1. As a service connected veteran I think this is really F-up smh it’s bad enough we get treated like crap by VA staff damn can we get a break 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. @Blue Rag, You mean you’ve done enough trolling today so you can afford to buy a cheap bottle of vodka?
      That’s a neat trick, considering that a cheap bottle of vodka now costs 100,000 rubles….

  2. Jake need to cut him off when he is lying! Nothing was add to the bill, its the same bill that they all vote for already!

  3. He nit picks things that don’t matter and he and his other cronies refuse to pass legislation that would help those who fought for their freedom.

  4. Sad that it takes so much to get Congress to listen to the people of this country. Our veterans deserve the best this country has to offer in health care and in life! Vote blue!

  5. Why does Jake allow this guy to sit there and lie to our face. This was the same bill that they voted on in June

    1. @Chris ONeill it is absolutely the job of Tapper, or any member of the press to hold lawmakers to account. That is the whole point of a free press, so us voters can be well informed while we cast our ballot. This is exactly why freedom of the press is enshrined in the constitution, and why one of the first thing any authoritarian regime does is crack down on press freedoms.

    2. Tapper did call him out, just not Trump-style. He would like to have another R back on his show.

  6. As long as veterans keep voting for people who don’t vote for veterans benefits, nothing will change.

    1. @Red Rick The poor pay zero taxes and I as a middle class taxpayer paid less than 18% the last three years.

    2. @wolfumz The great thing about this country that everyone has the opportunity to be whatever they want to be and make a very good living. You just have to have motivation, common sense, work ethic and the drive to be a producer and not just float along in life. You gotta put in the time and effort to be successful.

  7. Disappointed Jake Tapper didn’t press him on this 400 billion he speaks about that was snuck in there. We need to hear the specifics rather than just throwing some arbitrary bs at us.

    1. @tracy I know that. 58% of this bill is for incidentals they can’t articulate in a line item? At that volume?! Smells like bacon. Who would vote for any bill where the majority of the cost can’t be specified. 10% MAYBE. I’m budgeting $100k for next year’s living expenses and $58k is for incidentals. Yeah, I’m not hiding anything from my wife.

    2. @Red Rick I posted exactly where the $400B is in the link to official govt CBO cost estimate document with page and line references. Keep lapping up your propaganda and enjoy the midterms!

    3. And why they were fist bumping knowing that my fellow veterans will continue suffering…… #VoteDemocrat #ProtectVeterans 🇺🇸

  8. Ask him about why he and his Republican colleagues were fist bumping and congratulating each other and celebrating when the bill did NOT pass?

    1. @the pissed-off patriot you be people are bamboozled so easy. Toomey talked for 6min without saying anything. Yet somehow you heard something. Please specifically tell me what Toomey was objecting to. Exactly why did he vote against the bill. He could’ve cited the bill itself and referenced the exact thing he objects to. Instead he was vague and general and said nothing specific. He pointed fingers and played the political game.

  9. This is absolutely shocking, the veteran’s fought for this country and this is their reward. How can the GOP be so utterly selfish, they have plenty of money to cover any healthcare they may need. Listening to this so called man of the people makes me utterly sick, how many GOP members were in the forces??? VOTE BLUE.

  10. The fact that this individual is paid $174K per year and there is nothing he has but excuses, shows you what’s truly wrong with this country. These individuals are paid to represent the people and they only seem to represent themselves.

    1. Clear to me you do not care how much the money tree is stripped nor when that tree dies. You are a monster.

  11. Tapper did a decent job here, but he should have had Jon Stewart on here to call out Toomey’s BS in real time. He is lying and he knows it, Jake knows it and it needs to be called out for what it is.

    1. @Ed
      Nope I mean the part that is in regards to hiring. Even in the rural areas it doesn’t matter because the va just sends them to see private doctors.

    2. @sammyshott23 yes. It’s a sham the way they injected that. Toomey been around block too long for this, he’s one of the best auditors at Capitol -Disabled Veteran

  12. As an Army Veteran I realized long ago that the GOP doesn’t have our back unless there’s a knife in their hands.

    1. @John D any one who is against medical care for brave men and women who protected your right to make an A$$ of your self is worse than a traitor .

    2. @sammyshott23no, he says cutting emissions by automobiles won’t do anything at all, which is true. That’s not even where the fraction of carbon emissions comes from. Adaptation and innovation is the solution, not killing industry and our economy. Regardless, climate change isn’t what’s most important to voters in PA. The economy, inflation, crime, and education are. Democrats killed our economy, democrat control areas in PA are crime infested, and they shut our schools down for over a year. They turned parents into an actual interest group. A few weeks ago the polls were a lot tighter and as we get closer they will again too. We will see you this November.

  13. The bill was always Mandatory not Discretionary, the only thing that changed on the bill was one sentence was takin out, not added. The issue was veterans in areas where there is no VA who had to travel great distances to get help, wanted to be able to use the local clinic, that’s it. So the sentence barring them from doing so was removed, no one changed the money from Mandatory to Discretionary as Toomey is trying to suggest, and Trapper knows this.

    1. @Alfred The Butler ??? You are marrying your sister???? P.S. Sorry, I would NEVER get my info from Q. Have a nice life.

    2. @Rumi900 well, it doesn’t completely match up to my info, so one of us is wrong. we shall see…………….

  14. His face kept getting more flushed with each lie. In a nutshell we don’t want to spend the amount it takes to give our veterans the healthcare they deserve.

    1. @Jan May Toomey is beyond refute, nothing gets past this guy. That’s why he’s ranking Member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. He also worked to end QE credit facilities.

    2. @JW But he just said that the original bill didn’t have the additional stuff that got slipped in.

    3. @44excalibur This is about VETS getting care they need one committed suicide the other day because he saw GOP rejected it. He was very sick and private health coverage. GOP is pathetic!

  15. Pat Toomey is a pretty hard hearted guy.
    He will NEVER lose his health care. He
    doesn’t even need to think about it.
    Hold these people accountable by
    voting them out of office. Toomey
    is leaving anyway. Good riddance.

    1. Toomey has alway been a stickler for extraneous spending, he was instrumental in closing QE credit facilities.

      They picked the wrong Republican to debate on this issue. 😂

  16. Toomy wants to change it from “Mandatory” spending to “Discretionary” spending, which means Congress (read: Repulsivecons) could defund it and use the money for their rich friends.

    1. Absolutely, if they weren’t thinking about defunding it later they wouldn’t care if it were mandatory.

    2. Exactly right..They can dress it up all they like but they want to be able to defund veterans at their pleasure..

    3. Exactly. It’s that simple. Toomey is just spewing word salads to try to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

  17. In England,we call this “nit picking”,absoluteiy no excuses or defence for not helping the Vets.They were fist bumping when they killed it.DISGUSTING but totally predictable.Glad hes going

  18. If Toomey was in a hospital bed, needing medical care because he was a vet, he wouldn’t be flapping his jaw about dems, and would be signing that bill.

    1. @ACR if I asked you what kind of vehicle you drive would you say year/make/model OR would you start describing it to me. “It’s red with four wheels and tires and it has doors on it…I believe 4, there is a steering wheel (it’s not the same kind of wheel I mentioned before) THAT’S THE BULLSHIT TOOMEY WAS SPEWING!

  19. As a veteran I realized long ago, that the GOP would praise you on active duty, but then turn their backs on you once you came home.

    1. Exactly. Same with abortion. You better have that baby but don’t dare ask Republicans to help in any way after it’s born!

    2. Thank you for your service and I’m sorry we have so many regressive people in our government, that truly do not appreciate the sacrifices made.

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