Two Republicans Join Dems Voting For Jan. 6 Select Committee 1

Two Republicans Join Dems Voting For Jan. 6 Select Committee


Only two House Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, joined Democrats to vote in favor of a Select Committee to investigate the Capitol insurrection. Eugene Robinson and Matthew Dowd join to discuss.
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    1. @Richard MacLean Sub-head: Josh Hawley and Margie Greene both have shrines at home with the bones of Tim McVeigh displayed as holy relics.

    2. @10th letter In the sense that getting brain cancer is better than a gunshot to the head, maybe.

  1. Allow Congress Legal Counselors to do at least half of the questioning?? They know the proper questions to ask participants and witnesses??

    1. Yes, Democrats will also be put under oath, Pelosi, Capitol Police, Wray and the FBI,..etc.

    2. Put those two Republicans on the Select Committee! Then the GOP CAN’T pretend they’re not being represented, or call it a, “witch hunt!”

    3. @Indemniman 162 : You will cry when they start locking up GOP conspirators. Why do you Trumpophiles hate America?

    4. @Indemniman 162 Only in the tinfoil hat Land of Fake Believe. Pelosi is picking or has veto power for all of the committee’s members. Zero isn’t a small enough number to state the odds that anything you claim will happen.

    5. @Doug Ohaver yup.
      We see this is what you want. De-programming. Did that test better then re-education?
      Guess what, you’re a nazi. We see you.

  2. “We’d switch the word ‘annexation’ of Crimea for ‘reunification’, or call the government in Kiev ‘a fascist junta’ while writing favorably about the separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine”, he (Bespalov) a mole in Russia’s online propaganda machine) says. – @t

    1. @shane3214 Yah it literally isn’t her command LOL
      There is a committee and a chief of capitol police you tater tot.

    2. @John snow Wait a second, are you telling me it isnt on Trump OR Pelosi?

      Sounds like yall gargle the same media

    3. @John snow so are you just biased then. Or are you saying the Speaker of the House also has no influence. This is the dumbest thing Ive heard.

    4. @10th letter LOL what influence does the speaker of the house have ?
      What can she do by herself exactly?
      Can she pass legislation by herself?
      Can she pardon people?
      Enlighten me of her great power and influence.

  3. Matthew Dowd, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for telling it as it is. Absolutely this will get worse before it gets better. I can’t say how this will manifest in the near future, but it is indeed unpleasant to imagine in any way.

    Shockingly, there are FAR too few who have the credibility and reach, to speak up and create an impact. Most interviews filled with stuttering and pussyfooting around words so as not to commit to an actual statement or stance. Wouldn’t want to shout FIRE in a crowded theatre even though you smell smoke and floor is lava.

    1. This was a House vote, on creating a House committee. The Senate has nothing to do with it (fortunately, or it would almost certainly be filibustered). Mitt couldn’t vote for it even if he wanted to.

    1. @Jonish ramirez Trump will go down as the greatest person of all time. Soon you will see why.

    2. @Jonish ramirez gtfo, stop watching msm. There was videos on Facebook/ticktock/YouTube on what really happend until the powers that be made sure they were scrubbed. Do some research before assuming sh!t

  4. Which is why anyone who supported it is “an insurrectionist”, if not in practice, at least in theory.

    1. @Ethan Rbetter stock up now on that natty ice and have the ambulance on stand by for when you morons inevitably hurt yourselves. I think LEGOs are more age appropriate for you

    2. @Lo Bo when the ambulance shows up I’ll have the girls go over there and start twerking it on the hood , they probably won’t do it but I did see that somewhere recently

    3. It’s hilarious that you got thank a group of people with flagpoles baseball bats and pepper spray can take over the capital. Insurrectionist don’t leave a couple hours later when asked to.

    4. @Ethan R You forgot selfie sticks…. Everyone knows selfie sticks are the equivalent of a crew served weapon tripod.

    1. @mick readdin Where has it been released? You aren’t talking about the highly edited small segments?

    2. @Donald Trump It just seems like anybody called Donald Trump is short on brain cells… How long has it been since they let you out of the kennel?

    3. @Stanley Hache Biden wouldn’t pass a 5th grade cognitive test without cheating (which he is great at), so it’s hilarious when people mock Trump’s intelligence.

    4. @Donald Trump It seems to me that Biden has been doing a lot of talking and I have not seen or heard many slurrings, talk-backs or repetitive crap so far. But we have heard a lot of broken record rhetoric from your golden idol. How are your cousin Trump’s rallies going so far – we saw a lot of people walking out because they are fed up of hearing the same BS over and over again. Get with the program or take a listen.

    5. @Stanley Hache He makes several slurs all the time, constant blunders. You must be watching highly edited news, the guy has old folks handlers for goodness sake, that help guide and point the poor fool to where he needs to go.

      Trump’s rallies are going great, destroyed other news companies in the ratings. The coverage is pretty poor though, there is connection issues in these rural areas. Basically real news networks not having enough equipment to compete.

    1. Yup. He lied that his helicopter was shot down. He lied that he was there when the Berlin Wall came down. He lied that he flew into the Middle East with the seal team that killed bin Laden

  5. They got everything they wanted on first committee in negotiations and then turn around vote against it then complain it partisan. These people are insulating your intelligence

    1. that’s because the GQP never negotiates in good faith and they do not want to do anything at all, let alone out themselves as traitors or help the american people

  6. What cop expects to fight nonstop for 5 straight hours. Jebus Rice, these guys and gals are beyond heros. What the fudge is wrong with these Republinazis. Throw the book at them all already. Unbelievable azz&%?!s!

    1. yeah people get killed on field trips all the time, no problem give them a time out and some cookies and milk

  7. the cops shouldve opened up…lets face it…they didnt know what to do cuz it was a white mob motivated by a sitting president

  8. Let reinvestigate what the FBI already has and then retry the criminals that were apprehend for their crimes.
    I mean if your doing this to try and prevent future scenario, you might want to ask why more guards were declined the day prior. As well as why the response time took so long to arrive after DC police were notified.

  9. What is the use of having intelligence, if we do not know how to use reason?
    And so they call themselves super power.

  10. Yeah…it only took a highway and a building collapsing to get two Republicans to do the right thing.

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