Wisconsin Uses Taxpayer Funds To Launch Arizona-Style Audit Circus 1

Wisconsin Uses Taxpayer Funds To Launch Arizona-Style Audit Circus


Ben Wikler, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Wisconsin Republicans are aiming for an Arizona-style fake election audit circus to give themselves an advantage in 2024, and how Democratic Governor Tony Evers is the only thing standing in their way. 
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  1. Who smash dislike them immediately went straight to the comment section and not disappointed ?

  2. So it’s not far-fetched to investigate the Russians involvement with the 2016 election, but apparently it is far-fetched to investigate each states accuracies or inaccuracies whenever it comes to an election, by the people?
    I’d rather my tax money go towards the investigation into each states’ election integrity.

    1. because there was actual evidence for the russian attack on the US and there is zero evidence of voter fraud and the results where all signed off on a bipartisan basis…. just because YOU dont know how elections work, doesnt mean these things are strange..

  3. Hmmmm. I sure hope they remember to check for cremated chickens who were fed ballots before they met their fiery end……

  4. Why is it a bad thing to investigate? They tried to investigate trumps “Russian collusion” for 4 years

  5. Former cops… reviewing tips (= hearsay)… and investigating the most credible ones… with subpoena powers ? Is this, er… legal?

  6. Follow the money. Forget the truth. That is where things stand today.

    God help our kids. I thought they were inheriting a dying planet alone, alas it get worse. They don’t get to see democracy.

    1. I did, all the way to Vangaurd and Blackstone, our fourth branch of government! I really love how Maddow is smart, and smart enough to feign as if citizens united and all the deregulation that followed isn’t why our votes mean nothing no matter your location on the spectrum. But the theater they provide us, and the partisan melodrama soap opera is really 4 stars. When folks really start to understand that yes, it is indeed gone and no longer a democracy, we’ll have to hand out awards to best villains and best supporting roles.


  8. Isn’t it odd the things that lefty’s believe taxpayers should and shouldn’t pay for.

  9. GOP – – YOU LOST THE ELECTION. You are not living in a fascist dictatorship. Give it up and get on with your jobs. For heaven’s sake. Taxpayer dollars are paying for this nonsense.

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