Throne Speech doesn’t show a "willingness to work together": Singh 1

Throne Speech doesn’t show a “willingness to work together”: Singh


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the government's Throne Speech doesn't demonstrate a 'willingness to work together.'

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  1. Why would Trudeau want to work together? It’s his last time in office as the PM…forever. And he’s not there to help anyone but himself. He just wants to achieve specific goals for himself before he’s forced out.

  2. Oh, look, it’s NDP leader Jagmeet “Mask Hypocrite” Singh.

    I wonder what topic he’ll be utterly hypocritical about today . . .

  3. Trudeau purchased the oil and gas pipelines in 2018 for over 4 billion dollars. They could have invested in geothermal energy which all oil and gas worker jobs can use same skills.

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