Two massive bears fight as hikers in Alaska watch #shorts 1

Two massive bears fight as hikers in Alaska watch #shorts


Travellers on a guided hike got an extremely close look at two bears confronting each other at Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. #shorts

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  1. It’s “so cool” until it’s not cool anymore when the bears turn toward you guys… But thanks for taking the risk so that we can see the encounter.

  2. Would have been an interesting video: bears fight over who eats stupid hikers after they were killed for getting too close to bears fighting.

  3. I think those humans may have been way too close to a hungry bear and are very lucky that other bear intervened.

  4. Not a fight more like a dispute and they both settled it and answered the call of nature. Maybe fighting over whether they should neutralize the humans or leave them be

  5. If only the bears had figured out if they cooperated, they could have taken on the humans watching.

  6. Right, take a break in the once in a lifetime action of two male grizzlies fighting for two closeups of the inside of your mouths. Really needed to see your teeth.

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