Trump And The GOP Have Lost Control Of The Anti-Vaxx Monster They Created


  1. Trump is responsible for the needless loss of at least half a million American lives, plus the lives that were loss because of the January 6 insurrection.

    1. Maybe, but to be compared with Pol Pot (1.5 – 2 million). Proving Donald Trump is still a small timer when it comes to getting his own citizens killed. But he will be on the list of leaders that got their citizens killed with Hitler and Stalin at the top, Saddam in the middle and Donald Trump last place just under Pol Pot’s name. What a legacy as a former President.

    2. @T. R. Campbell More than a half million died during Trump’s administration. He lied to the nation about the severity of Covid-19 when he knew how deadly it was back in February of 2019. His refusal to wear a mask set the stage for the entire Anti-Maskers/Anti-Vaxxers movement. Joe Biden is acting far more responsibly. As a United States Army medic, I’m disgusted with the criminality of Donald Trump. History books will remember January 6th, as well.

  2. I have said from the outset of trumpism they created and unleashed a monster they would be unable to control. Similar to Nazism

    1. @Richard Coram lol, now I’m imagining an old man in a dark room yelling what would otherwise be a calm conversational couple of sentences at his computer. Thanks for the lovely mental image!

    2. @DavePeesThePool I think most people can’t believe the election results because of where the country was 9 months ago versus where it is now, and it was COMPLETELY obvious to Trump supporters before the election. 3 examples: 9 months ago booming economy, no new wars, unprecedented peace between Israel and Muslim countries and a President that made solid decisions, invited questions from BOTH sides of the press and didn’t read from a teleprompter. Now: out of control inflation and stratospheric spending, Afghanistan crisis, Border is wide open DESPITE the spike in Covid, a President that runs from the press, admits that he’ll “get in trouble” if he does any Q&A, can’t even read the teleprompter and constantly contradicts himself, his VP is absent on even the issues she’s in charge of, a VP that got LESS than 1% of the vote in the Democratic primaries. Overall You know, most popular President in history.

    3. @DavePeesThePool Pink Floyds “TIME”…I WAS 25.oops I was starting to holler again…I was 25 when it came out in ’73, the fourth track on Dark Side of the Moon album. Getting old makes me angry. Believe every word in that iconic song.. life is just a roll of the 🎲🎲✌

    4. @Richard Coram _you’re brainwashed…_

      LOL. Pot, meet the kettle.

      The Left (politicians and media) have been instructed to push the lie that -45 ‘incited’ the ‘Insurrection’, but the truth goes far beyond incitement.

      -45, his dark money handlers, and the 21+ extreme-right loyalists -45 was instructed to install in the Pentagon WELL AFTER he lost the election, planned and organized the entire thing, let’s call it *Operation Capitol Crime* (OCC). Chief among the planners was Christopher Miller, the guy -45 made SecOfDef, again, AFTER the election was over. 

      Other key players: the Flynn brothers, one of which ensured that the National Guard would not show up until much too late.

      Many ‘boots on the ground’ were hired, including some Capitol Police, to make sure things didn’t get too far out of control, chaperones of the hapless mob, if you will. Casualties and injuries were inevitable, but accounted for during planning.

      The ‘gallows’ was a joke, to be sure, and was only for show (it would have broken if they hung a bag of -45’s McDonald’s hamburgers from it). Pence knew, along with many others in the building, that they were never in any danger, which is why Pence and -45 are still buddies.

      Did anyone notice that a couple/few of the members of congress wrote, and read aloud, poignant, multi-page speeches after they resumed their session later that day? These were obstensibly written while they were supposedly hunkered down in fear while the mob was in the building.

      Ask yourselves what the so-called ‘insurrectionists’ were going to do in the Capitol once they interrupted the vote certification. Hold the building indefinitely with flag poles, bats and maybe staplers they stole from offices? Seriously? Nope, the whole show was designed to last only a couple/few hours, then everyone was basically sent home by -45.

      The nation got punked that day, and both sides of the media are working in tandem to deliver their assigned message, furthering their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. And they are fully backed by armies of online trolls, many of which are found in here.

  3. Trump is STILL lying about the Pfizer vaccine development which his administration had nothing to do with.

    1. @David Hale
      The only thing I would thank T***p for is clarifying what I already knew, that he is a opportunistic, compulsive lying con artist; and they’re his best traits troll. 😁

    2. Just imagine, a vaccine so safe that you have to be threatened to take it , for a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to know if you have it. That red icon to the left there will take you to some short videos, watch one or two, leave a message, if you want to.

    3. @Borrowed Truths every disease test have to be run to know what you got. How would someone know if that have cancer unless a test is ran. You sound dumb af.

    4. @C. Cadon It only matters if you want to know why your sick, or if you’re afraid to die. Your not afraid to die, are you?

