Trump Struggles To Deal With Racial Reckoning Happening In America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. He also struggles with reading and writing , speaking, staying awake , standing, basic math and sounding intelligent

  2. I love how he brags about crowd size then we all get a good laugh when they show us the area .. remember his swearing in … 1/3 the crowd as Obama and Washington transportation service said the traffic was the same as a normal day 🙆🙆🙆😂🙄🙄

    1. @Judy Obama dropped bombs on 7 countries in 8 years…. Trump dropped NONE U FRIKN HAM WALLET! Forgot I was talking to Karen “the Chaz” BinLaden

    2. @J. B. Trump has ODS and Obama envy so bad it’s turning him orange. He mentioned Mr.Obama 537 times in 2019 an average of 1.8 times a day. Why?Because Mr.Obama lives rent free in trumps massive orange head. Oh and who taught you to name call? huh?huh?hahahahaha

  3. Wonder why the Biden Welcome center is still named after the segregationist Biden one of the Democrats biggest racists and yet BLM and Antifa support him? I guess there gonna get a cellphone again!

  4. As soon as they seized control in Seattle:
    ✔Law enforcement
    ✔Authoritarian warlord

    Employing violence – or the threat of violence – to enact political outcomes it the literal definition of *TERRORISM*

    1. muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber I don’t know do you need a pedo? Ask Gym Jordan, he likes to shower with a team.

    2. @Crystal Giddens Re condescending etc. — just look at the Trump right commentators on Fox and elsewhere with the sound off — arrogant and mean facial expressions so much of the time. Bullies. We got God’s man Cornell West on our side, and General Colin Powell too. Hah.

    3. @ambassadorportal I don’t watch fox news. I don’t watch msm. period. I just read the stupid shallow comments and inform where I see appropriate. They ALL lie and they ALL divide.

  5. I believe his failing to address the racial situation in America is the reason why he rolled back the LGBTQ protection. It would either go under the radar or it would shift the focus from the racial issue to LGBTQ issues, which would make more left-wingers raiser their voices so he can blame the left instead of the black community.
    That would be a much easier fight for him to take without perishing.

  6. Why does the media keep suggesting he’s something more than a simple minded narcissistic republican fascist?
    HE’S NOT STRUGGLING WITH ANYTHING. He’s pandering to his Reich Wing to start a civil war so he can stay out of jail.

    1. Please do. Ban the President from a state and see what will happen. I’m not joking. Please do it.

    2. @Yugetube
      We will. We on the right have the military on our side. We have all the guns and now,
      we have the police on our side.


    1. Noy Bounvongxay Frumps Christians don’t love anybody except donors, especially that chic in Florida that asks for $35,000 at least at a crack. She said it is for her healing hospital of a church”. Get a real job! You should be ashamed fleecing you flock.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera You SJWs confuse nationalist with racist. None of those are actually racist in any way shape or form. Our president should absolutely be a US nationalist.

    2. @Miguel Rodriguez I am not an SJW. I am someone who recognizes a fraud and a criminal when he sees one. Trump is going to prison, period.

    3. Bad comment, Biden is the true racist 94 crime bill endorsement, told blacks you ain’t black, worked with segregationist to segregate school bussing.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera that’s a vox report, vox is a leftist news agency so I’m sure they have spun the info or took it out of context

    1. @Albert Green I’m not sure what your insinuating and I’m sure don’t want to find out lest I be infected by your dumbness. Nevertheless, Both places, like all places in America will be better when the Republicans have been…shall we say…Dealt With!

    1. +Abdulalim Omar
      Intelligence is also the ability to create change. I hope enough of us are intelligent enough to realize that we need change on November 3rd. I believe there will be.

    1. We had one in Tulsa. White folks burned it down 100 years ago. Google ‘Tulsa Massacre’.

  8. Perhaps the Peter ,Paul & Mary
    song ” Blowin In The Wind ” should be brought back for today !

  9. Asking a white supremacist to speak on racial inequality is like asking my dog to give a speech on her love for bath time.

    1. Exactly.. he shouldn’t be forced to lie because we all know that he’s a racist. We should focus on getting him out of office instead

  10. Ultimately, Trump and his supporters will be destroyed. They are hopelessly outnumbered in America.

    1. Tessmage Tessera It’s gonna be sad for them. He has fleeced his flock so long, selling them tickets and red hats and shirts from “Chyynna” so he can pay all of his lawyers. I wouldn’t sell my Soul for a stupid red hat.

  11. Americans: “We want change, no more racist police, equality for everyone!”
    trump: “I hear you.”
    Americans: “What are you going to do?”
    trump: “I’ve already done many wonderful things. Terrific things. It’s gonna be great, just wait and see. Believe me.»
    Americans: “You haven’t done anything!”
    trump: “send in the troops.”

    1. haha yes. ‘We’re going to attack people demanding equality with the military, we’re going to defend racist flags and statues, we’re going to call college student protestors ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs’, we’re going to call honorable brave civil rights leaders low IQ losers — SO MANY wonderful, beautiful things.

    2. @Amity Ville regarding that vid of the ’roundtable’, the biggest thing Agent Orange Bunker Boy is doing there is bragging about the National Guard in Minneapolis — and falsely claiming he sent them in when it was the gov. of the state.

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