the protestors decided to start burning and destroying things. Only differences in this situation is it’s a Federal building, not private property, and they’re right wingers not left wingers.

    3. @D J I 100% see a difference. BLM lit cars, buildings, police stations on fire and destroyed private property hurting their black communities while preaching that they mattered?! Meanwhile Veterans and Trump supporters are storming the Capitol to protest a fraud election that was stopped at 3am. This matters. Not the right, not the left. Real Americans and veterans who support Trump have been spinned and twisted by the media. So has covid. There’s clearly an agenda going on. Time will tell. Jesus will destroy these people.

  1. I get it but why do they keep trying to make the place sound like a church? Sacred.. temple.. they know they are not gods right?

    1. That place is were ever dead president of the USA from Lincoln onward has been placed, after death, and before burial. It is were the slaves durning the Civil War were set free, were congress declared to help in both world wars. That place deserves respect.

    2. @Andie Jennings true but these TOTALITARIAN cultist of the Capital have turned it into a breeding ground for satanic rituals and power

  2. Oh boo hoo, it must’ve really been traumatizing to be safely escorted out in limos while people walked around in the capitol building with selfie sticks and flags. I don’t agree with the action but it’s good that congress is reminded it’s not untouchable. Both parties and their corporate owners are destroying this country, hard to feel sympathetic for these people. You reap what you sow.

  3. I’ll never forget where I was when I heard the news that day. My prayers go out to the first responders.

  4. Hello, Humans.
    “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”-Robert Louis Stevenson


  5. The American people have the right to visit the US Capitol. It belongs to the people..including the President’s supporters.

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