  4. How embarrassing, Sarah H. Sanders thinks that monkey see monkey do is something to be proud of.. trump did it because the science supports doing it and he knows first hand what Covid does!

    1. @T. R. Campbell you have that all wrong, trump didn’t get crap produced in record time, trump has NOT always encouraged people to take the vaccine, he took his quietly without public knowledge. Biden and Harris said they would NOT listen to trump about vaccines but they would listen to science, so NO it is NOT their fault people are NOT taking the vaccine. NO, it is NOT on Biden’s shoulders because the idiots out there won’t listen because of trump and his rhetoric last year being anti-covid. Biden is doing everything he can to get people vaccinated unlike trump who did absolutely NOTHING to get people vaccinated.

    2. @Sylvia Maples you’re acting like it’s some sort of poison. Vaccines have been around for a long time and are actually really safe and effective. They’re one of our best lines of defense against really awful diseases that we don’t have to deal with anymore. Mumps, polio, chicken pox, measles, meningitis. Remember those? Probably not. But vaccines helped eradicate them. Your body gets bombarded with bad bugs all day, which your immune system keeps at bay. A vaccine is just a controlled way of telling your body how to quickly fight off a virus, so that when your body sees the actual virus, it remembers it and springs into action to prevent it from multiplying enough to cause you to get sick

    3. @T. R. Campbell if trump was encouraging people to take the vaccine back then, why are there so many people who still won’t and also why were people booing him when he just said “TAKE THE VACCINE”

      and trump holds the death toll record of 375,000

    1. And NYC is supporting JABCROW. Policies. They never cover that African Americans are the lowest percentage vaccinated

    2. Nonsense. Trump was never anti-vaccine. That is silly anti-American garbage made to entertain America-hating non-Americans.

  5. This is a sign that someone far worse than Trump can out do him and become the Republican nominee in 2024.

    1. Yes, and whoever that is will come with Putin’s proof to bury Donny. Whoever that is will be Putin’s next Patsy.

    2. @Billie Jean so scary, but I do believe you are right. !! Just imagine the damage someone with half a brain could do we have to work extra hard everyone to see that no Republican gets in again. Just think of it for your children and grandchildren folks, because America will never be the America you and I knew.

    3. The only ones worse than trump are his little puppies who repeat and do everything drump tells them to, such as DeSantis. Rebukes have NOTHING to offer the people. They refuse to do what they were voted to do….their job!

    1. @Ken Albertsen Come on… Ken, it could happen, couldn’t it???🤕🤒🤔 OH yee, of little faith.

    2. @Matthew Sigurdson Some of my other favorites are the sections about gutting or smashing your own children with stones for disbelief, or the parts giving detailed instructions of how to abort ones own unborn children, have I mentioned all the rampant incest? Oh, and the talking snake….it could happen. No wonder it’s the worlds best selling work of fiction, yea it’s a really great read. One we should definitely force upon and indoctrinate children with.

    3. @Matthew Sigurdson Oh speaking of (White Republican Blue Eyed) Jesus, you do realize that technically you worship a zombie right? Well, all good tho. If he does come back just remember to double tap, yeah?

    4. @Ken Albertsen; They believe in whatever makes them feel good, they have a predisposition for nonsense and gullibility, that is why they fell for the lying criminal psychopath.

  6. Trump’s racism is like COVID: just because he doesn’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. For the record, Trump held his rally in the city of Cullman that declared health emergency because of the rise of covid cases.
      That’s the place he chose for his superspreader mask free event…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    2. True, some people need it spelled out for them but…….it still doesn’t help the illiterate

    1. Agreed. This pandemic revealed everyone’s hypocrisy. Liberals and conservatives alike. In different ways of course. Some more than others.

    2. Trump never had anything to do with “anti-vaccine”. You America-haters are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    1. @Erefuro Stella Amaso-Nedderman
      Just from an armchair: I think Trump presents as a psychopath. While some characteristics do fit sociopathy, I think the manipulative behavior is better explained by psychopathy. In any event, I would not want to be the one to clinically diagnose him…

    2. @Babba Ganoush You and me both, love! What an upside world we live in….all of a sudden!

    3. @Erefuro Stella Amaso-Nedderman Psychopaths and sociopaths shares the same traits, but differs more in how they occur. People are BORN as psychopaths, while sociopaths are MADE by their upbringing and environment. From what Mary describes, it seems Fred was the psychopath, and turned Donnie, and by proxy Jr, Eric, and Ivanka, into sociopaths. That’s just a theory, anyway.

    4. Narcissism seems to fit him very well . He has no ability to be accountable for anything, same as most his supporters. He always uses deflection to avoid accountability

  7. If tRump said today that the election was fair, he would be booed. The cult is it’s own entity now. Only crazy stuff gets in.

    1. @zozohoney79 No little leftie. If you stopped getting your news from MSNBC you’d know there was evidence of voter fraud in 13 states. Also that’s messed to say about a former addict! Wtf is wrong with you? That’s childish and petty af.

