Trump Officially Vetoes National Defense Authorization Act | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Trump Officially Vetoes National Defense Authorization Act | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


President Trump has officially vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act for military spending citing concerns over renaming bases named for Confederates and lack of changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. NBC's Garrett Haake has details on the president's objections and how likely Congress will override the veto. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Trump officially Vetoes National Defense Authorization Act | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @Thomas Jackson Yes that’s what i’m implying. Almost. Politicians are very self -serving, so they allowed it in 1917 and they allowed it in 1942 when they named these bases. They allowed it in the 1950’s & 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s without making it part of the national conversation. So i suspect that the people on these bases werent thinking of the names in terms of racism. I suspect they were thinking of these generals in terms of historical figures. I mean, Im not opposed to renaming the bases. I just dont trust the motivations of polticians

    2. @Thomas Jackson I prize nationalism? TF!? I’m a globalist by a country mile. Nationalism is anti-progress and outdated. I just recognize my opponents and the people who believe things I don’t like as human beings, (probably) good people, who came to these beliefs organically.

      Soldiers fight for the soldier next to them. The do not fight for ideals. Generals and politicians “fight” for ideals. Soldiers are not to reason why, theirs is to do or die – or somesuchasmuch.

    3. @Andy Lord Ok, I misunderstood you. But I still think that a soldier who fights for something that so obviously heinous and wrong is not a hero, and not worthy of being honored.
      The soldiers who fought in Vietnam are different though, since they were drafted.

      But many people left the country rather than fight for what was wrong. I think that is more honorable than KNOWINGLY fighting for what’s wrong just because you are fighting alongside your countrymen.

    4. @Raptango_NA I don’t oppose renaming the bases either, but Trump has just vetoed all defense spending because he refuses to rename the bases.

    1. @Vidz Slinger I’ve seen senile drunks that make more sense than you, but I know you’re trolling so whatever.

    1. @Jay Ess actually Trump has tried several times to do business with Russians
      Funny thing is, he was unsuccessful

    2. Well, not really. Russia hasn’t profited in any meaningful ways from Trump’s presidency. Their country is still falling apart. It’s far worse now than it’s ever been in Russia.

    1. @Jefferson Project record stock market yet record unemployment record food lines record amount of socialist paycheck welfare record number of dead Americans during peacetime

    2. @Ron if the pandemic hit during any other presidency it would have been far worse. Trump issued the Defense Production Act and Operation Warp Speed, had 3M, Ford, GM and others making PPE and ventilators. Met with CEO’S and banks to have a plan for market uncertainty way back in March so when oil went to negative we didn’t have a stock market crash, he also had a huge impact on maintaining supply chains across the US.

    3. @maodonimega all I recall from Obama was losing 6k in the stock market, losing money from my paycheck in taxes, becoming homeless (with a full time job) and watching the civil unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson.

    4. @Jefferson Project wrong Trump clearly downplayed his responces as he stated in interviews fidnt shut down european travel until late March and now US mortality rate is the 8th highest in the world. US voters clearly dont have confindence in Trump and he lost the election through his incompetence

    1. @mvvagner He’s never had any. He wasn’t born with any redeeming qualities whatsoever and hasn’t been able to develop any in all of his 74 years.

    1. The Pentagon is a money pit. You think $740 billion per year is appropriate for a defense budget in the best of times, let alone during these times?

    1. @Marvin petty Whatever you say crackpot! You can’t even get the details of the crap you read straight. Just one example, Hunter Biden was in the Navy not the Army !!

    1. @free roamer I ripped up the last $1200 Ck. you can’t turn me into a socialist. But I do keep my S/S Ck. and Gov. pension Ck. oh I cant tell you how well Medicare Plus is.

    1. @Mavis Jacobs Yes she did. She also asked for lots of other things. Which this bill has and more. That have nothing to do with us or covid-19. Gender studies in Pakistan. 1.5 billion to Egypt for defense spending. Who buy their weapons from Russia. They threw themselves a raise in there also. Because icecream is expensive. How about we take care of ourselves. And let the rest of the world figure out their own problems. Do you think for one minute that that money is going to be regulated by us. No it’s going to be handled by the countries that it’s given to. To fund whatever they see fit. Including Terrorists. We need to mind our own busines. That same money. Our money could go a long way to fix the broken education system. There is your health care. Kiss it goodbye. We keep making debt. Sometime we will have to pay it back. All the things the left want. They could give us. If not for giving it to others. It’s like burning your car down. Right before a race. You are not going to win. Left wing and right wing. Both belong to the same bird of prey. Guess who the prey is. Happy Holidays.

    1. @Bill Smith Rofl, yes, clearly those 2 things are the reason for Clintons surplus, just ignore everything else and boil it down to 2 policies. Ignore the cutting of military bloat and increased taxes, as well as his work on NAFTA and the WTO.

      Brilliant logic. Anything good MUST have been due to a GOP congress. Clearly.

      …oh wait a basic search of history will show the gop fighting Clinton tooth and nail for his taxing of the rich and cutting of Defense bloat. And the subsequent years of gop rule has been based off the polar opposite of what Clinton did (with disaster results)

      Rofl, but keep going on about how its the dems that cause bankruptcy and ruin when W drove us off a cliff, and Trump has done the same.

    2. @Scott Lancaster you are aware of the jump in farm bankruptcies by 24percent i. 2019 due to trump failed tariff war

    1. New Yorkers have one already, “pulled a Trump” not paying your debts.. not paying contractors ect ect. There should be one for losing too.. he does so much of it.

  1. The guy is nuts and does not care how much he damages the country. His only concern is personal revenge and keeping attention on himself.

    1. Yes, he does that’s why he veto’d it. More money to other countries, not protecting our country. Freedom loving Americans that fought for this country and stand for this wonderful America know that! Your ignorant.

    2. He NEVER cared a hoot about being POTUS, it was to enrich himself and his minions and spawn, and all you had to do is pay attention. Gun control, with the young victims in his office, (we’ll get it done.) NOPE, 20 minutes later he forgot all about it. Healthcare? Ha ha. For four years when asked, “our plan will be presented in two weeks), and golfing over 350 times, and so on. This is just the culmination of a total nightmare. Luckily, I believe that there are the votes to override. This was a bipartisan bill and I’m not sure there were any descenting votes, including my personal “favorite”, Rand Paul.

    3. @Book Nerd They are not talking about the covid relief bill. This is the national defense authorization act. Nothing to do with the covid bill

    1. @A Fridge Too Far To keep your freedom, I would have never served, if it kept people with your mindset safe!

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