Tom Barrack Indictment Adds New Perspective On Foreign Schemes To Help Trump Win Election 1

Tom Barrack Indictment Adds New Perspective On Foreign Schemes To Help Trump Win Election


David Kirkpatrick, national correspondent for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Tom Barrack indictment alleges Barrack was working with the United Arab Emirates as the U.A.E. was reportedly offering help to the Trump campaign in 2016 and efforts were being made to make connections with Russia. 
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  1. There’s so much to keep up.with, and so many ‘characters’, it’s like watching Lord of the Rings Kissers.

    This guy looks like he could be Bezos in 20 years.

  2. Yea! One more person who can flip on Trump and Barrack has great reasons to flip. he is a billionaire so he doesn’t need trump’s money and he’s old so he doesn’t want to spend the remainder of his life in jail. Also, he won’t be needing or using Trump’s attorneys.

    1. Rich people in the United States do not really get punished. It should be clear to most people, they get the token penalty and sometimes have to pay a settlement.

    2. @Sofus Lying to the FBI can get you 5-8 years alone, and this guy did a whole lot more than that.

    1. It’s becoming clearer how much $$ influence guided foreign policy for the past administration. It’s disgusting they’ve been tearing the country apart for 4 years and some people want more of the same.

    2. @Ann van de Kew Your sarcasm totally missed. Barrack Obama was legally born in the U….S of ..A. Look it up, it’s online.

    3. Hey Foreign Nosepicker,
      It’s only a joke; are you too senile to realize that? The ‘Barrack’ I was referring to is a subject in this video: Tom Barrack.

      @D Glorious

    4. Hey Jax Toboyporn,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity ) @D Glorious

    1. Manafort was an agent for the Russian government – via Russian agents in the Ukraine.
      Flynn was an agent for the Turkish government.
      Tom Barrack was an agent for the UAE.
      Jarred was an agent for the Israeli government.
      Was anyone in Trump’s sphere actually working for the USA?

  3. Dark money, “NO” transparency, failure to follow Federal required registration as an Agent to transact official business with 🇺🇸US; corruption at it’s finest!!

    1. Tom another Russian in race see where this going people tell me that Putin isn’t trying to destroy the U S

  4. I said 3 years ago I say again today it’s going to take a decade to repair the corruption of the Trump Administration

    1. And what if the Trumpoloids get back into power? Then it’ll be all downhill. I hope the Democrats wake up.

    2. @Alfred Lungu You are right! Americans need to wake up! Guess I’ve pretty much given up on Republicans at this point.

    3. @Nadia Silvershine Welcome. And now it’s time to organize the ’22 vote in numbers too big to rig and too real to steal

    4. @Nadia Silvershine The Marxist-Democrats have stolen their last election. The American people will not stand for it. Game over Marxists.

    1. No wonder Jared and the Princess are trying to distance themselves from Daddy Dearest. Tick Tock.

  5. Trump clown crew that have been indicted, convicted, arrested and or under federal investigation
    Paul Manafort
    Rick Gates
    Steve Banon
    Mike Flynn
    Michael Cohen
    Roger Stone
    George Papadopoulos
    Tom Barrack
    Elliot Broidy
    Allen Weisselberg
    Ryan Zinke
    Alex Acosta
    Robert Wilkie
    Elaine Chao
    Wilbur Ross
    Vampire Giuliani
    Yet Republicans still want to defend Trump?

    1. Most Republicans know the Trump Administration was the most corrupt in all of American History. Yet they still choose these criminals over the United States of America.

    2. @John Browneyes This is why over the past 6 decades, Republicans in government have been charged and indicted for High Crimes at more than 4 times the rate of Democrats and Independents, combined.

      Republicans have always been the party of corruption.

    3. The GOP (now GQP) has always been
      “Where the elite meet to cheat”
      That’s why agent orange switched party’s when he became involved in politics.

