Top Election Lawyer ‘Shaken’ By Texas Lawsuit To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC

Top Election Lawyer ‘Shaken’ By Texas Lawsuit To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. This senators shouldn’t be able to keep thier seat now that they have proven how they’ve chosen to clearly have no respect for our country,they are making a mockery of our constitution that they swore to defend.

    2. @Julius D. Fcknutz III no, once the ballot and envelope have been separated the legitimacy of a vote is tainted, couple that with no “chain of custody” and ballots lose all integrity

    1. @Victoria Taylor this is why we do vote Victoria. This is scary yes but 32 almost 33 yrs ago I swore an oath to our Constitution. This is our Constitution working for us slowly painfully and ugly but it’s working.

    2. @Victoria Taylor probably if they voted things would be different. People who don’t vote are just forfeiting their say in the discussion.

  1. There are103 members that need to be investigated to see what it is that dirty trump is holding over their heads.!!

    1. @Penny Munger no, the democrats and msm cheated and colluded to put Biden in WH. That’s absolutely 100% TRUE.
      How else you explain the fact that Republicans won essentially EVERYTHING up for grabs down ballot but lost Presidency? People were polarized this election…. people would NOT vote in republicans on they’re ballot, but switch in large enough numbers for Biden on same ballot, to swing election to Biden. Not many Americans actually vote that way, split ballot so to speak… some do, on both sides, but it’s NEVER been enough, in the history of this country, to change an election result…. THAT fact means only one other explanation….. MAJOR vote fraud in multiple states

    2. @Penny Munger it has been repeatedly proven no eleection fraud has occurred except for a few republicans voting twice, voting deceased persons and voting for other family members. You need to back away from the kool ade if you think otherwise.

  2. trump was always mafia. Word is, People are saying, loyalty, and do we have enough judges in our pocket to steal this election?

  3. They should all be charged for treason! The American people should file a class action lawsuit! Threatening and harassment is criminal!

    1. Kristopher Ziegler You are neither a conservative nor a libertarian. You are a right wing revolutionary under camouflage.

    2. @R G There aren’t many of them left, and when you know that 78% of Republicans believe that the elections were rigged, you might want to reconsider your statement… just saying.

  4. Sorry- why do all the pundits call this “un democratic?” I t is an attempted coup. It is sedition. Please use your words.

    1. The man is endangering so many Americans. Why won’t anyone stop him? They know he is breaking American laws. God, please help us? He is only one person. Someone has to have the power to stop him. Please?

    2. @DaughterZion Ros – Yes God did want Donald Trump to be the president for four years, but not for the reason you think. He let Trump be the president so that it could shine a light on all the criminality going on in the republican party. He does not appreciate the evangelicals saying that they are the chosen ones on earth to do his bidding. The whole lot of you is wrong and if you had any brains you know it already. Amen.

    3. @perhaps today And Hilter was only one person as well. I agree—they need to remove him as well as those republicans backing him ASAP..

    1. @espy That is so sad. It breaks my heart. Do not lose hope at all. From your reply it is sounding to me that you have become exhausted, correct me if I am wrong. So please don’t lose hope. If you look at the history of the world you will come to realize that there are countries that are small and developing that have managed to kick out tyrannical and authoritative leaders. The power will always be in the hands of the nations citizens and not the few sociopathic and psychopathic politicians.

    2. @Soulitary Confinement yes, I am tired and bewildered at the lack of protection for our democracy. But that doesn’t mean I will ever stop fighting for what is right for our children and this country’s future. It does help (more than you know!) that yours and other cousin countries are rooting for us. Thank you for that! We real patriots are grateful! Don’t give up on us!

    3. @Martha Urquilla your the one blind Trumpstir he is a Hitler wanted be…look what he did on the southern boarder it’s Deport portable

    4. @no name Hahaha, you’re deliberately forgetting that Adolf Hitler’s Medicare for all, free college, and whatever FREE is talking about is for WHITE people only. By the way, attaching Socialist to the name of a party or country doesn’t mean it’s a socialist country only. Are we now to believe that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) is a democratic country just because it says so with its name?

  5. It is sedition, and trump is guilty of it every single day and all we can do is sit by and watch ! What the frig ??!!

  6. Any half-sane country would immediately imprison all attorney-generals who signed this so-called lawsuit, for starters on charges of inciting (high) treason.

    1. Remember, he’d be much less able to screw us over without the enablement of the GOP. If they were ethical, he’d have been removed after the impeachment.

  7. Been saying it for last two years, this is beyond tribal politics, the GOP has been transformed into a dangerous cult

  8. d then proof. We have neither here”

    The election was fair and honest. Stop spreading lies and conspiracy theories. That’s FASCISM. Stop the Trump steal !

    1. There’s a need to know if any of the Supreme Court justices have been involved in this matter, formally or surreptitiously?

    2. you are wrong the Republican Party has become evil and undemocratic i wounder if this reminds you of some thing(oh yes communist)

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