Trump’s new public enemy no. 1 1

Trump’s new public enemy no. 1


Former President Trump has begun to publicly campaign against Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but will his endorsement of her GOP challenger hold any weight? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how Murkowski’s Senate race is a proxy fight for the war between the Republican establishment and Trump’s Republican Party.


Donald Trump endorses Kelly Tshibaka for Senate in race against Lisa Murkowski

Republican Kelly Tshibaka launches Senate campaign against Lisa Murkowski

Murkowski Votes to Convict President Donald J. Trump

What Liz Cheney got right about Trump and Republicans

Trump says he'll campaign against Murkowski in Alaska next year

Alaska has a new election system. Could it protect Murkowski from pro-Trump backlash?

Results: Alaska approves amendment to enact top-4 primaries and ranked choice voting

Alaska voters adopt ranked-choice voting in ballot initiative

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    2. @Rapture Ready Get over the big lie. Trump lost because a lot of mainstream Republicans voted against him. Not to mention the small liberal wing of the GOP also voted against him. And guess what they are going to help to defeat trump if he’s stupid enough to run in the next national election. And. If he’s not convicted and jailed by that time. So get over it. Trump is no longer a viable candidate. But if you and.all the other trumptards love the taste of defeat please do run him agin. And his loss will be the biggest in the history of this countries history.

  1. But Trump has so many self-proclaimed enemies.
    Then again, he keeps pissing off all the wrong people.

    1. @David Eby 👈 That is a false dichotomy. They are attempting to set up a scenario, as to where, either you agree with me and my dear leader or you hate America. It’s a sign of insecurities and self-awareness of faulty logic.

    2. @Cropper Copper Pres.Trump was good for America.Lettuce Head Biden and Kacklin Kamaltoe are good for Russia and China. I prefer a pro American president but I wouldn’t expect libbys to agree.

    1. @Patricia Johnson
      You make things worse with your latest post. Is English a “second language” for you?

    1. I like her, noy a fan of her pitch all of the time,but I think she considers her position and listens to her constituents

  2. So Rumpie thinks this new woman will guard the border better than Murkowski? Ya… Canada is a real nightmare! hahaha!

    1. @Ken Albertsen It’s actually very simple to make Mexico pay for the wall, its called a tariff or a tax for all U.S dollars that cross the border.. Mexicans send Billions through western union, if you charge 2% the wall pays for itself in no time.. But you Dummycrats are to stupid to figure this kind of stuff out…

    2. @Andy Ballester A. Trump and his minions never articulated that (…way of paying for the wall). If that was true, then why say “Mexico will pay for it!” ? when It’s not a country, but laborers from that country. Many laborers in the US are from a plethora of other countries, both in and out of Latin America. B. I’m not in favor of a vindictive tax, are you? Should we charge double for fast food purchases by Mexican workers in the US? … satisfy some sick craving by Trumpists to punish Mexican workers? Should we charge a “Wetback Tax” on band-aids or condoms or drinking water? If you hate Mexicans, then that’s your problem. But to slap a tax on workers because they’re from Mexico, is low class – which defines Right Wingers.

    1. You are in a dream world and are being lied to by your demon rats Party 24/7 for the past 5 years now. I really don’t know why and how come you don’t see this. You were absolutely MK Ultra programmed….

    2. You have no idea what democracy means!! China, Cuba, and North Korea has no democracy at all and we in Canada are there now and soon the United States if you people do not wake the hell up. The republicans do NOT have a voice anymore, they’re censored heavily. What do you call this? I call it communism and you are heading there because China is taking over. Wake the hell up. Trump was fighting tooth and nails for the past 4 years. You have been MK ultra programmed by your corrupt medias, CNN, MSNBC, ABC whom are paid by the CIA…. Mocking bird!! Do your researches

    3. @Susan Allen yes ,joe Biden is putins lap licker, making Russia rich and joe Biden even richer àftdr the united states getting oil and gas from Russia and the Biden crime family gets thier share

    4. Putin’s buddy? Trump sanctioned Russia and it is all proven fake news. Biden shut down US pipelines and gave money to Russia’s pipeline? Just stop and get educated.

    5. LOL stop your crying. Trump was and still is the greatest president in American history. No question. No one comes close. He got the most votes of any sitting president in history forcing the Dems to over cheat and then censor like no one has ever witnessed before. Next time no cheating

  3. There are normal people who refuses to drink the Donald’s KoolAid. The people will keep him out he’s going nowhere maybe jail

    1. Thanks for that comment. Next time I want to read something autistic, I’ll know where to come back to.

  4. His people walked out of his Ohio rally before he finished speaking because they were bored, lost faith in him & relieved he is going senile.

    1. WATCH: Pamela Karlan, The Ex-Zuckerberg Apparatchik Now Leading Biden’s Anti-Audit Push – Once Said Corporate-Backed Elections ‘Undermine Democracy’.
      JUNE 27, 2021

    2. @david isenberg Zzzz😭😭😭 It’s really time for brain dead MAGATS to “STOP THE WHINE,!” You backed the wrong horse, get OVER it already! Aren’t you embarrassed that 70% of America is disgusted and repulsed by you Trump worshipers? His incoherent “rally” was a flop, because even his hardcore ,fans are over his ranting! It’s time to get real

    3. @Micheal Albert sure i wont hold my breath but i at least im not fooled into defending the criminal FORMER president.

