Trump Plies His One Political, Media Trick: Causing Outrage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Trump Plies His One Political, Media Trick: Causing Outrage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reminds viewers that Donald Trump lives to cause outrage, distraction and division as both a political device and a means of keeping the media's attention. Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Trump Plies His One Political, Media Trick: Causing Outrage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. *DonaLd Trump was sent to us by Jesus Christ & is in FACT, the Body of Christ!!!*
      *The Spirit of GOD, Lives inSide of the Body of Trump!!!*
      *Trump WILL WIN by a MAGA LandSLide, Nov.3, & M.A.G.A.!!!!*
      *Trump Presidency 2017 – 2025!!!! & then IvanKa becomes President!!!!*
      *Soooo BLack PeoPLe = Looters!!!! OH!!! OK!!!! I Didn’t Know that!!! Geeee!!!!!*

    1. Then make sure you get out & VOTE in November, & get others out to vote. Complaining on YTube isn’t good enough. Don’t be complacent. This is especially important for young voters & black voters.

    2. @brian gardner did you forget he didn’t win by majority in 2016. He lost the popular vote. Which translates to the majority of american people did not want him as president. The electoral collage screwed up this country.

    3. Even more important. How was it possible that this guy became president? And how can that be prevented in the future?
      Why did the republican party accept him as a candidate?
      Why did so many people choose him?

      His history of doing bad things was broadly known. Ask New Yorkers.
      *Hiring illegals for building Trump Tower
      *Several accusation of sexual misconduct
      *Advocating conspiracies
      * Involved in > 3000 lawsuits
      * Allthough he claims to be a billionair on the blacklist of all american banks
      * Scam with Trump University
      * Not paying contractors
      * Not allowing blacks to rent an appartment
      * etc. etc.

    4. @Anne Granger Did you forget, the POP vote means NOTHING, zero, meaningless.The ONLY WAY, anyone gets to be president of this country is by winning the constitutionally structured electoral college. That is it, the constitution. GET OVER IT.

    5. Dave Schultz Alva Johnson
      Jessica Leeds
      Ivana Trump
      Jill Harth
      Kristen anderson
      Lisa Boyne
      Cathy heller
      Temple Taggart
      Karens virginia
      Bridget Sullivan
      Tasha Dixon
      Melinda Mcgillivray
      Jennifer Murphy
      Rachel Cooks
      Natasha Stoynoff
      Ninni Laaksonen
      Jessica Drake
      Samantha Holvey
      Summer Zervos
      Cassandra Searles
      Karen Johnson. All of these women have accused Trump of sexual assault including his ex wife How come you don’t mention them?

  1. This morning, I came up with a great idea I suggest for you also.
    Have your camera ready no matter what method you choose to vote.
    Take a picture of your completed ballot, ensuring the visibility of your choice for Biden over little donnie.
    That will be your screensaver for life, serving as a periodic reminder of the good you once did to save your country and a constant illustration to others who question your patriotism!

    1. photo shop that or or it will show that you actually voted for TRUMP and have no backbone around your miserable dem friends!!! TRUMP2020 MAGA b YAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

    2. wayne conrad You will be his victim eventually. Only then will you realize the depth of your stupidity.

    3. @George Masters mission accomplished.
      Your almost a geezer, just wait!
      I watch Obama speeches and eulogies just to stay sane.

    4. I don’t think you can do that. I wish we could. Take a hidden camera. Next it will be X-ray at the voting booth

    5. @George Masters I’d like to buy that gentleman a ticket to the Trump rally in Tulsa…Mask not included! Have A Great Day!

    1. @R L T o thought all you Trump turds we’re dead. Haven’t heard much from ya lately. No one with a brain is going to vote for that pig again. That pathetic POS is finished. And he did it all by himself.

    2. Then make sure you get out & VOTE in November, & get others out to vote. Complaining on YTube isn’t good enough. Don’t be complacent. This is especially important for young voters & black voters.

    1. HAHAHAHA. And when Mr. Biden opens his mouth????? Hummmmmm No answer to that one IF you have listened to Mr. Biden lately!
      I’ll take DJT every day of the week….Trump 2020


  3. “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”
    — Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist and Nobel laureate

    “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
    — Anne Frank, German diarist (while hiding in Holland)

  4. Roger Ailes lives on through Trump’s lieutenants, Miller and Bannon. Dominate the news cycle whatever the outrageous message. America is screwed.

    1. GunLovingLiberal — 73 is the minimum considered to be conscious and able to feed yourself. Trump has less intelligence than my wife’s bidet.

    2. @GunLovingLiberal perhaps you should run for president since you know so much. But wait your just a bitter loser lefty.

    3. Trump has a IQ higher then you and your whole family!!! Now go collect your welfare you puke!! # police matter

  5. That trump exactly right Rachel he just trying to get a rise and propell his fan base nationally

  6. Trump only has Populist rhetoric and slogans for the base to feed upon and provides the scapegoats.

  7. He’s shoring up the bigot vote and no mistake!Why not go the whole hog and wear a KKK outfit in place of a mask?

    1. ANNIE MARTINEZ you’re right, he is pretty good at that. In his defense though, it generally happens from interacting with a press that is united against him.

    2. @Benjamin Valenzuela You actually think you’re in the right, that blows my mind. Cling hard to that belief my guy, bc CHANGE IS HERE!!!

    3. Neil Joysey when you start a sentence with “Bruh”, that pretty much tells the tale right there. I suggest you educate yourself before you step into the big leagues son.

    4. Neil Joysey I think you should crack a book open so that you can learn the true roots of you’re Democratic Party. It’s a history you should learn instead of following blindly like a good little lamb.

    1. Absolutely, my ex was a narcissist, she would revel in getting me worked up about things. She couldn’t stand to see me happy about something.

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