    2. Note at 1:20, they fell silent at the word “vaccine”, but cheered mindlessly at word “freedom”. Didn’t care about the context, just the buzzwords

    3. Always the way -a more extreme mutation of this warped political ideology comes forward time after time.I recall decent American GOP politicians who had best interests of the country at heart ,Ronnie Reagan ,both Bush presidents.I am crying at the loss of decent leadership in USA -I think Biden is a disaster btw and I think USA is going down the tubes .😪

    4. He must stick to his guns or otherwise face the wrath of the MAGA hat owners association and the Proud Boys. Just imagine what Mike Lindell would do if Trump came out and said: I made it all up!

  8. Donating the vaccines to less fortunate countries would actually help people who wants it but can’t have it yet.

    1. @Erik H You would believe that when you trust no governments think about it less than six days for shipment of the vaccine comes to Haiti 🇭🇹 there is a global agenda behind the VAX and it’s passpor cards system

    2. @Aj Meyers I’m not a troll I’m a messenger of God here to warn you to repent turn to Christ Jesus before it’s too late. Romans 10:9. You still can be saved today. Don’t trust in man 👨 or what your governments tell you.

    3. @Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 – Now see, that’s the stuff. The right mix of lunatic fringe and misinformation will trick some gullible sap into believing you.

      You need more of this energy. But pro tip: grab an account from the office that isn’t a few days old next time.

  9. Trump & his cronies have fed the monster everyday and it’s grown so big it’s out of control & now , even they are afraid of it..

    1. He’s afraid his cash cows are dying. Who will give him donations and stroke his ego if these people’s unvaccinated immune systems fail the covid test?

    2. He knew he would face criticism from his followers for reversing “his” position and telling them “they” don’t have to do it, but should if “they” want to. In politics it’s called Riding The Fence! Lyndsey Graham and Ted Cruz do it all the time.

    3. It turned on tRump in AL at his clown rodeo. He had to back off once they started to boo him. He’s such a puzzzy that he didn’t dare stand up to them.

    1. NATO was the best one… He fled the country 2days early ….
      with his tail between his legs …
      Trudeau, Boris, Princess Anne,
      2others ??…were caught on camera laughing at him …

    2. @Gordon Peacman Macron too. SNL had a great skit about The NATO summit. It’s on You Tube if you want a chuckle.

  10. You just can’t help people who insist on jumping out of airplanes without parachutes or playing Russian roulette with the chamber fully loaded.

    1. @Mike Johnson MDs are wonderful for those who wish to help people! In fact that is the the of person Med schools look,for and naturally attract. They are like priests in that their mission is to help others.

      That of course does not mean that an MD is good as an intellectual credential for rigorous logical reasoning or analyzing the various facets of a problem of viral spread which is a mathematically driven process involving many variables all interacting. It is best analyzed using computer modeling ,mathematical analysis etc— none of which is taught in med school.

      As for myself ,not that it matters, but i have degrees in mathematics and physics.

      And i am a devout atheist who hates god.
      But i like to argue based on logic.

    2. @Steve LOl, actually dont see myself as alpha at all. Math geek here who was always a theoretical bookworm in grad school .

      The username is my attempt to look more masculine than i am. Not very likely to work since i just ordered a new book on Feynman diagrams off Amazon. LOlL, but yes thanks for spotting that.

    1. @William S And why did he hide the fact he took the vaccine in the first place? He’s the ONLY current or former US president that hasn’t been vaccinated on live TV or recommended vaccinations in a PSA.

    1. @dwreal Puffin was just giving tRump credit. Why the hate?

      It appears you have been infected with BDS.
      (Biden Derangement Syndrome)

    2. By the way people I got both Moderna shots and looking forward to the third booster shot no side effects at all and it was free it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

  11. If only it were his supporters who were hurt by this stupidity, this wouldn’t be so bad. People not taking the vaccine hurt all of us with their idiocy.

    1. Kids under 12 are still unprotected.
      I wonder how long it will take until the vaccine gets approved for them, too.
      Once we get there, it will be time to let Darwin sort things out …

    2. Protect yourself and family the best you can, we can’t change other people. But!!! there will be less of them, so we got that going for us.

    3. Oh, yeah – how telling. You really are thoughtful ,loving, caring about your health but you care less about any one not in your camp? You have Trump to thank for the vaccine and Biden to thank for making everyone wesr a mask even after being fully vaccinated. BTW; pushing the mask is all Joe has accomplished for the good so far in this dirty diapered rug rat sandbox nursery at the white house.

    4. @The True WiseholeIf Darwin was alive today he would be working for the fake lying mainstream news media and the radical Marxist Democrat party. You may have evolved from a human into a monkey… but modern humans did not evolve from a monkey. IF THAT was true there would no longer be any monkeys. Your saved! You’re welvome.

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