Thompson: Select Committee Will Go ‘Wherever The Evidence Leads’ 1

Thompson: Select Committee Will Go ‘Wherever The Evidence Leads’


Rep. Bennie Thompson, (D-Miss.), chair of the Jan. 6 select committee, says the upcoming first committee hearing will set the baseline for the investigation. 

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Thompson: Select Committee Will Go ‘Wherever The Evidence Leads’


  1. They need to subpoena the entire secret service detail from January the 6th to find out exactly what individual number one was saying throughout that day.

    1. I believe the secret service is immune from testifying against their protectant. Other wise you will have officials declining protection just to have privacy. Look at Trump’s cell phone… He denied the use of the super secure cell phone provided by the secret service and instead used his unsecured personal phone because he didn’t want the White House listening in on his calls. I guess in Trump’s mind letting Russia or China to listen in on his calls was ok, as long as it wasn’t his own White House.

    2. @Anita Bruton lolo I guess you would have trusted the very people swanp that was out to get you. I seriously doubt any top secret information would be discussed over any cell phone, unless you’re Hillary Clinton that is…

    3. @tony moore hey nine month old . Why don’t you put some content on your channel besides the invisible Man . Oh that’s right, you worship the golden god who wants to Nuke hurricanes that in his own words says he loves stupid people

    1. @eric brosofske Perhaps waiting for the outcome of the investigation would be a good idea? Right now they have nothing to vote on. Don’t run before you can walk.

    2. @eric brosofske No I jumped all over every member of the GOP who has deliberately failed to pass bills which benefit the American people but mostly on the ones who went straight back into the Chamber after the violence of 1/6 and tried to void the will of the American people.

    3. @eric brosofske Do you make a habit out of shooting your mouth off without knowing what you’re talking about? The Constitution is crystal clear on this subject. Tell us, what argument is there for saying those representatives upheld their oath by not accepting the will of the electors?

    1. We all know that, but I’m sick of him skating through while everyone else around him is charged. This is BS! They held Clinton accountable, so why not this turd?

    2. The pos has been moderately successful at painting false narratives and unjust persecution and victimization throughout his adult life. Americans have always been obsessed by celebrities and perceptions of wealth and power. He’s long been revered by the misinformed as a wildly intelligent and successful businessman. He loves the uneducated and profits from their naïveté and gullibility.

    3. Because there IS NOTHING!
      How LONG are you guys going to let the morons at CNN/MSNBC lead you around by the nose promising Trump’s head?!?
      ‘22 and ‘24 are going to be red landslides because ALL of the Dems and media are focused on NOTHING but Trump!

  2. Why is it that anyone else following this path would be silenced but, trump is allowed to incite a new insurrection and nothing done to stop him, WHY???

    1. Because they are all afraid it will cost them votes when trump starts a riot and people die. Simple as that.

  3. It’s a good thing that Republicans aren’t in charge. Otherwise, the committee would go where their opinions lead.

  4. So HOPE these folks look at Lindsey Graham as well…He’s NOT cleared from his actions with the Georgia election probe.

    1. What a sickening task that would be having to look at the landlocked eel that walks on dry land but I guess somebody’s got to do it

  5. The GOP and TRUMP are neck deep in this Mr Thompson and you know it. Find them all and Nancy P said find them all and take you’re time

  6. Don’t say, “We’ll consider it.” Either you’re going to look into everyone’s involvement or no ones!

    1. But why tell the insurrectionists they need to run away and hide? More fun when they get the subpoena.

  7. They are not going to interfere with investigation in the processions of these people because they want them in jail. This committee is for fact finding only & will pass on info to prosecutors.

  8. What about that texan that refused to give up his cell phone text messages? Was he a conductor of the American GOP Nazi Party? OR A $ man?

  9. Republican’s will use every trick to delay and derail this investigation. Their goal is to get to the next election because they believe they will at least take back the house.

  10. SNIFF OUT THE ENABLERS Researchers work to hammer out international training standards for “DOGS” so that what the animals sniff out can be used regularly as evidence in Courts around the .

  11. Pretty weak for the gravity of Jan 6th’s implications to the continuation of democracy in our country. We don’t need a party of Neville Chamberlain.

  12. YES!!! Investigate senators Mo Brooks, Gozar, Cruz, Biggs, Hawley and Gaetz who met with Trump and Bannon the night before the Insurrection!

  13. It’s not like the whole thing is some kind of Scooby Doo mystery everyone knows what went on, who they did it for and who started it. Just indict the SOB already.

  14. Easiest case ever go back and watch the rally then the attack. Done!!! Pay them millions to tell us what we already seen with our own eyes.

  15. “We will, unfortunately, also follow the looney-tunes directions into La La Land in which the Republicans will direct us.” – Rep. Thompson

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