Tories call on Trudeau to fire his chief of staff over Vance file 1

Tories call on Trudeau to fire his chief of staff over Vance file


The Conservatives are calling on the prime minister to fire his Chief of Staff Katie Telford, alleging she failed to notify him about a sexual harassment allegation against former defence chief Gen. Jonathan Vance.

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  1. All other parties have done this if it happened in their party, then Trudeau should do the same to this person but the Liberals won’t do this because they like to cover up every thing.

  2. Dude, you should be organizing nationwide rallies against Bill C-10, this is just virtue signaling and majoring on minors

  3. Telford and Sjjan are in Reality part of the Cadre and Bamboozled Canadians with their Smoke Screens and mirrors

  4. When is ofoole going to fire the premieres who have bungled the covid response?? Looking at Ontario and Alberta!!

    1. Oh, i continuing to allow those bumblers to remain in his party and not expell him, otoole is supporting ford @ the others

    2. @rick74304 Derpy, it’s not his party… federal vs provincial governments… both conservatives, but totally different parties.

  5. You actually expect Trudeau to do anything at this point? What are you smoking? This guy hasn’t been held accountable for anything, at this point, Trudeau probably thinks he could straight up murder a person and not expect to face any kind of punishment.

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  8. O’toole actually makes Andrew Scheer look like a brilliant statesman. ALL Canadian politicians and their staffs need to be removed from office.

  9. Telford should have been charged with Obstruction of Justice along with Trudeau and Butts for pressuring the Attorney General in the SNC Lavalin scandal.

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