Trump Threatened To Fire U.S. Attorney Who Refused To Spread Election Lies 1

Trump Threatened To Fire U.S. Attorney Who Refused To Spread Election Lies


Bloomberg Opinion columnist Tim O’Brien and former U.S. Attorney Michael J. Moore join Ali Velshi to discuss new details in Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 presidential results, and what it could mean for the legal peril facing Trump and his closest allies.
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  1. “More damning testimony”, that’s all we’ll be getting from this point on, along w more concerning evidence on trump!! If we wait until we get ALL the evidence…’ll take several more years!! Convict and imprison now!!

    1. @Michiel Meinema in 2008 Obama won 689 counties and had 69 million votes biden won 477 counties but got 81 million votes. You square that circle.

    2. @Michiel Meinema its no wonder so many counties in swing states had more total votes than registered voters.

    3. Biden won only 16 percent of the counties in America but set the record with 81 million votes. Either Biden is the most liked president. More than Reagan/Obama/Lincoln combined…..or…….haha

  2. When is America going to hold the Trumps accountable for their many heinous crimes?
    The rest of the world is flabbergasted that they are still walking around …….

    1. @Steve Rimnac Do you think every single person from south of the border should just be able to waltz into the USA and demand free everything? by the way they all have covid.

    2. @mark williams so mark are you against china or for china. Are you racist or not?

    3. @Trace America was started by WHITES. That is a FACT OF THE MATTER. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    4. @G G Trump won. look at the Crowds at his Rallies. Look at the 4 people that went to bidens’ speechs and were forced to stand in their own circle. Democrats force RULES ON DEMOCRATS. REPUBLICANS ARE THE FREE PARTY AND CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!

    5. @Rich Brown All came to experience “sin” the real sad part is that most have become it. The majority will be stuck in a möbius continuum for their lack of knowledge.

  3. Orangutan was captured trying to steal an election.

    I like presidents who are smart and don’t get captured.

    1. @N 827 I thought Joe had dementia and was sleepy, didn’t know where he was or what day it is half the time, so how did he cheat?

    2. @Aliza Kessler Show the proof. Call Mike Lindell he has everything to put Trump back in office tomorrow. Do you think that will really happen? Do you believe in Santa Claus too.

  4. This article from The Daily Beast warned us of things to come.
    The Daily Beast: Trump Warns: It Would Be ‘Very Bad’ if my Police, Biker Gang Fans Decided to Get ‘Tough’ on my opponents. This is also a premonition of how trump would trash the constitution if he wins the presidency in 2024.

    1. He certainly tried his best to trash the constitution in the past, so I see no reason not to believe that he’d do so again.

    1. @N 827 why would anyone vote for Trump after the Trump University and Trump foundation scandal?
      He stole money from sick needy kids!
      Tell me are you truly good with that?

  5. You can’t make it up but then again it seems you can! So much swept under the carpet, the evidence is bulging.

    1. @Earl Woody Some of Trump’s base that were arrested are blaming Trump for the Coup attempt. Some have pleaded guilty and asked for a plea bargain.

    2. @Ice 247 most of what we hear now is false either way so it’s turned into a situation that is false.
      Corruption has taken over both parties and most government employees.
      Look at the media and the tech companies.
      All corrupt with an agenda.
      Most of what goes on now is false and deceiving.

    3. @Earl Woody Your opinion. It’s only the Rethuglicans of Trump’s that’s the problem. Stop trolling and missing the Attorneys and people who have been giving testimony.

  6. How much more evident do they freaking need, arrest him now. If that was any other citizen they’d already be wearing an orange jumpsuit..

    1. @Catrasho so you believe them ? you can’t really believe that ? When did we get to believing politicians?

    2. @jaygee Election night cnn wouldn’t call Florida but did call Arizona with 500K votes still to be counted. That right there shows they were part of cheating the election. Also cnn and msnbc both said biden would win even when Trump swept the East Coast and won all the bell weather counties. They said They would cheat. Cnn and msnbc both said there is a plan to rig the election on LIVE TV. that is why they took down all that election coverage the next day cause some of the accidentally said the plan was to send in mail in ballots of people that really don’t live in that county.

  7. TFG nearly destroyed America and these are the after effects. Our Nation has changed so much in the last four years I don’t even recognize it and I’m a prior lifelong true sane R of over 30 years. There is a reason we have the rule of law in our Nation and we are failing as a Country by not holding TFG accountable.

    1. Why would you support Reaganism? That’s what got the US here to begin with! Racism, classism, homophobic, etc. “Sane” R indeed!

    2. ​@Jan Hankins I generally agree, but maybe this helps clarify things: We all know that the Republican party used to be a respectable group of people with different political perspectives and priorities. That term is still being used today to refer to a cult whose only policy is “Party Above All”. What’s confusing is when terms like “Republican” and “Party” are misused to mean “MAGA” and “cult”. (BTW – They even got their own acronym wrong. “MAGA” stands for “Making America *Gag* Again”.)

    3. i am distrubed now in a way that the republicans are really are weak with Trump…. i feel like the wheels of American democracy have stopped turning….. so long as these MAGA election deniers control the republican party they’re just gonna stagnate


    1. @Solutions Within And get rid of the caps in the future please Sam. It doesn’t give your words more gravitas.



    3. @DarkShroom On msnbc they said there is a plan to rig the election against Republicans. they said it on live tv then took that video down a few hours later.

