Toyota Gave $55K To 37 Republicans Who Objected To Certifying Election

Toyota gave $55,000 to 37 Republicans who objected to certifying the election, according to an investigation by the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Joy Reid gives her critique of these findings in Monday's edition of 'The Absolute Worst.'
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    1. @Crimdor
      The OP & Robert are both new accounts
      Four months old & 1k+ comments?
      Look around at the comments on any msnbc video & thats what you’ll find.
      Wu-mao paid bots pretending to be concerned American citizens.

    2. @robert hollingsworth ouch I know it hurts! Ahahahhahaahhahaha keep watching msdnc lmao cy Vance folded like a wet dish rag against TRUMP! AHAAHHAHHAAHAAHAHAHAHA

    3. @Kevs2good maybe. ive only owned japanese and chevy. i looked into what kind of miles the most used jeeps had and between 200k and 250k miles was fairly common. not as good as the 250k – 300k for a well used toyota but i justified it being an option by the fact that it has a solid front axle. i suppose the new bronco would be an option. it wasnt available when i started looking into which truck/SUV i was going to buy.

      (i abandoned chevy when they filed for bankruptcy and left their shareholders high and dry, i didnt own any chrystler stock but i suppose the same logic should apply. nothing but executive con artists.)

  1. If Toyota is this STUPID!! They are too stupid for me to do business with. I am in the new car market and Toyota just eliminated themselves from consideration!!!

    1. After 6 years of off and on problems with my Toyata, I donated it to a charity. Now, my 11 yr old Subaru hums like a kitten


    3. Trust me none of the newer Toyota’s compare to most other cars out anyway honestly and they all are over priced

    1. @Alfred Basurto lol. Yeah.. the give us free healthcare and college have more buying power.😂

    2. Good was weighing between a Volvo station wago and a Toyota. I’ll buy a Toyota now! Love my Toyota Hilux! Now I know they on the moral high ground 🙂 💪

  2. It’s time for Dems to vote with our dollars. Before purchases make sure the company is in line with your beliefs.

    1. The democrats give the money to everyone else. At least Trump was America first.we all know the Biden family made money in China.

    2. @Chris Perez
      Yup – America gives money to other countries . . . Like, Puerto Rico, and LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES
      MR.PEREZ . . . .

    3. Corporations DO NOT stand with the people, they’re just opportunistic capitalists looking to profit from every single social issue.

  3. I knew America is a dictatorship. Now we know it’s a corporate dictatorship. I’ll never drive another Toyota!

    1. @Rodney Bean Please explain to me what exactly you mean by ‘cancel crazy’ (your understanding of it, not googling it, since you use it in your comment). 2) Have the Democrats ever tried to overthrow US democracy?

    2. @G. Strauss Most Democrats are always looking for a reason to sick cancel culture on anything or anybody. ( cancel crazy )
      Yes I have seen Democrats try to take over the government. A lot of top Democrats encouraged people in BLM and antifa get in the face of the of people in the Trump Administration when they’re in public and tell them they are not welcome and create a scene. Not to mention encouraging more civil unrest in the streets. As far as the jackasses in the capital. They need to be criminally charged and held accountable for their actions that day. Just like the jackasses in antifa and BLM in Portland that assault the federal courthouse and other Federal buildings to take it over and Burn It Down and some of this still continues. They also need to be criminally charged held accountable for their actions instead of dismissing all the charges. A attack on a federal building in Portland is the same thing as attacking a federal building in Washington. The jackasses in Washington never accomplished anything. All they did is delayed the inevitable. If all these people that push this insurrection BS actually think the government doesn’t have a contingency plan for things like this people need to thank again. If they have a plan for if something happen to the president, vice president and the Speaker of the House. Then they have a contingency plan for jackasses trying to stop the counting of electoral votes. Just to let you know I am not a Democrat or Republican and I never voted for Trump. This is still America and I for one still feel that people have a right to their opinion and me agreeing or disagree with their opinion has no bearing on their right to have or Express their opinion as long as they are not breaking any laws. This was a little long-winded but I hope I answered your question.

    3. @G. Strauss like I said a there is no difference between a federal building in Washington and a federal building in Portland. The only reason why the location matters to the Democrats is because the jackasses in Washington or Republican. Like I said before you and anybody else are entitled to their own opinion. I don’t need to agree with it to support your right for that opinion.

  4. Please put out a comprehensive list of these companies so we can stop buying from them. We will clean up politics one company at a time.

      Because I know, that’s just what us lil
      Guys CAN DO !! Hurt them in ..

    1. @Larry Garland Lol toyota is japanese and Hyndai is Korean. Neither one cares about American politics. Just like American companies dont care about Japnese/korean politics

    2. @SolidSteele when 60 to 70% of the nation thinks like I do I would be concerned if I was Toyota. There aren’t enough Republicans to keep them in business

  5. I guess it’s time that we stop buying from liars and agreeing with Republicans that have been involved in the Jan 6

    1. Penny Munger :
      “I guess it’s time that we stop buying from liars and agreeing with Republicans that have been involved in the Jan 6”
      You may have nothing to buy.

    2. Look up the class action suit against TOYOTA and you’ll see why they are funding the grift.

    1. i am a die hard toyota truck fan. i grew up on the chevy side of the ford/chevy rival. after their bailout when they left their shareholders high and dry but issued new stock. chevy lost my business. and now toyota loses mine. my next SUV will be a jeep and my next truck will be a ford.

    1. @Kennedy Suggs Really? Democrats and Republicans have for years been trying to destroy democracy in America and got rewarded?

    1. me too, i will be replacing my 2001 tundra soon and planned on a 4dr TRD tacoma. i guess i will get a rubicon instead. it is better on paper anyways. ive owned 3 trucks and 3 cars by toyota. never again.

    1. I’ll buy Honda. They’re made here in America. That or a Ford. I wouldn’t touch a dodge or a Chevy with a drive shaft

  6. I have no respect for Toyota no more after this. They should know that getting into dirty politics is bad business…

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