1. @Demo 0 actively promoting donating money to an organization that was undermining parental consent and potentially endangering the lives of children, but whatever. Obviously the bath tub thing was an outrageous rumor. But the core issue of concern is still there. It doesn’t justify harassment or an illegal targeting. But to deny that there was a problem of concern is just disingenuous

    2. @Viriathus “It doesn’t justify harassment or an illegal targeting.”

      and there you go.
      she was being targeted and threatened by hysterical violent ppl for no valid reason.

      the reasons you list would be worth… disagreeing with her over.

      but the hysterical right decided, once again, to escalate.

    3. @V for Wombat I don’t defend harassment or illegal targeting. However, I also do not defend undermining parental consent nor do I defend endangering children by supplying them with prescription drugs in an illicit fashion, which she was definitely promoting albeit indirectly. People who defend her ignore that part of the story. Her political activism ought to have been brought to the attention of the relevant authorities without the theatrics of trolling and harassment.

  1. Remember when “journalism” wasn’t just reading Twitter for the latest outrage and running PR for unsavory people you don’t bother to investigate at all first? Good times those were.

    1. Remember when they used to actually read something (Twitter) and not cherry-pick out things (like keffals yelling to ban every forum that doesn’t agree? Or watched their twitch streams to see their ads for Diyhrt? Those were the days

    2. @Winston Churchill Fair point. Maybe journalists have always been lazy hacks on the whole, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be that way.

    3. @Demo 0 Except she didn’t. The story that they charged in with guns drawn wasn’t true, they were visiting for something unrelated.

      Please, you need to look into this more no matter what your stance on the Farms is.

    4. @Demo 0 She did Not get swatted. The police of London, Ontario denied all of her claims. Its still on their Twitter.

  2. 1:01 Man, that back. That walk. It’s like watching someone who hasn’t left their house in decades go out for a stroll. And this is someone giving “health advice” to kids online about their bodies.

    1. @Ruben she’s like a little robot hahaha uh oh looks like they heated the metal too much because now it’s all bent

    1. Keffals never did that, nor is that ever a justification to dox and swat someone because that’s illegal. Maybe just maybe you could tell people not to do illegal things

  3. sure cnn please ignore the rape jokes and countless misogynistic comments they’ve made over the years they’re a victim and totally innocent

    1. While I don’t approve of rape jokes and misogyni, they are not, to my knowledge, crimes. Death/bomb threats are crimes. It feels like kiw farms did some unwise escalations against keffels, and went too far, resulting in the following; the site is now in danger, and kiwi farms is precieved to be the villan. This miscalculation was a self inflicted loss.

    2. @Scott kiwifarms as a whole did nothing

      simply a focal point for blame

      highly recommend reading the archived thread / finding it on the farms itself, while crass, they back up their claims with real evidence that either links to another backup or the genuine peice

  4. I am trying to lay low cuz some people are stalking me so I have to post my location so I’ll know I’m safe and they won’t be able to find me

    1. @Scott the thing is though none of the bad stuff happened on the farms apart from one comment made that was quickly deleted by mods. This is a campaign against the farms that has been going on for months because it contains information that keffals would rather not be there same with every other instance of people trying to take down the site. There are hundreds of people with threads and most just ignore it because it’s just a gossip site.

    2. @Balthus If what you are saying is true, the kiwi farms website was poorly managed/organized. If the criminal actions being attributed to the website are wrong, then it appears some bad apples went vigiliantee and ruined it for the rest of the users. If the goal was to show the world that keffels is inappropriate around children or mysoginistic, helping teens get unprescibed drugs, then an organized effort should have been made to publish that document, not sitting on your hands while some bad apples ruin the website for others.

    3. @Scott those “bad apples” were accounts with little to no posts, that were inactive for +2 years, and got into the thread to fedpost, leave the post up just enough time for keffals to screenshot it, and then delete it. If you can’t draw a conclusion from that I don’t know what to tell you.

    4. @majsi During the weeks that this drama has been going on, I have not once heard of a public statement where kiwi farms stated that it wasn’t them harassing keffels, and that they weren’t in control of the people doing so. If a statement like this was made, it never reached the general audience. All I heard was that kiwi farms users where laughing about keffels troubles, making them look guilty. I’m saying more could have be done to argue for the website’s innocence, but now it is too late.

  5. thank god nobody dared speak the name of this place in the mAInsTReAm MeDIa until after it had been taken down and scrubbed from the archives! people might have looked into it and seen what people were actually saying and doing on there.

  6. I cannot believe we live in a world where selling drugs to minors online is seen as a good thing. Lol and then someone selling a food item like pink sauce gets cancelled immediately.

  7. “Forced” to spend thousands of bucks supplied by Patreon simps. At least CWC had the fortitude to stay in Virginia.

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