Top Dem: Biden WH Giving Us ‘Pushback’ On Trump-Proofing DOJ

Rep. Adam Schiff joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to call for accountability regarding the alleged Trump-era DOJ political abuse and his recent push to curb DOJ “fishing expeditions.” He also opens up about the pushback he’s been getting from the Biden White House on his democracy reforms. 
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Biden needs to step up and stand up to the infestation in the DOJ!! Let’s of swamp creatures like Wray still festering around!!

    1. @TheChonaman That’s pretty funny. The Fbi and doj are both responsible for spying on Americans citizens for corrupt political reasons. They helped obumma and now they are persecuting trump supporters while letting the murderers, looters and arsonists that plagued American demtard cities all last summer and are still burning and looting today skate after demtards politicians raise money for their bail. Or in many cases the dem DA’s are just dropping charges. Meanwhile the doj and fbi spy on hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans who were at the capital on jan 6th and did absolutely nothing wrong.

    2. @Craig Cherry Your right. The FBI’s job is to secure the nation against enemies, foreign and domestic. They surveil likely criminals (perhaps like yourself) all the time. Trump tried to make the FBI a political possession under Barr. Biden has given it back to the American people now with an actually non-partisan AG. Get a grip, or go to jail. It’s your choice.

    3. @Craig Cherry LOL! I can think for myself. Sounds like you watch too much and believe it all…and parrot the the opinions and delusions of others.

  2. When will Trump finally be held accountable for his crimes during his presidency, specially with regard to abuse of power and obstruction of justice?

    1. @Jeremy Backup The reverse (guns and money go to mexico) you have one white guy in one car who’s expendable, and the 3-4 carloads with mexicans get through.

    2. Probably never. The people who actually own and operate America, i.e. the billionaires and corporations are solely interested in holding onto their money and power. So if protecting Trump protects their money and power, that’s what they will do.

    3. Talk is cheap, let’s see some action. tRump dam near sunk America, it’s about time we sink him once and for all!

    1. @Engage360, an article entitled, “Fact check: The Wuham Institute of Virology is not owned by GlaxoSmithKline” by Reuters from December 2020 debunks your claims.

  3. Why can’t you get that information? That is the huge problem! They must testify under OATH and face a horrendous penalty for lies!

    1. Unfortunately, all these people will lie under oath. Since Trump took office, all of Republican Congress seem to have lost morals, values & faith.

  4. This voter is sending an email to Biden and Garland. Step up and do your full job, protect us from criminals and traitors via DOJ!! And STOP pushing back on oversight strengthening.

    1. @john smith You fix your man bun , sip your soy latte, finger wag and do the FECKLESS thing.. the REST of us will be FIGHTING to keep our democracy which is being DESTROYED by the gop

    2. Why isn’t this nut job networks speak about million of people getting paid to stay home cause millions of business to close because nobody wants to work. Then they offer 20 per hr causeing hyperinflation? Why because it’s under joe Biden administration?

    3. Well, sgo ahead and send the letter, but the dems are the ones paying off the doj along with a little blackmail salad on the side.

    4. Holly hold, yes, isn’t it frustrating that we have to push our elected officials to do the right thing! After all, we do pay their salaries!

    5. Republicans should have done their job before Biden even took office and Republicans still in denial and caniving! Hopefully it Biden can take care of it with majority not impeding line they are good at

  5. This talk is cheap and we the people are sick of hearing all of this back and forth garbage, we are tired of hearing about it, do something about it.

    1. We need to elect tough progressive democrats, not these dinosaur dems that think we can still work with Republicans. They are a part of the problem just as must as the Trumpists.

  6. Representative Adam Schiff is a great man who has stood the test of time working constantly for the truth to be outed for years. He deserves it- we all deserve it. Trump and company lied and lie. They committed serious crimes which need punishing. No longer let these acts be swept under the rug. Shake out that rug and tidy up our government at last…and make that last.

  7. DOJ, why is every one else in this Nation calling for Justice? Because you all are so slow for indicting Trump et al for obstruction of justice, etc. Get it done now! It’s already June 21!

    1. What’s really going on in the DOJ? What is Garland afraid of??!! We need a strong lion over the DOJ and not a mouse. My God!!! Right is right and wrong is wrong no way you slice it. What’s wrong with our judges and law makers and lawyers???

  8. why does a now former President get security, they are just an ordinary citizen once the job is over. Should they have engaged in criminal activities, then they should be treated no differently from any one else

    1. I want the DOJ to go after evil Republicans. Justice will them be served. Republicans are good at blocking justice to be served. Look at how stupid and bounds most of them are with Trump. They are blinded and not able to execute the duties of their elected positions or represent American citizens and are a threat to democracy!

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