    4. @Jeremy Backup Every REPUBLICAN president since the 1920s caused an economic crisis:

      The 1923–24 Recession: Warren G. Harding
      The 1926–27 Recession: Calvin Coolidge
      The Great Depression: Herbert Hoover
      The Recession of 1953: Dwight D. Eisenhower
      The Recession of 1958: Dwight D. Eisenhower
      The Recession of 1960–1961: Dwight D. Eisenhower
      The Recession of 1969–1970: Richard Nixon
      The Recession of 1973–75: Richard Nixon (Began in Nov. 1973, Ford took over in August of 1974)
      The 1981–82 Recession: Ronald Reagan,
      Stock Market Crash of 1987
      Early 1990s recession in the United States: George H.W. Bush
      Early 2000s Recession: George W. Bush
      The Great Recession: George W. Bush (Began Dec. 2007, Obama took office Jan. 2009.
      Recession ended with Obama Economic policy. Which caused the economic boom that trump inherited.

    5. Nice. And yet, do authorities have the will to prosecute, convict, and meaningfully punish the head moron?

  6. tragic irony of the era… people continue to expect other people to speak truthfully…. it’s the Rise of the Liars…

    1. I blame Survivor season 1, and televised texas hold-em. So many kids grew up watching survivor seeing examples of good things happening to treacherous people. Also, poker … where lying isn’t a bad thing, its just something you are either good at, or you aren’t.

  7. These felons were so confident about their Rich Guy Privilege status that they didn’t even try to hide their crimes.

    1. @Steve Hall Here a list of nothing prosecuted.
      Paul Manafort
      Rick Gates
      Steve Banon
      Mike Flynn
      Michael Cohen
      Roger Stone
      George Papadopoulos
      Tom Barrack
      Elliot Broidy
      Allen Weisselberg
      Ryan Zinke
      Alex Acosta
      Robert Wilkie
      Elaine Chao
      Wilbur Ross
      Vampire Giuliani
      And an ever growing list.

    2. @srgreeniii I like the list but they’ve not all been prosecuted yet. Still, even though Mr Garland is very busy, he has plenty of time 😄

    3. @srgreeniii Picky, picky, picky. Must be just coincidences. A lot of coincidences. A whole lot of coincidences. A clump of coincidences. A dump clump!

    4. I am rather amazed that they weren’t bright enough to hide their criminality _just in case_ somebody decided to look into it. One has to wonder if any of them could have made it legitimately without swindling everyone in sight.

    5. They bought trump’s BS too. All of them were really counting on him winning the 2020 MAGA forever election.

  8. This is the swamp where Trump enjoys to dive in. Yes I think that the Russian influence will came out. And that is the time.

    1. There’s already a mountain of evidence of Putin’s influence. More keeps coming out, they need to link it directly to trump.
      Before accusing trump directly they need to prove it was being done with trump’s knowledge and approval. It will be interesting to see if trump is a traitor or just stupid+incompetent. Probably both.

  9. One small point: Trump doesn’t have friends, he has people who see it as being in their best interests to be friendly to him.

  10. Hold on a sec. If someone is acting as an agent for a foreign country does that not make them a Spy? Treason??

    1. No. They can do that, they just have to register as such. But is does ask the question, why hide it? Unless they find out more to charge him as a spy.

    2. Not saying he’s innocent, but it has to go deeper than $$. Blackmail? Intrigue?
      (Lol maybe too many crime shows)

  11. And yet 70 something million voted for the former guy. When will these people wake up. Trump is just No Good, period….

    1. Yes, this is the fundamental issue. We can send Trump to prison, but there are not enough prisons and mental hospitals for his pathetic supporters.

  12. I jus hope those corrupt people who’s been pardoned already will be charge again including Kusthner and Mr Mayor.

    1. If you absolutely _have_ to abbreviate it, it’s “who’ve been pardoned,” short for _”who have been….”_

    1. The stupid thing is, this guy already had plenty of money. Why would anyone in their right mind risk that for a few more doubloons? Oh wait, I just answered my own question.

  13. “He could sell snow to the Eskimos” is an outdated idiom. I propose: “Selling despots to the Emirates”.

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