1. @Zhao Wei

      People only become the “spell Nazi” when their losing the argument. Did I use the right their?🤔


    2. Sorry, but it is not going to happen. Opposite to Trump the governor is a clever politician, he is going to wait for Trump to do political harikirii himself, before he jumps in, and so far is working masterful.😎

    1. @Zhao Wei oh yeah? Well, your family is so financially strapped, you can no longer afford to summer in the Hamptons!

    1. Man, the poor walls of mara lago would be painted red from the ketchup and blood of the chicken tendies he will almost certainly throw at the wall if that happened lol

    2. He won’t – he needs to play the visual that he’s actually committed to his office (for a period of time anyway). An early announcement would hurt him.

    3. even though desantis is a disgusting human, I agree with your comment just because it would piss off the orange turd

  1. Just before the 2016 Republican Convention Ted Cruz said “History isn’t kind to the man who holds Mussolini’s jacket”. Ted wasn’t going to endorse Trump and that got back to Trump. When Cruz walked on stage he was met with a raucous booing. We know what happened next. Ted held Mussolini’s jacket.

    1. Trump will label DeSantis’s wife horse face. The last time he did that to Ted Cruz’s wife, Cancun Cruz bend on his knees and kiss his “you know what”.

  2. That woman should be more worried about her botox or fillers not migrating all over her face than who’s running for what.

  3. ”It’s the third election in a row that Trump has cost us the race. Three strikes, you’re out.” – Larry Hogan

    1. No let trump lead the party into its destruction, I hope after there is no Republican Party left 😃 good riddance

  4. Yeaahhh… she’s about as threatening as a leaf on a tree, but with the laughs she’s generating she does have a promising career in comedy!

  5. Not a fan of Ron DeSantis, but he is not going to be told by anyone whether he runs or not. Also, this isn’t 2016. Ron DeSantis is well liked by the base. He isn’t Jeb Bush.

    1. DeSantis was bleeding out politically until Trump helped him. He’s been great in FL, building a huge gap from a sliver between his elections, largely because of Trump. He should come out and defend Trump– let the RINOs sort themselves out.

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  6. I think the difference between the other fights and this is Desantis is someone who will actually be willing to use the Trump rule book. 😂

  7. “We know primaries can be nasty” – from the nasty people. Aw, so nice of them to be concerned. No, I don’t want to hear what these two groups of animals are going to do on the public stage. Apologies in advance to our friends and allies, who have been waiting for better from us.

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