Trump: Protesters Who Tear Down Monuments Face ‘Long-Term Jail Sentences’ | MSNBC


    1. @Pam Deshane i read the first line of your comment, and i have to agree. dem politicians know and understand that they are the servants of The People in our democracy, while repubs want to initiate an authoritarian police state.

    1. @Gilles Charbonneau doesn’t matter who tares it down it is private property and if you destroy it you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law!!

    1. WOW!! I did not know how many stupid people there are 😂😂😂. TRUMP IS WINNING AND THERE IS NOTING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT AND YOU KNOW IT. 😂🇺🇸

    2. @N 827 Well make sure you donate lots of money to Trump.

      Because nobody with money and half a brain is going to.😄

    3. Ralph Boyd you mean like joe biden saying if you don’t vote for me you aint black or calling cornpop ester. Gtfoh

    1. trump is getting desperate. He’s got all his trolls working overtime🤣😂🤣

    2. @Pam Deshane it would be impossible for Jesus to be white. Planes weren’t invented yet. Back in the corner Dunce

    1. @olobar5 Collude or not, Trump still obstructed justice 10 times with the special prosecutor which is a FELONY. That is 10 felonies. Not to mention campaign finance violations and quite possibly tax fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. Michael Cohen, his former right hand man, is in jail for such crimes so proper justice would ensure the boss who instructed him follows him to prison.

    2. WOW!! I did not know how many stupid people there are 😂😂😂. TRUMP IS WINNING AND THERE IS NOTING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT AND YOU KNOW IT. 😂🇺🇸

    3. @N 827 Actually according to every poll, he is losing and losing BIGLY. Straight to jail after he takes the “L”.

    1. Bronze Dosser Well, YOU try walking down a ramp and having a sippy drink of water, whilst wisecracking about the deaths of tens of thousands of fellow citizens. Who wouldn’t look as wrung out as Trump after all that?

  1. Funny, but I always thought that the national Guard was at the state level, not the federal level, and man, you got to admire Trump’s mastery of the English language, I am being sarcastic here, of course!

    1. @Gilles Charbonneau i wonder why they don’t work…big tech censoring perhaps….modern day book burning…who are the nazi’s, hmmm?

    2. @Thragon68 okay, I am not into conspiracy theories, you’re on your own from now on my friend! 😒😒😒

    3. @Gilles Charbonneau what you mean is you’re not interested in truth or facts but instead you love the opinions and nonsense and bs….correct?

  2. Presidents who tear down gov institutions like the EPA and Dept of Justice should face very long term jail sentences.

    1. @Currently Inspecting my bunker – please keep doing what you’re doing. I would love to see you Maoists deported.

    2. @Eddy Hanson Maoists? Learned a new word today? Congrats. Now keep trolling.

    3. @Eddy Hanson And I thought you trumpers were so fixated on the first amendment. Almost as fixated as you are with the second amendment. 😛 Lmfao

  3. Monument Act. If it’s anything like the Law Enforcement Act we have nothing to be worried about.

  4. Okay King Don. You saved a statue. 100 of thousands of people are dead, what shall
    we do with you?

    1. Mr A yeah, I love to hear how people talk to young women like this and be proud of themselves. Anyone who worships any man of power like you’re stating I should do is one sick person.

    2. Captain Caveman I’m just comment on a video. Does it mean I worship a channel? You don’t even know who you are talking to. You can make your own comment just fine as you come here for yourself. Don’t come onto mine.

    3. @Danette Costa you don’t get a pass because you claim to be a young woman, you want equal right? Shut up and take all of it! Like your girlfriend said last night.

    4. Mr A someone commenting on a person who works with my tax dollars. You are just here to antagonize others who I don’t owe absolutely anything to. Go make your OWN post.

    1. @Thragon68 Oh for God’s sake, Q is a LARP. Get over yourselves. There’s no ‘sealed indictments’, there’s not going to be any military tribunals. Your lame ‘hero’ and his campaign had 272 contacts with Russian operatives. His opponent’s correspondence was stolen and sold to Wikileaks by the Russians. trump and Mike Flynn, Jr. both had advance access to the stolen correspondence before publication by Wikileaks. They gave themselves away by talking about it before the content they were discussing had been published by Wikileaks. Ergo, they either saw/read the content before publication, or one of their cohorts did and told them the content. The putzes got caught, and the only reason trump himself was not prosecuted was Bill Barr’s opinion regarding an Office of Legal Council memo at DoJ.

    2. @Constituent A you have to understand. The president has access to NSA intelligence, who know it all before most do,. The investigations are ongoing and some wrapping up. the justice is coming…though the media generally keeps it from your eyes. That’s intentional…the insurgents in the gov’t and elsewhere are evil seditious louts. An ample amount of evidence to this fact has been reported much in the patriot news…and vehemently, feverishly been ignored or “refuted
      ‘ by your peeps. Biden is corrupt and will soon face the music. Ukraine is in the process of investigating it all . Hillary is crooked and destroyed much evidence…but again, the NSA has it all. They can’t run from the truth…and neither can you

  5. Why is Trump so supportive of the confederacy? Because the confederacy are supportive of the right to own minorities as slaves!!

    Anyone who votes for Trump is admitting they don’t have a problem with slavery!

    1. @T. R. Campbell I agree with you and I’m a leftist myself.I’m finally stepping back and looking at this from the road view,and it’s not looking good for us.Its become nothing but hate and anger and now violence.Something has to stop this like right now!

    2. Alfred Cohen I believe it’s a question of becoming an adult. I also think we have to realize that this is all politics. I found many of young people become very emotional, being unable to manage a scholarly or logical discussion without turning to name calling. We can continue to have our progressive ideals without becoming disagreeable.

    3. @Alfred Cohen Your hyperbole is obnoxious and youre about as much a “leftist” as a can of SPAM. This entire comment section is a pile of fake-account agitators typing inane talking-points and making factually incorrect “gotcha” comments.

    4. Don Williams I think a lot of people listen to the MSM and buy whatever the media tells them without burning up a brain cell giving it any thought. We must remember the warnings given to us by WikiLeaks about the main stream media (MSM) in bed with the corrupt and in trenched political class as well as the globalists.

  6. “I want to thank the MILLIONS of people who attended my Tulsa rally…” – Donald Trump

    1. I guess you have a point. It’s not like 11 million watched the Tulsa rally live. Oh, where is your point?

    2. Democrats, always mad because they feel cheated, someone else did something, no one will give them what they think they deserve. Do you ever get tired of crying? Do you ever for once think of wiping your own butt? Do you ever get tired of being the poor victim who is too stupid to figure things out for yourself? I pity you but not enough to vote for Biden.

    1. And anytime his tiny thumbs touch his phone, a million more of his lies appear on Twitter.
      Vote ByeDon 2020!

  7. “the state governments, if you see them, all over, they’re very weak.”

    what an utterly bizarre and crappy and nearly treasonous thing for a potus to say.

    1. China granted trademarks for multiple products, including voting machines, under Ivanka Trump’s eponymous brand in late 2018.

    2. Bro the governor of WA and mayor of Seattle are literally owned by the CCP and have sold out their own (black, female) police chief to support the communists

  8. And when Biden gets elected he’ll go after Cheeto and his regime to ensure they all get long sentences for betraying our country.

    1. Sounds like some responders to this comment might have ingested a little too much bleach!!

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