Two Ont. Amazon facilities ordered to partially close due to COVID-19 outbreak 1

Two Ont. Amazon facilities ordered to partially close due to COVID-19 outbreak


Ontario's Peel Region has ordered the partial closure of two Amazon Fulfillment Centres due to five or more recent COVID-19 cases at the facilities.

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  1. We are heading towards the production disruption/shortages portion of that leaked document that came out a while back

  2. Let me get this straight: partial closures for businesses with outbreaks and full closures for those with none. The lunatics really have taken over the assylum.

    1. @Treuburch ya i kno that, so then the are both open in a way lol,, big box chains are more so essential so leave it at that

    2. @Phyl I have no problem with Amazon working while small businesses are shut down but clearly , clearly there is a problem because they have had several massive outbreaks . 3 bus drivers have gotten sick just on the route that takes workers to a warehouse and one died . They are not following best practices .

    3. @Rick Buk They have agreed to shut down for ten days and workers will no longer be allowed to work at multiple locations or hold part time jobs .

  3. So, if I test positive for Covid, I must self isolate for 14 days, but Amazon is only closed for 10 days???

  4. What happened to closing down entirely after 5 infections? Another case of big business having a leg up over small Canadian owned ones. If there’s anything this pandemic has done, it’s shown how big the economic divide is and just how intertwined politicians and big business has become.

    1. @Mark Poitras Hey, can you provide a reference to accusations that provincial government is recieved donations from Amazon?

    2. @OpenSource Dev No, I cannot. But, it is common knowledge elected officials look after big business and Pharmaceutical industries. For example, the Liberal Party has donated over 1 million dollars to Loblaws corporation for the purchase of new freezers, which they could afford to buy themselves. That story can be found in the archives. I’m not into conspiracy theories, but I find it odd some are skating through this pandemic untouched while others are being targeted for closures. Maybe someday we’ll get the whole story.

  5. Doesn’t affect me, have never will never buy anything on azon, prefer to order stuff directly from maker and cut out the greedy middleman. If everyone did the same we could get rid of azon.

    1. are you daft? prices are cheap on amazon ONLY because of volume…. if YOU were to buy that item directly it would be 3x the price lmao

    2. They started as a small business so you would have likely supported them before as an alternative to other corporate giants

      When does a company become to big snd evil in your opi ion lol

  6. Amazon is an evil corporation I never buy anything from them. In fact , I don’t buy anything online if I can help it. I can count how many things I’ve bought online in the last 5 years on 1 hand.

    1. @SA S

      They more than likely get a middle mans cut , like a virtual farmers market, the market gets money when u rent a table space .

      I’m not sure if Ebay is owned by amazon , wouldn’t surprise me tho

  7. Amazon should be cut up. Far too powerful and underhanded. Apparently treat their workers as non entities.

  8. all other businesses face FULL shutdowns with ZERO goverment support for finding a covid case.

    Amazon get a PARTIAL shutdown WITH subsidy for its covid cases.

    Thanks Trudue, way to serve your public.

    1. dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPlekt. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    2. @This Guy Amazon should have realized we were in a pandemic and not made promises they were unsure they could keep.

      You call it a tantrum, I call it legally enforced accountability. If we are going to stop enforcing the codified laws in order to divert resources towards dictatorial mandates I think theres cause for outrage.

    3. @MrPandarilla I’m fairly certain most contractual agreements are pending natural disasters, emergencies and pandemics.

      It’s a 10 day delay from normal procedure. You’re entitled and used to a pampered lifestyle. Get real.

    4. @MrPandarilla I’m not arguing it goes outside of their normal agreement I’m talking about your unrealistic expectations during a pandemic.

      A lot of contracts have clausea that cover situations that cannot be avoided like natural disasters and pandemics or strikes.

      You can also pause or cancel your membership and get refunded if you haven’t used your benefits from the last time you paid.

      Again you’re a spoiled entitled brat 10 delay included a full blown Karen tantrum. Can I speak to a manager!!!

    5. @This Guy For a company that likes to play politics on a regular basis I wouldn’t say that’s such an unreasonable thing to ask for. Amazon is and was allowed to stay fully operational during the last 3 or 4 government induced lock downs.

  9. Sounds like Amazon needs to refund their customers subscriptions until they get their issues in order.

  10. Well yeah that’s what I saw coming in March 2020. The privileged work from home; front line workers are in the line of fire

  11. My frnd who works at one of these location says he didnt even got notified about this from amazon itself, but heard it on news only. And lately he’s been getting voluntary extra shifts . Such a cheap a$$ company.

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