Tighter Covid Measures Coming | Face to Face Classes Set for September in Jamaica – August 19 2021

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    1. We are the only people so relax with these measures in every major country the medical centers and citizens are fighting back only main stream media pushing the false narrative to convince third world aka developing countries to succumb to this man made virus and a so called vaccine that can’t cure anything. I personally never trust Andrew from the days he was education minister. The man has no medical experience never does Tufton and here our people so illiterate just give up and believing on their bull and devilry.

    2. Well I don’t blame you for maintaining a healthy skepticism about our corrupt politicians, them always a ball bout wolf wolf but I must admit that this wolf is real.

  1. So Mr. Prime minister why did you allow that big dream weekend in Jamaica, you don’t think that the tourist are responsible for the spread, party 🎉 🎁 in Panademic , no rules for the rich

    1. These politicians blaming every body else but them self..they lock down the the poor while the uptown folks and foreigners keep their big parties.

    2. @Jessica Thomas I’m responsible for myself so who doesn’t want to protect and take care of themselves that’s their business you’ll acting like viruses must not come too ja flu viruses is there polio measles rubella pneumonia etc and where did those viruses come from and as children parents had to vaccinated their children and many talking now on this forum was vaccinated as children so now this is a new virus and like with most viruses like syphilis was made and many ppl who contacted syphilis have to take a vaccine for the cure but they did studies with most of these vaccine and viruses on human beings I’m wear my mask and continue with protocols and ask God for protection and guidance and when vaccine becomes mandatory all who is rebelling now they’ll b the first on line when it interferes with their income and lives

    3. @Winsome Barnett this is not about a virus. This is forcing people to take the poison Delta yesterday vaccine arrived today am not stupid. Stop forcing experimental therapy gene vaccine on us 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. I feel sad I didn’t hear anything about the people who have been impacted by the storm that just went over Jamaica

  3. I think everyone should quarantine for the next election until we get true answers. Style Dem just like how Dem style we

  4. People need to inform themselves about what’s happening around them,did jamaicans saw what was happening in Europe ,Asia and other places?

    1. They are going to try to get them to take the vaccine before they can return back to school , watch and see.

    2. Pm beter thing twice. How must school open september with such high rate of covie an delta if adult bearley wearing mask. U think kids will. Prevent it no school in time like this

  5. Andrew you want a… you soon see how the youth them serious.. you don’t want to give people resources to survive not working or have a place of entertainment.. people they cant kill all of us ..

  6. Andrew Holness don’t you think if you did not allow your big players to keep dream weekend this wouldn’t have happen. Many persons came from overseas to this event .

    1. Agreed. Jamaicans have been treated like second-class citizens for a long time. Little or no regard for our rights.

  7. All these badmind fools talking about lock borders. Ur mind is so bad u can’t understand that u can’t sustain urself. These fools should try locking down their yaad a c how that work out Fi dem

  8. Jamaica needs Jesus
    We all need to get on our face and cry out in fasting and prayer. so God can healed our Island.The word of God declares
    If a people which I have called by my name shall humble themselves seek my face turn from their wicked ways ,He will hear from Heaven ,forgive our sins and healed our lands.

    1. @Claudette Bennett I agreed , many of those who were rebellious died in the wilderness but there were those who got to the promised land. We still have those who have not defiled their garments and like Esther , If I perish I perish but I must see the king.

  9. No school can’t reopen in September because the children can’t keep mask,social distance nor sanitize on a urban transportation when they have to travel with adults in a well loaded bus

  10. Kmt this man is confused bro go and find a strategy to fight crime smh they call den self leaders and they can’t come up with a good crime plan wow what a set of leaders we have. Smh

  11. Yet airports and seaports are still open and the government blame us every day as if we are the ones bring it here

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