Trump's Hyped Election Fraud Claims Dashed By Reasonable NH Audit 1

Trump’s Hyped Election Fraud Claims Dashed By Reasonable NH Audit


Rachel Maddow explains how a recount in a local New Hampshire election discovered a problem with how the ballots had been counted, and an audit by experts identified the problem and fixed it. Contrary to the hype by Donald Trump and his deluded followers, the problem was not widespread election fraud requiring the overturning of the certified results of the national election. 
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  1. If Democrats were conspiring to rob Trump votes they should have done a better job in robbing votes for more Democrats in the house and the Senate

    1. That’s probably the problem – Trump underestimated how many votes HE needed to rig so HE could steal the election. They didn’t factor in that so many people wanted him gone.

    2. Donald Trump keeps losing and losing I do not know why he keeps losing and losing I do not know maybe because there is no evidence

  2. Hey look, the first time there’s actual reason to perform an audit and see what happened, where unlike AZ, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc., NH had a legitimate reason to ask for this audit.

    1. @Martian technology Republicans are part of a cult. That’s not a conspiracy theory. They worship trump with golden statues… even the Bible described that as A CULT.

    2. @SCHOOLTHEWORLD explain them? They were done how a true audits are done. By qualified election officials of the states. Since AZ have a GOP majority, REPUBLICANS DID THEIR AUDIT IN NOV.

      They take the machine results and match it to the the physical ballot. They go through each physical ballot and see if they matches the machine count. They also take each physical ballot and match it to the VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

      These are all done AND at least DOUBLE CHECKED but i think they’re triple check. Which means they’ll have different people go through the same ballots so they can lower HUMAN ERROR.

      You can look this up, all the information is out there. trump campaign even paid THOUSANDS to do the Michigan Audit and Guess what the results were? They found more ballots for Biden than trump .

      There are no reason to audit any of the ballots. You’re just being delusional. There is no “wake up” unless you’re believing in the delusions that trump lies about and Quackannon which has been debunked.

    3. Literally the exact same argument they used in every state to conduct 3 recounts a piece. These people are stacking the deck to win the next election. Republicans and Trump supporters can’t win without cheating.

    4. @bLoWc16 End Times = “Lawlessness increases” and “They want to believe the lies because it’s in their hearts “ and “They will be lovers of themselves, money, pleasure, boisterous, arrogant, mean, nasty, vile and despisers of those that do good” = Trump is the “Little Horn” and America is the 4th and Final Beast prophesied by the Prophet Daniel = Love God and love everyone just like Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior said “Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you”= HEAVEN THAT IS MY ONLY GOAL TRULY AND HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE LOVE

  3. Imagine, all of Trump’s comical and stupid remarks will be compiled by somebody, published to the world public…. How comical it looks, especially if Trump is convicted and sentenced to the life in prison!! They can’t be included in the school textbook for anything…language? No. Literature? No. Only kintergarden teachers can use it.

  4. We should acknowledge that MILLIONS OF REPUBLICANS must have voted against Trump for him to lose by as much as he did.

    1. Most Republicans that live around me hate democrats but despise Donald Trump as a human being and didn’t vote for the anti American trump.

  5. As amusing in a gallows kind of way all this is, I wish they would just go ahead and put 45 in jail awaiting trial. Put him somewhere and shut him up. Just get him out of sight. Find a corner and make him stand in it.

  6. A Completely Clumsy Operation; with every associate having 50 year history of running crimes. Requiring big Distraction Plots.

  7. As a New Hampshire resident I’m proud of our truth — We don’t need Trump to tell us otherwise!

    1. But also very scary. People caught up with the “I know better than the experts, and want YOU to live their way.” It’s ok to tell other how to live. But please never tell them how to behave.

    2. Thanks for reminding me, we have cult prayer meeting tonight and sacrificing goat. How do you like your goat meat.. Trump 2024 !!!

  8. Seriously will someone tell the big baby he lost and why isn’t brought to court and ask for proof of the big lie and shut the big money grabbing baby up for good

  9. Are they still trying to humor him and pretend he isn’t throwing a tantrum and crying because he lost???

    1. That parody clip of him and the desk being forced out of the oval office while still sitting on a rolling seat, and being packed on a box truck.

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