Trump Asks Us, ‘Could You Imagine If I Were President’ Amid Covid Surge?

In a recent interview, former President Trump asked us to consider a hypothetical: Imagine the reaction if he were president when a Covid crisis erupted.  
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    1. @becky doesit the only reason of the increase and severity of this virus is because the red states don’t want to mask it or vaccine it. They want their rights. They don’t care about protecting themselves, their family, or the public. They want to wave their flags and claim they’re patriots. The 45th made this mentality a daily reality of stupidity. So you can live in your own type of reality world while the rest of us will live in the truth and deal with the dumbness that came with Trump

    2. @Aliza Kessler technically, Fauci and W.H.O are the same. Just representing one or the other in a sense. It’s like how U.S uses the term “French Fries” even though the French has nothing to do with its history, because they’re fancy and we’re not. They call it Chips. CHIPS in the U.S have numerous meanings. But NO correlation to French fries, or “frites” as they like to call it. However, people in UK call them “Crisps” when referring to French Fries/Frites/chips. But all this doesn’t matter because the Irish calls chips Taytos, which is the same but not. You’re welcome for this info

  1. like his beLIEvers, it’s easier to live in an alt reality than dealing with personal* roles in 100’s of 1000’s needless deaths

  2. Too bad the whole of his time in the position couldn’t be in imagination only. That way it could’ve been left as just that, a possible, disturbing hypothetical scenario that would have existed only in thought, because the world would’ve undoubtedly been better had it actually not existed at all.

  3. He’s really living it up in that alternate reality in his head. Imagine being so unaware of self and situation. Imagine being one of his supporters. Terrifying and sad at the same time.

    1. Trump did not wear masks HE DON JR and Barron got covid because of no masks So did the secret service TRUMP said hoax no masks needed and played golf while people DIED

    2. @Kristen White
      I guess we’ll have to wait until after Biden’s term to see if he can remember being president.
      Just 7 & a half more years!

  4. No credible journalist would have him make a statement like that without challenge. That’s why he only goes on these Crackerjack, Looney tunes networks who entertains his lunacy.

  5. “yeh I sorta remember that Covid thing, ran into covid once, think it was at a party, but no, I dont really know it”

    1. @Erik Mostert You just have to couch it in the right terms. A crude way to say it is that Saint Darwin is busy cleaning out the shallow end of the gene pool. Another way to say it is that Republicans are using covid to Rapture themselves off the voter rolls – so we’ll have to keep a sharp eye for all the dead Republicans voting in 2022. Gonna be lots of them.

    2. You know I thought Trump was basically narcissistic infantile incompetent undignified unpresidential and corrupt but now I’m beginning to think he’s actually mentally ill with some some stupidity thrown in there too.

  6. He’s out of his goddamm mind . Jesus! He was literally killing people with his in person rallies with no social distancing and maybe 5 % masked at most. essentially no masks, no distancing, no vaccine and no sense. Personally I think he believes he can just straight up lie about anything and people will believe it. he’s gotten so used to it . He figured why tell the truth.

  7. Of course we can imagine how horrible Covid would be with you “in charge”. The massive death toll all started because of your massive incompetence, Delta Don.

    1. @Kim Giannotti LOL Trump 74 million votes Biden 81 MILLION VOTES BIDEN had less people at his rally because of covid He limited the size because of COVID Votes count not rally size

    2. @Kim Giannotti wtf are you talking about?!?! “Thank you for knowing the truth” yet they spew nothing but literal fake news. You poor souls, I really do pity trumpets at times.

    3. @Aliza Kessler your right about both things, yes it did come from China, and that Trump did …….nothing……. about it

  8. Yes I could imagine. Look what your Republican , “State of Florida” is doing with out your help Ha Ha Ha

    1. Good spot!!! 🤭 maybe he’ll start saying Hilary was President for the last 4 yrs!! Wasn’t me 😂

  9. He’s either trying to pretend the failures didn’t happen when he was President, or just trying to forget (like the rest of us) the disastrous 4 years of the Dumpster Administration

  10. Oh Lord!!!! If he was president, there would be “I can only imagine “ playing at a lot of funerals.

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