Trump to restart rallies on Juneteenth in city with troubled racial history

President Donald Trump will host his first rally in months next week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he has plans to visit four other states in the coming weeks as his campaign prepares to relaunch in-person rallies.
The decision to hold a rally in Tulsa, a city with a checkered racial history, on June 19, or Juneteenth — the day that marks the end of slavery in the United States — is especially striking as the nation undergoes a conversation about racism in the wake of George Floyd's killing at the hands of police officers.
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  1. And the idiot wants to send out a contract to all the people attending to not blame Trump if they get the virus. Wow. This is more evidence that Trump doesn’t give a damn about American’s lives.

  2. Yes. Let them all assemble without their masks as the spike in illness grows. This is exactly what we need. You can’t fix stupid but you can watch it walk off a cliff. A million lemmings can’t be wrong. #LetThemHaveThe19 #GivetrumpThe19

  3. “The party of Lincoln…” back when Republicans were liberals and Democrats were the bigot conservatives. The names have switched and Lincoln would roll in his grave about it.

    1. So was Woodrow Wilson not a progressive? Also Lincoln was a conservative and said he was one. Republicans believed in conservative government

    2. So your saying that Lincoln & the Republicans didn’t have a great war with the southern Democrats that freed people from slavery in those same southern states? Well I am gonna have to slap my history Teacher for lying to me. NOT. One thing you got correct is that the Democrats were bigots, what you still don’t understand is that They Still ARE. They just learned how to hide it while Still oppressing minorities. Why do you think that in 60 years of mostly Democrat Control THEY never improved the lives of minorities? That virtually ALL down trodden minorities are IN Democrat controlled Cities and states? Why do THOSE states have the worst abuses against blacks, the worst crime rates, the worst homeless rates, the highest death rates, the worst record when it comes to race relations, period. Why?

  4. This is like hoping that the fox doesn’t eat the chickens when it comes into the chicken coop. Are you kidding me?

  5. I keep hearing the same thing over and over about voting in November but things are moving so fast I’m not sure if there will be a country to vote in in November.

    1. I hear you. This day was carefully picked to poke in open wounds. Gullable to think he will leave. This ain’t a Disney movie. We’re talking about an extreme narcissist = psychopath, supported by powerful fascist enablers. Narcissists thrive on provoking until their targets can’t take it anymore. When you finally explode they point the finger. Claiming they are the victim, you are the one misbehaving. An excuse to punish you. Kicked while already down. Don’t know empathy, guilt nor shame. Sadistic, cruel powergame. A narcissist exposed, under pressure brings out the worst in them. When going down they are ready to take everything and everybody down with them. Even more in need to show their power. You think you’ve seen crazy? Fasten your seatbelt.

      Bunkerboy will go on provoking his supporters to use violence. They feel the pressure, more pissed off and righteous than ever. These are irrational, beyond dumb, full of hate, easy to be influenced people with weapons. They’ll feel the need to show their power. I fear the worst knowing America’s history and present.

      Trump is only able to do this bc of his enablers. Mitch McConnell & co ( evil itself , fascists ) have been working towards this for decades. 401 yrs of oppression is a looong time. The silence of white America has been earth shattering. Created the fertile ground needed for trump to happen. Ignorance is one thing, unwillingness, arrogance and indifference is something else. Taking cruelty to the next level. Now complaining about anger. How come here in Europe we see all this? America had this coming. A system built so the minorities can’t win. Your original inhabitants are living in camps ffs! and America goes about their day. The trumpshow gave the distraction needed to push dangerous legislations. Watch the behind the scenes. With the GOP supreme court members ( a seat for life ) this is far from over.

      My heart goes out to you all. Stay safe. You can do this. We wish you well. Europe supports BlackLivesMatter. May you get justice and heal. May you thrive black America. We love you!

    2. If voters are surpressed as they did in GA last week, we on Left need to burn down all Federal buildings to begin with for we have lost America and not gping down easy.

  6. I love it that he is making all of the rally attendees sign a waive Covid-19 liability agreement. The guy is killing off his voter constituency.

  7. Why do people always say “the party of Lincoln”? Does no one know that the parties switched in the mid 1900s lol?
    Lincoln was not a modern-day republican

    1. I really hope that things don’t go that way. We’re working so hard to get people together. I hope we don’t let Drumpf tear us apart.

  8. Yaay Conald is restarting his Nazi rallies. No masks, only magaT hats. Drink the Lysol Drumpftards and pray for your miracle.

    1. Rachel Ash oh yeah, so the people that literally beat and kill people that disagree with them aren’t Nazis?

    2. Drumpf! I almost forgot about that. Yeah, he’s a moron and he’s gonna get a lot of people killed. He needs to go. And fast

  9. He’s doing this rally for no good reason. He wants to start an uprising of the white supremacists! Mark my words!! He’s a very evil person!!!

  10. Question: ‘Are you going to the Trump rally?” Only Answer: “I wouldn’t stroll across the street to piss on Trump if he were on fire”.

  11. The World according to Trump:
    “You can forget about “Black Lives Matter!”……”No Lives Matter!”
    Except, of course, Me and mine!

    1. Lance Armstrong hehe consumed by CNN ay?

      Edit: just don’t watch the media man, it will not help.

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