Trump lashes out at Republicans after they override his veto 1

Trump lashes out at Republicans after they override his veto


President Trump called on the Senate to uphold his veto of the National Defense Authorization Act while lashing out on Twitter at "weak" Republicans. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is urging the Senate to vote to override Trump's veto. CNN's Boris Sanchez and Lauren Fox report.

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    1. That’s because it is his money.Im sure he has to share with his co conspirators but he has to hang tough to keep that 700 billion headed to the drop off locations so everyone gets there cut as usual… Secret service is gonna have their hands full with this one. He doesnt recognize the human species or their significance in placing him in congress to serve the American people. This kind of behaviour can’t be overlooked by the remaining numbers of americans who still have the stomach to call em like they see em

    2. @Big Blue Blanket everything I put out is facts I don’t watch none of the msm they are traitor’s CIA FBI all traitor’s

    1. @Anony grazer scientific statements aren’t jingoism champ. The Earth is not flat. There’s no Q.
      Aliens do not exist.
      There’s no god.
      Trump lost.
      It is what it is.

    1. Anony grazer Agreed! Both sides have screwed us for decades. We have allowed it. Divide and Conquer works great for those who are interested in keeping their power.

    2. @Ben Gordon because it didn’t happen. The money going overseas happens every year. What went in the bill satisfied both what the Dems and the GOP wanted, hence why the bill had a clear path through both the House and the Senate. If the GOP wanted to block it, they could have in the same way Mitch is blocking this increase in stimulus money.

      What you’re doing is merely trying to pass the blame because you STILL can’t come to terms with the reality that the party you so vehemently support has been screwing you over for decades. Luckily, I think most Americans, despite political affiliation, see what is really going on now.

    3. So if Mitch McConnell is the one to decide whether or not the Senate will vote. That means his vote is the only one that matters. If it’s good for Mitch he’ll let you vote on it. If it’s bad for him you don’t get a vote. That sounds real fair to me????

  1. Has anyone else noticed that it’s almost like we’re not involve in this at all. It’s like this is a fight amongst themselves and we just get the scraps?

    1. I commend the democrats for fighting hard for $2000 of our money , if they had rolled over we wouldn’t be getting anything

    2. arthurneddysmith We pay their salaries. They work for us. We are their employers! It’s our money! We own their asses. It’s time we started letting them know that.

    1. @John Smith trump could have said 2000 months ago when they were talking about it. But what did he do GOLF

    1. @Justan American Seriously, the amount of politicians over 70 is crazy. A bunch of them are even over 80, it’s time for new leadership in this country.

    1. Canadians got 2000$ a month in aid for most of the pandemic. Yes, some people blew it on weed and porn, any system you make will have assholes abuse it, but the vast majority paid for rent and groceries. I’m amazed that no one in the US has busted out the guillotines yet.

    2. Trump will always come out as a president who is in this for the people not himself like all this politicians who cares only for themselves not people.why deny Americans 2000 yet send billions to the world?

  2. These aren’r “Stimulus” Cheques. They are survival cheques. Nobody is going on a trip to Disneyland with the 2 grand.

    1. @cparent2012 Yeah, but more people will also be spending it on rent, food, utilities. Is it in your nature to only see the negative in everything?

    1. I’m not sure you’ve thought this through. D.C. already gets very little done. You are basically prescribing more gridlock for a gridlocked system. You want to take away the primary means of compromising in a system whose greatest flaw in this moment is the inability to compromise.

  3. Himself and his corrupt colleagues rather funnel money’s into their pockets..helping Americans is not why they chose politics.

    1. You are right sir one thing I learned about humans is summed up in this people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care when these politicians want to go on vacation wallows people starve all they’re doing is showing you their true selves if I was in Congress I tell you this much I think God that I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror knowing that someone starved and I had to have a Christmas Vacation God bless you

    1. McConnell: “if we live in a capitalist society then politicians should be able to use their position to enrich themselves”

    1. On paper he makes that. Behind the books he’s getting paid from other entities for him to pass bills on their behalf. Dude has to go.

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