TX GOP Seek ‘Audit’ Of 2020 Election As TX Dems Push For Voting Rights 1

TX GOP Seek ‘Audit’ Of 2020 Election As TX Dems Push For Voting Rights

Texas State Rep. Jessica González says the Texas GOP effort to audit the 2020 election shows that Republicans “aren’t even denying their intention anymore” of “putting politics over the people” in support of Donald Trump’s big lie. Texas State Rep. Julie Johnson adds this is an “attempt for them to try to justify filing these oppressive voter bills” because there was no widespread voter fraud.

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  1. Cyber Ninja is available for the Audit! It should take them Millions of Dollars and years to finish!

    1. @Joey Martin If you don’t recall, the audit was paused for high school graduation ceremonies so don’t spread false news about some secret backwoods facility. They had observers as well.

    2. @YoutubeHATES freeSPEECH if you are implying do I have like touchy feely evidence in some safe place that only I have the key. NOOO. BUT I gave you a pretty go clue and you don’t have to leave home, you can use your computer. I may be well worth your time to check it out. Sometimes to understand the present and possibly the future, you must know the PAST. That’s the best evidence I can give you spanky, anything else you’ll have to learn on your own. Good luck.

    3. @Louise Collard ok we know you know nothing and you want the fake news to think for you!! Now go back to mommy basement

    4. Hmmm almost like Russia Collusion. 3.5 years of wasting tax payer dollars to uncover absolutely nothing to prove their theory.

      It’s divide and conquer and both sides are engaged in it to radicalize people and have them fight amongst each other.

    1. @God bless the less fortunate What’s wrong with you? So you just want to take it? You talk like that and have God’s Name in your handle? Shame on you!

    2. @USN Corpsman A better question is what’s wrong with you? You want to make an apolitccal God political? Shame on you sailor!

    3. @dimentia420 I don’t think it was fraudulent, many Republicans who were voted in during this very same election are loudly declaring it was fraudulent. Let them put their seat where their mouth is and stand down while votes are recounted for them.

    1. The proposal for “voters rights ” wants bi partisan employees that make sure the poll locations are following rules gone. They also want to make it where people don’t need to show a valid ID to vote…..

      It sounds pretty shady to me but it has a nice ring to it. “fighting for voters rights ”

      Its too bad that it has nothing to do with voters rights

    2. @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet I’m saying the ballot counters (in certain places) we’re clearly untrained cause there’s many problems. Yet, they are concerned about untrained poll watchers.

    3. @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet you already need to show an I.D to vote in Texas. Why speak on something you know little about??

  2. “Texas Dem push for voting rights” lol yeah right. What’s wrong with secure elections? What do you have against making sure my vote counts?

    1. @Matthew Priddy the texas bill will make there be a cap of 12 hours a day during the early voting phase but the hours are completely open to when that Precinct wants them to be. They will have more not less voting places they set the threshold Down to any county with a population of 30,000 would be required to have early voting prior to the bill it was 100,000. So I think it should not be an issue to vote if you have a 12 hour window 14 days prior to election day.

    2. @Ontos Via the electoral college, its the cities of rural states that typically determine where all electoral votes of the state get assigned. 🙂

    1. @SaltyHamSlam how can you say “an easy place to live again” while you’re supporting Trump?
      With him he divided this country so bad that sparks of civil unrest is everywhere.
      He pushes election fraud claims and incites violence then claims he never said any of it.
      The man is a fraud and has always been.
      Because of his rhetoric, more Asian violence has happened then ever before, crimes against non white people came after he was elected.
      Nothing has been found, no machines changed Trump to Biden and because of his lies people now don’t trust the system.
      Nothing has been found, oh wait I know of one I’m my state.
      Man kills wife and cast her ballot for Trump.
      Happened in Colorado, look it up.
      Good luck to you, I really hope that after everything and all the lies he still claims with nothing coming up you see the man for who he really is. A spoiled rich kid who knows nothing of the real world and hard work.

