Trump Admin Fails To Include Staff In Prison Coronavirus Testing At Some Facilities | MSNBC

Trump Admin Fails To Include Staff In Prison Coronavirus Testing At Some Facilities | MSNBC 1


  1. Laura Trump commercial at the opening of this video cracked me upπŸ˜„do they think this audience give a hoot about trumps bday

    1. @mike briganti – I’m curious mike – How come you and your ‘friends’ seem to need to shout in CAPS to make your point? Do you do this at home? At the pub with your mates? At the Supermarket? I’d wanna keep my distance.

    2. Laura trump lip injections another 100cc and she is going to buy a shrimpin boat and going into the shrimping business

    3. @Annamaria Iannacito Lara trump lip injections she cant hold her slopper in her mouth anymore just drooling and another 200cc injection injection trump injection slooooober

    1. Rump picked all his friends & family. Got rid of the good people. Was left with only “yes people.” A fatal mistake.

    2. @John Doe label a whole state or city is stuuuuupid politically and trump beggars ohhh Democrats state pweez this is trump pot hole president and any president that says pot holes is a f ing idoit

    3. @John Doe Could, it be due to the fact that republican run cities are lame, shabby places full of terrible people and nobody ever wants to go anywhere near them. Maybe, being overall lame and repugnant has some benefits…eh?

  2. Trump’s.
    A spoiled man. Tantrums every millisecond.
    Played around the world.
    America’s needs to give him a time out.

  3. Federal prisons are on their own just like the states and the staff will be forced to risk their lives to go to work!

    1. @Pat Orsban your communist cencered you moron sooo vowel trump bowl pat clean pat balllllll sweat and trump orsban bump stock unconstitutional by executive order orsban Muslim travel ban unconstitutional

    2. @Pat Orsban stop posting idoit videos what about trump pot holes never in USA history has a president said go into debt over f ing pot holes

    3. @Pat Orsban your lucky bc if we was face to face my guess you would stop this tough act and yes I’m right and trump has turned lots against him and this time he is a idoit

    4. @Pat Orsban my last point why is trump begging so called democratic states anyway stop begging and trump has other states to worry about and makes trump look weak and a hobo beggar

    5. listΒ  forgive me for not participating in your hallucinations, feel free to post any evidence Trump is begging the states for anything.

    1. @John Wicked that’s great that your wife is an RN, my wife is an BSN, but I think you have convinced me to switch parties!! Rich

    2. @John Wicked I would never question your patriotism, but if you want to watch my son on YouTube watch Sabaton panzer battalion, he was a tank commander. It’s really a great video. Have a great night!! Rich

    3. @Donna Winchell that’s not what I was after,glad you see the light, I’m not with any party, I’m for freedom,the the freedoms I fought for, thank your son for me,his service is well appreciated, 74th Rangers.wwg1wga.

    4. Donna Winchell Donna, the evidence is in that actually, you are a child with a vivid imagination. Stay inside for the rest of your life and let moss grow on your feet.

  4. WoW 😷😷😷😷🀷🀷🀷🀷🀷


  6. I love the reporting but have to request one correction. I grew up in Lompoc. The correct pronunciation of the town is Lom-poke. There is no town called Lom-pock. 😁😘

    1. Sylvia Cramer A lot of us thank you for that. As a military brat as a kid, I had to teach people all over the country how to pronounce “Spokane” (a as in “can”, not is in “cane”, at least in the state of Washington).

  7. Rachel, you’re the best! This administration is a rusted out old jalopy with 4 flat tires on a highway going nowhere, at the bottom of a sink hole! And even then, I’m not too sure that’s not an over estimation.

  8. If the staff is confirmed to have covid, they may have to address it, thereby interrupting the revenue stream from their for-profit prisons. They might even be pressured to release even more low-level offenders, which make up the bulk of that income.

  9. brilliantly said, ty dr maddow. this is shameful, although there isn’t much that isn’t in trumputin’s and his admin’s case.

    1. How could you believe this? It’s just completely biased. Why would you believe the “news” that they’re creating? Why would .

    2. @Crazy french fry guylisten little one, it is nice that you are interested in the world around you but unless you understand what is going on then you should just listen and then research the info given. this is not a game.
      United States

  10. I’m subscribing today! You impress me/us with your, “no holds barred” take on the truth as we need to know it. Thanks!!!

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