Tucker Carlson calls America's top general a stupid pig 1

Tucker Carlson calls America’s top general a stupid pig


CNN analyst Max Boot reacts to Fox News host Tucker Carlson referring to Gen. Mark Milley as a stupid pig after Milley's forceful rebuke of renewed efforts from Republican members of Congress to question the Defense Department's diversity efforts and alleged embrace of "critical race theory."
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    1. @The Environmentalist fbi base things on law..lmfao!! They base everything on the political regime who is in power..they also fulfill agendas to back the ideology of that administration..this is why statistics are skewed and do not reflect any accuracy..this has been proven many times..especially in regards to government work..
      Collecting only the facts that justify the narrative does not mean they are simply “following the law.”

    2. @Dudley Burleson Ya know… When you make that many ridiculous claims and mischaracterizations, back to back like that… No one has to bother to refute you. It just reads crazy, all by itself.

    3. @Neil Salmen one of the stupidest things he’s ever done in his life is put his life on the line to defend people like you.

    4. @J W prove it! LMAO! The party of law and order you now don’t support the FBI? They’re all liars like the fake news media? Lol! You might want to learn about the law. It’s the DHS Department of Homeland Security that assesses the threat levels and FBI investigates and will assist if there’s a possible threat which they all failed BIGLY on the attack of our nation’s capital. FBI Wray has worked for multiple administrations but the right only uses the law when it benefits their political agenda. As Republicans refuse to do an investigation on January 6th the most heinous attack of our nation’s capital where capital police were brutally beaten. Not even during the Civil War when the South seceded was our capital attacked. But keep believing right wing conspiracy theories versus facts because that’s all the right does. Culture wars, gas lighting when there’s no facts. And now the snowflakes are up in arms for wanting to teach CRT which is part of American history and culture?! Millions of people protested not only in the US but globally against police brutality and systemic racism. There’s racists in law enforcement, the military.
      A group of military officers was discovered helped organize the Charlottesville rally where Unite the Right chanting Jews will not replace us and Heather Hayer was killed! Former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke was there said we’re here to promote Trump’s mission, make America great again (white again) is more like it. In that year’s DOD Bill Democrats crafted language to root out white nationalists from the military. After it passed Republicans changed the language to “extreme gangs.”

      A Facebook group was discovered with almost 10,000 members consisting of border patrol officers, the chief, police officers, ex military officers from Arizona to Philadelphia posting abusive, racist denigrating posts of immigrants, mocking their deaths, promoting right wing militias and memes of violently raping AOC, performing oral sex on Trump and Rep Escobar. Former DHS Secretary Mackaleen testified an aggressive investigation started and 170 officers put on administrative duties? That’s all and that was 2 years ago? What happened since?
      Racism is a problem in the US and all the right does is denial. Because most are the perpetrators. Look at the Republican party all white where’s the diversity? I’m waiting for them to elect a Muslim wearing a hijab or a trans Senator like Sarah McBride, Danica Roem and Christine Hallquist LMAO 🤣

    5. @The Environmentalist The facts are there weren’t thousand’s of white Supremacists. There weren’t 5 people killed, and there was massive election fraud. Also, your fanaticism for the left and your lies show your true commie colors.

  1. tucko calls a guy stupid because he is proud about reading books? fox news, where reading books makes you stupid. what else can i say?

    1. @David Eby I mean why wouldn’t you want to help the citizens of your country? … America wastes money all the time on BS … We always seem to have enough money for Wars … but education and infrastructure all the sudden we can’t spend a dime

    2. @BayMusic Doesn’t change the fact that America has a very racist past … Better to learn from it than to pretend it doesn’t exist because it offends people. Being ignorant is not the solution.

    3. @Gregory White Please Greg, explain to me a place that exists on earth where their pasts weren’t evil at some point in time? No one is saying to ignore it, you absolutely learn from it. What you don’t do is equate it to what life is like today. You don’t try to say that the USA is systematically oppressing black people in 2021and that white people are racist just because they are white….

    4. Its obviously not about the reading of books. It’s about the military forcing them to read certain books to push an agenda. What if they made you read books about the atrocities of the BLM movement and it’s Marxist doctrine? What if they made you read books about why killing babies via abortion is bad? So why should they force people to read about their political perspective of systemic racism..?

    5. @J Groovy ran away like a cowardly. Bet you bullied many disabled kids in school due to their actions, unable to writing 100% English or their looks.