      Also pelosi said the government would steal the election against the People and then she said the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. She said that 100 times.

      biden said he had the largest voter fraud organization in the world and that he didn’t need anyone to vote cause the election is rigged for the government.

      video of democrat politicians carrying a flash drive to voting machines then the machines showing a different count 3 seconds latter when 2 Million votes flipped from Trump to biden.

    4. @DarkShroom democrats are so stupid. Not one is a hedge funder. I’m a hedge funder and big time player on the stock market cause I know the equations to use each day to pull 300K every day in profits. the numbers show Trump won the election by about 25 Million votes. biden only did ‘well’ in 5 counties and did poor or flatlined all other 2500+ counties. In those 5 counties biden tripled obama but Trump also tripled obama. They added fake votes to biden in those 5 counties. Anyone that is a hedge funder knows Trump destroyed the democrats.

    1. @David Smith , Reality: Is MSNBC that is stinking every day, all day long as they dump their shee-it, essence of their being.

  9. The current administration must be held accountable for allowing an ex-president, an influential person, to freely spread false and potentially dangerous lies.

    1. @Willie Thomas What? Is your head buried in the sand? There’s already enough proven fraud in Maricopa Az and Fulton Ga to decertify both states. That’s the only 2 states so far that have even looked into it! Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Texas are next. Do you intentionally not pay attention to what’s going on in the audits and its findings? It blows my mind how you could be so ignorant with current events. Is it intentional?

      Did I say that there weren’t any democrats that support the audits? Or did I say that I have yet to hear a democrat come out in support of the audits? Do I need my kids cat to explain to you what ” I have yet to hear” means? We know for fact that 70% of the USA population and 30% of democrats believe the election was stolen so I imagine there are democrats that support the audits.

      As far as election fraud not being a remedy to put Trump back into office, let me ask you this question? Where does the constitution talk about abortion and if it’s not there, how did SCOTUS make a constitutional ruling on abortion? Your argument is that this has never gone to SCOTUS before so SCOTUS will not take it or make a ruling pertaining to it. Do you realize that at one point SCOTUS didn’t take any case yet? Your solution is to put a big “closed” sign in front of the court. Do you realize how ignorant that that line of thought is? Do you need more examples? How about a ruling on a bakery not baking a cake for homosexuals? Where does the constitution talk about homosexuality? Try thinking things through before commenting.

    2. @Jeffrey McKee the Constitution does address those things but do address electing a President. You might need to get help the election ended months ago and you guys lost not even close every unpopular President. I do think you might want to put down the pamphlet America moved on.

    3. @Willie Thomas The constitution does not give a remedy to dealing with election fraud. You know that was what I was talking about so stop trying to twist what I wrote.

      However, there are many instances where congress in the states were certified and removed months later after fraud was proven. if you don’t believe me, look up a congressional race in Pennsylvania where the democrat was yanked out of office by the state supreme court 8 months after being seated after fraud was found. Guess what? Their states constitution also does not address removing someone for election fraud. When you’re done there look up the person that was yanked out of office for election fraud in Hawaii and many other states.

      You said that America moved on. What you should have said is that you moved on last November. 70% of the country didn’t move on because even after the social media and MSM censorship, 70% believe the election was fraudulent. 30% of the people that believe the election was rigged is from your own party.

      And if the country really moved on, why is it that many more states are now doing forensic audits? That number continues to grow.

    4. @Willie Thomas there has been no paper ballot audits of the signatures, names or addresses if they really live there. also many people that didn’t vote had someone in the government vote in their name. That is illegal.

    5. @Willie Thomas I’ll let you democrats audit it but you have to audit the signatures and if they really voted or not or if someone at the state department just voted for them after midnight

      Also willie can you please explain why ballots were brought in AFTER the election was over and after Nov the 3rd? Why was 100% of them for biden and didn’t even have other dmeocratrs circled in. Also they were all from people that have never voted in their life. which means they didn’t vote in 2020 either but that the state had the names of all registered that hadn’t made it to the voting places to vote yet and the STATE decided to vote democrat more governmnet power and rule over the people.

      If I was in government I would be a democrat and RULE over the people.

  10. The important thing is to put Faile Coup Donnie behind bars before he can become Successful Coup Donnie.

    1. From what I have seen, they’re preparing for the Homegrown Terrorist. A video was found of the next plan to attack.

    2. If the DOJ doesn’t investigate his attempts to overthrow a free and fair election, the GQP is going to get away with going against the will of the people.

  11. I’m glad we’re inching closer to invalidating the reality of reality TV “stars.” “You’re Fired”– that’s what got us here. Not so impressive now, is it?

    1. i love to imagine how Trump felt when he said “you’re fired!” but he actually didn’t manage to fire him! it must have really hurt him

  12. Just prosecute Weisselberg to the full extent of the law already. At the very least, show people that they risk losing everything they worked for if they do the bidding of someone like Trump.

  13. With the list of crimes that this man has openly committed in office, I ask – as a European – why he is still not in a courtroom?

    1. name one crime you have been told by fake media you think he committed? yeah that is what I thought, you have nothing but lies.

    1. @ Charles Mandell…you are correct…something is definitely not right. The attempts and efforts this evil, corrupt orange made is evident that he tried to overturn a free and fair election. He threatened officials of the DOJ and the fact that these idiots were in bed with him is even more incriminating. This coup attempt will happen again because there’s no threat to convict these devils.

  14. Too often impeachment and indictment are mentioned with Presidents–but with Trump they are warranted! This guy has always been outside the law.

  15. The longer this goes on with no accountability, the more dangerous it is for the United States.
    We must stop Trump now from spreading his lies. Or the possibility of another insurrection is inevitable

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