Trump wages secret court battle to block Jan. 6 info

Former President Donald Trump’s attorneys are fighting a secret court battle to block a federal grand jury from gathering information from an expanding circle of close Trump aides about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, people briefed on the matter told CNN. #CNN #News


  1. Innocent people have nothing to hide, but guilty people will do everything they can to stop the truth from coming out! Sounds like Donald Trump

    1. @Connie Kimble I hope those neurons are not the same which told you to vote for a senile potato who is destroying the whole world!

    2. @I AM WHITE TRASH SUBHUMAN TRUMPONZEE PUTIN LOVER. tell that to the fbi. They told fb to stop the laptop story for some reason. Surely there’s no bias there

  2. The hilarious part is that if Trump hadn’t gotten into politics he probably never would have seen any consequences for his business practices. He’d just be that wacky New York billionaire from TV.

    1. Yeah and look at the economy now vs when he was president… just because you don’t like his character?? Feelings vs facts?? Take the plastic bag off your head and maybe you’ll see clearly. Biden is not running this country he’s ruining it. If hunter was trumps son cnn would have content for 10 more years.

    2. Right! He could’ve just spent his life making shitty commercials and playing golf and somehow seducing beautiful women! But noooo!

    1. @Ravgm Singh It’s even worse with Biden look at his empty eyes.
      No lights on nobody’s home.
      Trump will be back to save America 🇺🇸

    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1 What does Joe Biden and Vladimir putin have in common?
      They both are good at destroying and country.
      It’s true right

    1. Lets not forget what he said about people who plead the 5th…. Which he ended up doing. I believe he is also the first president/former to do so. Even Hillary never pleaded the 5th.

    2. @Mike Carter you’re right, Hillary didn’t plead the 5th, she just beat around the bush and gave verbosely worded double speak non-answers while the judge and jury that she definitely didn’t pay off sat back and pretended like she didn’t just dodge every question she was asked, it’s technically not lying under oath if you don’t actually answer the questions and instead just fill the air with a bunch of psychobabble. Typical corrupt politician tactic, only really works with a loaded jury and bought and paid for judges, something kkkillary is adept at organizing. I would plead the 5th too if I was the target of a 6 year witch hunt, the mainstream news can take a 2 second clip of trump sneezing and somehow find a way to twist it into a casual endorsement of hitler.

    3. @Shawn Kellogg yeah reach waaaay back like 10 years to try (and fail) to catch a dem. We don’t have to go back more than 10 days to prove Republicans are fkn liars, cheats, and traitors to the country.

  3. “I can over rule the DOJ just by thinking about it. I can do anything I want. There is a process but there doesn’t have to be a process”.

  4. One thing we’ve learned over the last couple of years: there is no law. The words in the law books, and even in the Constitution, are merely suggestions. Anyone with tenacity and money can punch holes in them, go around them, or get them reinterpreted out of existence.

    1. Its called white wealthy “privilege” my friend…its staring you right in the face. See it and acknowledge it for what it is. Anybody else not meeting that demographic would have been arrested, jailed, and booked already – NOT traveling the country holding rallies and unfathomably being viewed as a Party’s leading Presidential candidate.

    2. @Danny Linc dafuq he didn’t. He said he declassified all those documents the FBI planted in Mar-a-Loser with his mind. Dude is guilty and insane. And you’re a sucker if you belive him.

  5. I was wondering how this man can have sooooooo many lawsuits against him and he’s not broke, well when you don’t pay your lawyers and they work seemingly for free–you can maintain your wealth.

  6. I always thought that executive privilege cannot be used when it involves criminal matters i.e. The president talking about committing a series of crimes. Much the same as lawyer client confidentiality when that involves crime.

  7. Trump: “Only guilty people plead the fifth” …. yup uh huh
    All his followers: “Naahh he didn’t say that” or, “”He was joking”

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