Trudeau “appalled by the shameful policy that stole Indigenous children from their communities”

Amid calls for accountability and to go beyond lowering flags at federal buildings, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’ll be speaking with his cabinet about the “next and further” actions the federal government should take in response to the discovery of remains of 215 children at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C.

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    1. @Sinister Minister to not acknowledge his father’s role in residential schools is an abnegation of responsibility

    2. @Sinister Minister Trudeau has completely let down indigenous Canadians. All he has is vague positive utterances which mean nothing to him.

    3. @Sinister Minister stop acting like this was a long time ago, the last one ended 1996 and he was born before than

    4. There is no such thing as elections only selections. Voting is the illusion to give the sheope the idea of control. You have none you are just livestock.

  1. The Popes representative said he’s not going to apologize, but that is an unacceptable answer. They better answer for their crimes or there’s going to be hell to pay.

    1. Yeah, this is just, uh, what’s the word? Abhorrent? Criminal? Egregious? Atrocious? Words don’t even describe it.

    2. @peter saint The fact that they don’t want to apologize means they don’t want be held legally liable. If that’s the stance they are taking then they should be taken to court at minimum. I personally think these crimes are so evil that the Catholic Church should be dismantled. It was prophesied that the current Pope would be the last, so let’s make that happen.

  2. How can he say that with a straight face given his father’s role in the operation of residential schools.

    1. just as I thought you do not know/ you were just beaking off. I am old so old and over the hill i am ready to fall off the cliff. I was a young mother when when pierre was in office i do not have to look anything up I lived during those times .but if you are against this govt we have something in common

    2. Huh, why would you want to blame him, he was still on diapers and became a part time high school teacher. That is all it takes to be a prime minister in this country, just to be born into politician family. What about all those graduates from University of Toronto? You are telling me no one is more qualified than Trudeau. 😂 what a joke this country political parties.

    3. @Kayne Reles tell me your factsI am sorry but you are so silly..the covid scare has lessened now you can take yourlittle truck outside and play in your sandbox

    1. So if the government still responsible, then take it from their salaries, pensions and benefits.

    2. Nvr change them they still have that thought process. Always thinking there religion is the way

    1. I’m just waiting for him to travel to Kamloops for a photo op and cry his alligator tears and his phony solemn look.

  3. You as govt must follow thru and do search of aĺ grounds the schools sat on, this discovery ,I believe is just the tip of the ice berg

  4. NO ! This is NOT a Human speach . In a such a Tragic moment the Human’s heart is broken , which is NOT happen here .

  5. It wasn’t just this school, and it wasn’t just in Canada.
    It happened at ALL church operated residential schools back then.
    More than 150,000 children attended residential schools in Canada from the 1830s until the last school closed in 1996.
    Estimates of 4,100 – 6000 children died at the schools, based on death records, but has said the true total is likely much higher.

  6. Sorry I just can’t trust the PM. We need action not just words. The government is still quite antagonistic towards indigenous peoples in a number of ways. Especially through court cases regarding land rights.

  7. Justin Trudeau loves doing this. He wants to help everyone and give everyone a shoulder to cry on, but this is not how the world works. He cannot see the long-term impact that irresponsible spending will have on CURRENT and future Canadians

  8. No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of The Vatican’s ( JESUIT) part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which The Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role.”

    ~Edmond Paris, the Vatican against Europe (Springfield, Missouri: Ozark Book Publisher, 1993), p. 308

  9. Drama teacher doing what he does best!! That “sincere” voice he switches on for these things is creepy.

  10. Ha there are thousands of more that not been found. Trudue looks like he’s going to start laughing

  11. they said most of the graves were small, this is what is heartbreaking, they are reporting some as young as 3, most probably were very young, blood is on Canadas policies and history

  12. Think of all the crime’s you committed while you were prime minister of Canada that WE couldn’t nail you for !

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