Trump Cashes In On Election Lie; Counties Replace Voting Machines Tainted By 'Audits' 1

Trump Cashes In On Election Lie; Counties Replace Voting Machines Tainted By ‘Audits’

Rachel Maddow reports on the mess state level Republicans are making in pursuit of Donald Trump's election fraud fantasy and highlights reporting by the Washington Post that Trump's PAC has raised tens of millions of dollars on his Big Lie but that money is apparently not being spent on "stopping the steal." 
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    1. @Rusty Shackleford, This post is flagged as false. Firstly, we are not paid by anyone; I work for an independent third-party organization. Secondly, you seem to be confusing censorship with fact checking. They are two entirely different concepts and should not be conflated.

    2. @Rusty Shackleford, This post is flagged as false. Firstly, I do not work for YouTube. Secondly, a multi-tier fact check was used to determine that you comment was false/misleading.

    1. @da602krew12 Ive always had to show ID when i vote. They even compare signature from my voter registration to signature on my license so i don’t understand the gist of your comment. Doesn’t every State make u show ID at the polls? And when I voted last year via mail-in ballot, i had to sign my name exactly as it was on my license or it wouldn’t count.

    2. @Javier Aviles there’s no ID verification process for mail-in ballots in Most states, that’s what they’re looking to implement. It’s either going to be a system where somebody verifies that using their drivers license or ID number or possibly even social security number.
      One way or another they are going to start to id and verify the voter and authenticate the mail-in ballot! Can’t rely on the honor System when clearly the world is not honest these days

    3. @da602krew12 i have a simple solution for that. Licenses and government ID’s have bar codes. Require a copy of barcode to be scanned, mailed with ballot and has to match recipient of ballot or won’t count.

    1. @The Russian Gamer You are right to a degree, the problem is the ones playing games are the Trumpublicans, as far as the fraudit is concerned, the Ninja prats haven’t come up with anything to look at yet, make strange noises, but NOT a smidge of anything remotely close to evidence or proof, how can the media be treating the fraudit unfairly when there is nothing to see?

    2. @Carlton Wilson Speak for yourself I live in the UK and don’t know anyone who believes Trump won, in fact among everyone I know the mood was more of celebration when the loon got dumped, now most of the UK can’t believe that the fraudster, conman, crook is still allowed to carry on his blatant lies and ripping off the gullible.

      He wasn’t welcome on his only official visit to the UK and the way that Scotland are looking at his finances, it might be a good idea to stay away from there as well.

    3. @evan doe kind of like the Native American population that died from the white man’s diseases back before the pilgrims settled at Plymouth. Their immune systems didn’t have the antibodies, that’s what vaccines do, build antibodies. Do you not remember this from history class?

    1. @gary quarty theres no evidence and you’re taking a quote out of context for the sake of your narrative.

      Hahaha man I feel bad for you

    2. Persons gone to college to figure out they’re mindless sheep in debt to the institution they love

    3. @Dan Evertt how is that quote taken out of context? And Georgia’ SOS disagrees with you on their being no evidence…

    4. This is exactly what I thought about the cast lady.

      Edit: btw this lady sounds out of her mind and angry. So sad.

    5. @Dirty Red there’s no evidence.

      It’s clear to everyone who isn’t sniffing around and looking for ANYTHING to fit there own narrative that Biden was speaking on policy and standards of prevent voter fraud.

      Hahaha he wasn’t like “we’ve put together the best voter fraud team”. All you weirdos are like “AH HAAAAA, we got em!!!”

      You guys need a few more layers on tinfoil on your hats

    1. @Jesse biden been in the news for close to 50 years now. From lying about his college degrees, saying he was top on his class when he was close to last, plajerizism on multiple occasions, corrupt foreign business dealings, penning the 95 crime bill that locked up generations of blacks, he opposed busing and wanted segregation ffs. That’s not the half of it

    2. @da602krew12 you, my fellow human, have made me clutch my pearls and let out a long ***gasppppp.
      The audacity.
      I’d say my feelings are deeply hurt but it ain’t that deep and facts dont care about feelings

    3. @imaychat you’re like a cheerleader on the sidelines completely irrelevant, no one cares what you think or about your feelings lmao hate to break it to you but you are far more insignificant in this world than you think lol

  1. McSally lost two elections back to back. The 2022 election is going to be something as they most likely work to throw an American astronaut under the rocket.

  2. Pls don’t joke about seeing into tv rooms … you probably just started the next big conspiracy theory

  3. “The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks. Their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed dishonorable and beneath the honor of the samurai.”

    1. Ninjas are basically contract killers and spies, they are considered dishonorable in Japanese culture. Calling someone a Ninja in Japan is NOT a complement.

  4. I think the new equipment that will be bought is what we need to keep our eyes on. Really good way for Republicans to set up for their next win. Think they might just be using Trump as the court jester to distract every one.

    1. I know right! People think the media is honest, he. It’s about as dishonest as it comes. As if we don’t know by now there is a much larger force that m charge of the media. They think we’re stupid!

  5. So they are all now going to be walking around with T-shirts on stating ‘Provelt’ – the word salad continues… (with a grift, of course).

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