      Come over and try to bullying me.

    1. @Seracha Pepper that’s good I want the world to laugh more even at my expense better laughter than hate and killing anyday ..Tc Pepper

    2. @Muddy Water Typical dumbfk changing the subject to something that’s not even related, nor is it based in reality

    3. @Seracha Pepper yea, the Republicans most definitely defunded the Police using the R-word as a false narrative to torch the cities and generate hysteria. Never mind all the Democrat leaders encouraging self-entitled crybabies to go destroy and steal from our cities. Because the Liberal leaders WOKE UP to the fact that defunding the Police was (obviously enough) a TERRIBLE idea. Of course they will never admit that. Now of course you go and call out the Republicans NOT voting for something the idiot Democrats started. NEVER taking the blame as usual.

    4. @paco taco And the Democrats hate Military because they will find (of course) some BS reason to call it the R-word because they hate Capitalism because it is somehow ALL connected to the racist white man. Admit that Liberals.

    5. @Steve Gillham The idiot Liberals think they can make up for all the destruction and rising crime in the u.s. cities simply because Sleepy-Biden (who hates the Police) can buy the nation’s forgiveness by just signing a bill as the crime Rates get even worse, when it was the Democrat cities who invented the stupid phrase “Defund the Police.” Yeah right. They refuse to take the blame. And then (as usual) think they can play the “good guys” when the time is right to make our sleepy President the incredible Man who brought this nation back onto its feet, when all he REALLY does is support the racist BLM movement tries to abolish the Police… permanently.

  2. It started when Trump trashed John McCain, saying he prefers war heroes who didn’t get captured.

    1. @George Dunn again , plenty gibberish .nothing that anybody can relate to ..just your average fake news junkie doing what he does best …and BTW .. Couldn’t find the word ” DOLTISH” maybe you lost some letters like your brain cells

    2. @Glenn Pearson failing the country ..HOW, And IN WHAT WAY ? Two can play this game ..your turn!

    3. @Johnathon Castro Stop the nasty Trumpian liberal crap. There is no liberal media. Nicole Wallace and several others I do watch were once Republicans until Trump and the latter day Republicans became unpatriotic and treasonous. And that happened in 2018 or 19 when Trump had his meeting with Putin in Helsinki and many Republican flew to Russia during that time. Not to mention the insurrection on Jan.6 and Republicans not wanting to acknowledge it and sweep it under the rug. You don’t see Democrats do that, nor will you. What you will see is them dealing with infrastructure issues in our country, the COVID problem with it’s new variant about, everybody just got a relief check to get folks back on their feet.THAT’S what Democrats do. Despite some Democrats BS on politically correctness, and other issues I don’t agree with; they do care about the humanitarian issues. The immigrant issue, Trump and Republicans wanted no part of, and left many of those poor folks to hang out and dry, and look what happened to many of them. As to voting this last election, I did not. But I’m glad Biden is the President, and many of the world is sighing a bit of relief after the wannabe dictator, Trump. But it won’t last long. We’re Hell bent on becoming an authoritarian nation like Russia, China and N. Korea. and in those last 4 years, it almost happened. And already on many of these threads we’re seeing slurs about Biden, with more misinforming BS on social media. That’s not coming from liberal media. That just bad sorts that are now water carriers of Trump’s smart aleck oratory against others or of another party. If after now being here, you haven’t figured out the real folks serious about the people of America, then you’ll never get it.

  3. Bad mouthing a decorated general. These days ‘republican’ is synonymous with ‘traitor’.

    1. @Martha Canady If the sitting President of four years was bad mouthed,it’s because we have videos of him bad mouthing others and his followers liking it. Very unbecoming of a man as President; therefore the voters and God said, “You’re Fired”. Gotta love the classic “Apprentice” ending?

    2. Let’s ignore Uncle Joe who kisses up to China, signed off on NAFTA, WTO and gladly welcomes donations from Communist political groups. He is a true Blue American. Why is it everytime I see a Flag burning lunatic they happened to vote Democrat ?

    1. @Matthew Furlani GOP lead senate commission report confirmed there was collusion. But they must have been lying too. Or that report was not covered in a lot of detail on Fox, I am pretty sure they tried to cover that on a very small corner on the bottom of a page below some screaming headlines but then can claim they covered it. Seen that so many times. If you state that msnbc and cnn do the same, yeah partly but I really dislike demagogues and there are just more of them on Fox. I don’t have a paid subscription to anything reputable so read NBC news which is fairly objective.

