1. If canada was full of “morally superior” cowards how long do you think our country would survive?
    It’s better to die on your feet then groveling on the ground as women,like in his family,would attest since I assume they would expect him to defend THEM if nothing else.

  2. Yea, but the problem is that the police will not respond to “bullying” calls until it has reached the level of escalation. Even if the police had responded, that video reaching the internet is the ONLY reason charges were ever laid. That is the only way justice has ever been served. Whenever you see a crime, post it for everyone to see and respond.

  3. Charges should be laid for anyone standing there making videos. That said he kissed his feet‼️He kissed his feet‼️🤔 The guy made him kiss his feet‼️ Don’t think I’ve ever seen that in Canadian culture before‼️‼️ 🤔

  4. If the dude just didn’t get on his knees and pay tribute, he would’ve taken a lighter beating. Especially if he swung back. And the bullies move on to someone who provides them with cost-free entertainment.

    Unless there’s some underlying issue behind this, this looks like the mildest case of bullying I’ve ever seen in my life. lol

  5. Call the cops and tell them your kid is getting bullied and until this happens, they won’t do a thing…..
    Call the cops about speeding in your neighborhood and watch the ticket traps flourish….just sayin’.

  6. The filmer is responsible for not calling police and they should be charged for distributing the video. They are almost as bad as the perpetrators.

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