    2. @swimminginthoughts yes, right wingers are so mentally ill that normal, fact-based living is “weird”

    3. @James Sanchez if nothing has happened why are audits being fought against? They have already found machines that flipped ballots but do you know what say it was they say it was an “error” but the errors only ever go one direction. There have been errors large enough that when corrected democrats lost seats to Republicans. You are not getting the truth from your news sources watch news from both sides of the isle and when something seems off look into it. What do you think biden was trying to say when he said “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” ?

  3. I went to get some fishing license, those people actually want my drivers license and SS number, I was just going to fish, wasn’t like I was voting! To make matters worse my bestest buddy is black and they wouldn’t allow him to fish because he didn’t have any ID! Talk about suppression!

    1. @Rob well shouldn’t they do the same for voting? Use our license number so only 1 vote can be cast and it can be traced back.

    1. AUDIT THE NBA FINALS!!! First they were winning, and then they were losing. ITS FRAUD!!! call the pillow guy!!!!

    1. @Daniel LaRusso Hi wumao

      A new report revealed thousands of fraudulent votes were potentially cast in 2020 elections in Georgia. Election integrity group VoterGa examined ballot scans from Fulton County and found previous vote recounts had a 60 percent error.
      At least 4,200 illicit votes were counted toward the final tally, including 3,400 Biden votes and 865 Trump votes. The report also found at least seven recount tallies contained fabricated vote totals.
      This includes a batch with 554 votes for Biden and 140 for President Trump that were counted as 850 Biden votes and zero Trump votes.
      “Why did someone write in 100-to-nothing, 150-to-nothing and put that in, that was entered into the system and was reported as the official results of the audit?” Favorito questioned. “Who these people were, we don’t know. Some were election officials, some were librarians, others were Happy Face personnel.”
      The report also found chain of custody documents for thousands of drop box ballots are still missing. Garland Favorito of VoteGA is now advancing a lawsuit to invalidate the fraudulent Georgia results.

  4. It’s sad when I can tell what media outlet the story is from just by the title. It’s sickening to me

    1. @The Morose Pittbull Yeah I know, and you’re trying to eat all of them. Trump Lost. Yall are worse than the Hillary snowflakes, I swear. Not to mention you’re trying to confuse people by just saying “a new report” (being purposefully ambiguous — what report? from some right wing group??) and then conflating “information” from two separate states hoping no one will notice. I noticed. Atlanta didnt vote for Trump, that is just laughable. The 75k mail-in ballots in AZ that were never sent out was because they were filled out IN PERSON. I did this myself when I voted early, the ballot they give you is a mail-in/absentee one. That’s how it works. Before you start jumping to other random topics to run away from your insane quackery, I dont like Joe Biden, I dont like 98% of dems, I dont like Kamala Harris, I dont like MSM. Keep huffing that copium though.

    2. @spaceystaci1 didn’t Democrats spend almost a billion dollars chasing a fake Russian collusion hoax?

    1. I am sick of Republicans spreading misinformation and attacking our Capitol. Then quoting conspiracy sites to back up their claims.

  5. “TX GOP Seek ‘Audit’ Of 2020 Election As TX Dems Push For Voting Fraud” — there, fixed it for ya.

  6. “Dems push for voting rights” is the most dishonest framing of “we want the voting systems we put in for the pandemic to last indefinitely.”

    1. What changed? All i see different was the amount of mail in, and drop boxes.
      You think taking away hours to vote, whole days and places to vote is a good thing?
      Republican want the right to overturn ballots if they don’t like who the voters picked, how is that allowing the people the right to vote in the first place?

    2. what is wrong with making voting easy? seems like a great thing to do in a free democracy right? There was no fraud so thats not a reason against it.

    3. What’s wrong if voter access expansion? Voting should be made as easy and efficient as possible as it can be while still being secure. These audits have proven that even with expanded voter access, there was an insignificant amount of voter fraud taking place. Cry more. Trump is toast, and the GOP is in a slide. 🙂

    1. What would you call it then? It sure wasn’t truthful in anyway, which makes it a lie. It been going for so long and repeated makes it big.

    2. DEMOCRATS are trying to convince themselves they AREN’T awake and the sleazy Joe BIDEN won, that why DEMOCRATS keep SCREAMING IT A LIE, IT A LIE WE WON WE MUST WE ASLEEP, WE WON, the DEMOCRATS are getting ready to be woke up

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