    2. @Gary Gantz Deleted your comment about having nothing but time huh?

      Yeah I think it’s pretty obvious you have nothing but time…

      I think a few things are obvious at this point.

    3. @Nick Dionne I didn’t delete a thing…I’m happy to go back and recap whatever you have missed.

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  4. Calling him stupid after playing a clip of him demonstrating his intelligence, totally on brand for tucker

    1. @RED PILL PORTAL America is a right wing extremist country…CNN would be seen as right wing in many countries.

    2. @deb I believe you meant “too” . Simple statement…America is an extreme right wing country.
      Who’s more capitalist that America?

    1. Nah, Just like the Democrats they destroyed themselves. Trump is just the result we get when you have a country that is sick & tired of Ivy League lawyers turned corrupt politicians in our Gov. also known as the swamp. The swamp has it’s own pool of stupidity as witnessed by those who are still party loyalists despite how much damage their party does to them or their country. Yep, they love them some lyin’ cheatin’ lawyers.

  5. Looks this irony:
    Republicans: “the left doesn’t respect the military”
    Tucker Carlson: “ Gen Milley is a pig”
    Republicans3 “🤐🤐🤐🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️”

    1. @Vida Hernandez Operation gridlock was not a riot, genius. Protests do not equal riots.
      Alright, you have a few riots, does that equal nationwide unrest, domestic terrorism and looting over a 6 month period? Hundreds of riots. A couple billion dollars in repair costs. Charlottesville was a white supremacy disaster, im not sure why you included that one because even Trump denounced them.

    2. @Red White Blue there was a FEW riots in BLM too… but you demonize them. With no issue…there was 30 MILLION PROTESTERS…only 14,000 arrests….BLM PROTESTS happened In 2000 cities are you saying 2000 cities in America AND 30 MILLION people just rioted for 100 days in a row?? That’s textbook delusional…
      Remember REPUBLICANS did a senate commission committee on BLM July 27 2020..
      the FBI CIA DHS NSA DOD DOJ HAVE ALL SAID UNANIMOUSLY that BLM was primarily peaceful…so what credentials do YOU have to say otherwise?? Remember trump tried to enact insurrection last august on BLM but he COULDN’T because there wasn’t enough wide spread violence….why are you DEMONIZING a Black movement.
      ..you’re taking the actions of a small few and making it seem like it was ALL of BLM… but at the same time you’re saying ALL right wingers shouldn’t be blamed for operation gridlock protests just because of a few people…

    3. @Vida Hernandez over 500 riots is not “a few”, hundreds upon hundreds of businesses leveled to destruction because of extremist black supremacists is not “a few”. Political demonstrations surged to new heights in 2020, along with the riots that some say have never been seen in American history. When did I say the Marxist black supremacists were not primarily peaceful? So are right wingers, though you are quick to go on about them. You can use the pathetic talking points of elitist Democrats but that doesn’t make yourself entirely true, or even close.

    4. @Vida Hernandez And shortly after that statement which applied “not to neo nazis or white supremacists” he condemns their actions and philosophy. Adding to the 40 other times he’s condemned white supremacy. Where do you get your bs from? Vox? CNN? Washington post?

  6. I imagine this general has done a little more for his country than screaming and gaslighting. I would like to hear more what honorable, educated and sincere people have to say than just another deranged opportunist narcissist.

  7. Growing up on the mean streets of Del Mar and La Jolla Tucker’s really a veteran frat boy at the front line of excessive entitlement.

    1. @Jason Aldrich Idk, I think Tucker might just qualify as a strawman. He seriously seems to have nothing but straw for brains at the very least…

  8. The reason why the fringe feels they can do things like this is that no one is held accountable.

  9. Where is the bigger Carlson story at? I haven’t seen anything on the NSA possibly spying on Carlson.

  10. Sounds like a Tommy Atkins moment.
    When you need them, they are heroes, once the need is over, lock them away.

  11. All these people hating on Tucker yet he gets more views in a single video than CNN does all week.

    That’s gotta sting 😆🤡🤡🤡

  12. Careful now, Tucker – Senator Joseph McCarthy’s downfall began when he thought he was big and bad enough to mess with the Army back during the Red Scare, and it turned out he wasn’t. History has shown time and time again that *you don’t mess with the Army.*

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