Trump admin just made the citizenship test harder. Can you answer these questions? 1

Trump admin just made the citizenship test harder. Can you answer these questions?


The Trump administration just rolled out its new, more difficult exam for immigrants to become citizens. CNN's Michael Smerconish raises the question: How many US-born citizens could pass it?


    1. CNN used to be the Clinton News Network .
      NOW it is the CHINESE News Network .
      Leftists, Marxists, and Communists .

    2. @reported theologian How many times did Donald Trump vote Democrat? He only became a republican when Obama became a President . Racism definitely shows.

    1. @Donato Davis Gee, i don’t know. Pretty sure the fact that he didn’t have any experience in that field would be one indicator, tapes between Joe Biden and the former Ukrainian president offering money for the removal of their prosecutor general. it was actually 2014 when Hunter’s started working with Ukraine so that’s false. Hunter was visiting his father when he dropped the laptop off thus the reason why it was found in Delaware so that argument is resolved. I guess a receipt from the shop owner with Hunter’s signature doesn’t mean anything. I don’t have an answer as to why he didn’t pick it back up. but he is known to like his drugs so who knows. And no CNN did not cover anything about the 30,000+ “personal” emails that magically disappeared. to your second point if they couldn’t prove that he had any involvement that means he is innocent. Contrary to some peoples belief in the country you are still innocent until proven guilty. Trump has been tried on both Russia and Ukraine and both times the democrats came up empty.

    2. Your right It’s amazing how many people don’t know how our government works, badly need to put civics back in school. I was shocked to see how many people couldn’t understand why Trump remained President after he was impeached. I knew then we were in deep trouble.

    3. There have been plenty of videos showing how little Americans know. Just type in ”how stupid are Americans” on the search bar.

    1. I guarantee that tRump himself could not answer those questions and he is president of the United States… then we wonder why we are in such a mess. They took a bum in a suit and made him president.

    2. @KB Peters she’s not as multilingual as purported; probably bilingual and just dabbles in a few other languages.

    1. They don’t seem at all difficult. I could have correctly answered those questions when I was a small child. I hope they stop waiving the English requirement.

    2. So what, it’s a small price to pay to be a US citizen. We shouldn’t want them here if they can’t pass a test. Almost every opportunity in life has a test that determines weather you make it or not. They get enough free sh#t we they cross the border legally or illegally.

    1. If you can not pass this test then you should blame your teachers and professors if you are a natural born citizen.

    2. @Michael Laughery when I was an officer in the military, my old Brigade commander used to say, “if you want to find where a problem is in your unit, go sit at your desk and in very small circles start your search outwards”. Basically, he said to look to yourself as the root of the problem before looking elsewhere.

      The parents and communities are equally to blame as teachers and professors. Our kids are learning about politics, government, and corruption from all angles. The media has never been so biased in my lifetime. Cities are burning, words are being hurled and there’s no shortage of insults.

      Our school systems are failing our children and professors are teaching communism more than US civics. And we the people sit here and watch it all happen.

      We have a lot of work to do here at home to clean up our own backyard.

    3. Yeah, look at the questioning in the Michigan election hearings. C.A. Johnson is clueless and yet represents those Americans that cant answer these questions.

    1. I have no doubt Attorney General Barr could easily answer those and probably Vice-president Pence and for sure Secretary Carson and Secretary McEnany too, just to name a few.

    1. @Nes From The West (Never Ending Stories) “The Rapper”
      You got that twisted, Biden would run rings around you and trump.

    2. @Yi Hey you Chinese troll. ..
      Let’s talk about Tiananmen Square and why you promote videos about what REALLY happened?

  1. Most Born Americans don’t even know answers for these questions. It’s hypocrisy

    1. Maybe 2 or 3 citizenship questions should be added to ballots.
      If you get the questions right your vote is counted, if not then better luck next time.

    2. Just goes to show how across the US nation that education should be standardized for content and testing. But then a lot of items (laws taxes regulations) would be good for all states if standardized also. Make the playing field fair overall for everyone everywhere.

    3. @silverpairaducks who cares about a test ….illegals will soon rule this country ..under the Democratic Party

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU Trump couldn’t do it either. He just made up those words for the interview. What a sucker you are.

    1. They are already citizens. So why would they have to take an entrance to enter our country? Civics should be taught in our school. But the powers that be want a dumbed-down USA citizen. And we shouldn’t make it so easy to enter our country.

  2. The citizenship test is very hard, I honestly don’t think that Melanias parents could have passed it lol or any person born in the USA

    1. @gail1984

      Yah! Good people like Mrs Hillary R. Clinton with her husband Mr. Bill Clinton, or Mrs Nancy Patricia Alesandro Pelosi, with her co worker Mr. Schumer are good people , etc…

    1. @Yi funny cause I’ve only heard a REPUBLICAN senator speak of deep state and how it needs to stay protected so just stop the b.s cause under trump he will rob you blind before you knew it he is America’s greatest con job

    2. @Pam Wallace you have to admit it’s pretty low democrats are dragging until Biden is sworn in to get the stimulus checks out . People are starving . Thats really low

    3. @Cheryl Kern Democrats and China CCP cheated and rigged this 2020 USA election!
      only fools deny this!!

    4. @Kevin Kenna Actually, since the Democrats put forward a stimulus package back last SPRING, it is Mitch McConnell who is refusing to bring any COVID relief program to a vote in the Senate. You need to quit trying to tie any of this stuff to the Democrats until Trump’s Administration is in our rear view mirror, because you don’t seem to have a complete picture of what has been going on.k

    1. CNN used to be the Clinton News Network .
      NOW it is the CHINESE News Network .
      Leftists, Marxists, and Communists .

    1. This is true.
      Campaign finance reform could perhaps fix the problem, but neither side is willing to even try….

    2. @Bryan W Here is what would fix this. 24 hour live streamed surveillance of all senators and representatives while they are in office and for at least two years after they’re out. Yes, the video can be turned off for bathroom breaks and matters of national security. We have the technology. They are using it against us. It’s time to flip the damn script.

    3. @J Jackson Sounds good to me as long as “bedtime” is still monitored… Just kidding.
      Personally, I think if they weren’t payed, didn’t get a pension, and had to pay for their own health care while in office, those who still were willing to run for office would be better than what we have now.

  3. When I was in school Civics was a graduation requirement. Issue the test to birth citizens and watch how many fail.

    1. Yeah, me too. I graduated in 2000 and we had to pass civics in order to graduate. It’s astonishing to me that this isn’t universally required.

    2. My school district required tests in both Jr. and Sr. high school. Big catch to get students to pass and keep graduation rates high. Straight A students the questions were tougher and needed to answer more. Those with a D, a few simple ones. Class of ’81.

    3. I, too, had this requirement. Part of the problem is when you reach my ripe old age (63), all the civics I learned and proudly practiced throughout my life seem to have fallen by the wayside. Politicians, for the most part, are *NOT* my friends.

      I am truly saddened by how badly our system of government has deteriorated. We are supposed to *LEARN* from our mistakes, yet all we ever seem to do is fsck everything up even more than before.

    1. @Emsley Wyatt Wouldn’t be his sons taking the exam for him. Whoever was hired to take the exam would be taking a lot of exams for those in the Trump administration.

    1. Yes they can they understand and read English, not like these immigrants that come to America and refuse to learn English.

  4. All they’re attempting to do is kneecap the incoming administration, the way any self-respecting mob boss and his team would.

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