    4. @dave chongle
      Lol, your statement is proof that you have in fact been fooled. I know it’s difficult to accept considering how long you have been believing this alternative reality but don’t you think it is time to wake up.
      If you believe that Trump is a criminal then by all means, state a crime and the evidence that proves it. Trump is by far the most investigating man in America and the results are always the same. Do you think you could have stood up the kinds of investigations Trump has and still be standing? Trump/Russia collusion was a fabricated construct of the Clinton campaign, WE KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE, NO ONE IN THE CAMPAIGN EVEN DENYS IT ANYMORE.

    5. @david isenberg Who is the bimbo? I thought Trump had a monopoly on porn stars and bimbos. What about the girls room? If you are talking bathroom. I tend to go to the men’s bathroom being a moral heterosexual. I generally think that the people whining about cultural issues the most are projecting; Just like sanctimonious fundamentalist preacher that has extra marital affairs.

  5. I think Trump’s power and influence will be gone by the midterm election cycle, it is already pretty weak.

    1. As long as cult members are building statues of their orange god on their front lawns, he will continue to have plenty of power and influence over the people that actively desire his racism, fascism, dishonesty and corruption.

    2. @R D racism ???? blow me…. biden has taken money from iran, china, russia, ukraine and trumps the crook ??? do you even know what a racist is….

    3. He made Kamala go to the border just by announcing his own visit, something FOX and the GOP could only get laughs at when they asked her about it. She even exclaimed that she would rather visit Europe. But ya, he has no influence.

  6. Interesting that you didn’t mention that Lisa Murkowski has already been deposed as the Republican candidate once before, and won re-election as a write-in candidate. Which is a very impressive electoral feat

    1. What I reckon is God will send down a heavenly host as well as Jesus and bear forth our true president straight from a hole in one at ML to sit at the rightful oval office desk. Either that or his business is going down the swanny and him with it.
      H A L L E L U J A🎶

    2. @Searcher holic
      He doesn’t run the businesses that were once his anymore. He handed everything down when becoming President.

  7. This woman is so brave and courageous for coming forward. This is it! This will finally take trump and the republicans out for good!

    1. @Dixon Uranus The women who took trump & epstein to court for violently raping & sodomizing them as young girls were brave. Epstein’s estate quietly settled with them.

    2. LOL stop your crying. Trump was and still is the greatest president in American history. No question. No one comes close. He got the most votes of any sitting president in history forcing the Dems to over cheat and then censor like no one has ever witnessed before. Next time no cheating

    3. @Linda Walters now your just making up stuff…. trump kicked epstein out of maro lago for hitting on young girls…. get your facts correct or STFU….. check the log book to the island and see how many of your democratic pals went over there like clinton, gates, ect ect….

  8. I knew Kelly in college at Texas A&M. Nice girl. Such a damn shame she’s thrown her hat in with the proto-dictator.

    1. @Andy Ballester well that depends on you are comparing me to.? You didn’t think of anyone you new yet? Obviously.

    2. @Andy Ballester loved your video. But why you are thinking. Think of this. A man only has his word to stand on. If you don’t believe what you say then why should I believe on you
      History has a origin believe it. And a lair, a con king ,murder and freak. You can throw in a rapist. Will never change
      And if that your ditch. Jump the hell, in. Two eye to ear. Think God there for a reason.

    3. @Michael Harris No they actually call him out for what he is. Not like FOX who drool everytime he speaks. So pathetic

  9. who need Trump’s endorsement for anything. his name and mouth ruin everyone they come into contact with.

    1. True! Trampy believes he has the ability to control anyone. He’s the one who’s suffering from mental illness. 🤨

    2. It’s all strategic to defeat the deep state who is affiliated to the demon rats puppets

    3. 🗽 who needs Trump anybody with a half a brain by the way you got any gas can you afford any gas

  10. Love how a one-term President who’s lost the popular vote twice can call a consistently elected US Senator a “failed candidate.” Haha.

    1. @Hipsta Johnyy Wrong. Biden is definitely eligible for 2024. The only question is whether he will run. Trump will either be in prison or Moscow so he’s definitely out.

    2. @DKT T I suppose if you are in favor of destroying democracy, nepotism, corruption, hypocrisy, pathological lying, disloyalty, theft, infidelity, etc., etc. Then yes, The Idiot #45 is for you.

    3. Literally became the President and second highest voted for popular votes, under Biden in History.

    4. @Hipsta Johnyy all correct, but I never though a threat…the years with him never going to war(vet myself) and including gay ppl in first speech, also allowing everyone to get jobs and off welfare at a historic record. Plus that dude never slept, donated his salary and literally Trolled the media everyday!!! I miss that dude.

  11. The party of values voted for a man that consistently takes revenge on people who did what was right.

    1. @Mitchell Campbell i played guitar at a ton of democratic fund raisers ….always plenty of sluts there blowing everybody…worked for harris

  12. Don’t worry too much Lisa. His hating you won’t take up too much of your time.
    – Iran, probably

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