TX State Rep. On Fleeing To Block GOP Voting Bill: ‘We Need Washington To Step Up’ 1

TX State Rep. On Fleeing To Block GOP Voting Bill: ‘We Need Washington To Step Up’


Nearly 60 Texas Democrats fled to Washington in protest to block GOP restrictive voting bill, risking arrest and vowing to stay away for weeks until the special session ends. Texas State Rep. Gina Hinojosa says they came to pressure Congress “every day” to act on the “urgent need” to pass federal voting rights legislation, including Sens. Manchin and Sinema: “We come at great personal sacrifice, but the fight for our democracy is that important … we need them to use their power now.”
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  1. If they were committing a crime the state could send the Rangers after them. But I know the democratic lawmakers checked the laws of the State of Texas before they left to make sure they could not be forcibly brought back.

    1. @Devon DeMarse DC is STILL not a state. The founding fathers did that deliberately so that a bunch of Texas wranglers cannot storm the halls of congress, legally, That is why 500 or so who tried to do that are being tried on federal charges as we write. Some have plead guilty already.

    2. @DuoFurey Actually that would be redundant.
      The FBI does that. Get it….. FEDERAL beureau of intimidation. They CAN cross state lines in pursuit.

    3. @paul harris Yes Paul we know DC isn’t a state. The governor can call upon the House of Representatives and have them arrested in DC. Stop acting like it’s some kind of safe haven, because it is not.

    4. @paul harris And if they want to hide in DC, good for them. I’m sure there are plenty of other rats there that they can mingle with.

    5. @paul harris It is redundant but they now have offices in several states investigating crimes and arresting people outside of their official jurisdiction.

  2. Thomas Jefferson-“The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”

    1. @nick112211
      You claimed “more educated, liberal and wealthier”.

      I disputed it with facts. D.C. has one of the lowest graduation rates for black Americans. Not educated. Inner cities are some of the poorest and government dependant on the nation. Not wealthier. And cities are the most intolerant places in the country. So not at all liberal in the classic definition.

    2. JohnnyD 67 Wow you said D.C., therefore your refuted a generalized statistic that has nothing to do with singular cities…what? Clearly you’re not having a discussion with me. If you were you’d actually participate in this conversation instead of derailing it with fake definitions and some weird observation on black propel (weird). You’re having a discussion with yourself. Who’s the closed off one? Not me. If I was wrong and you showed research that in the U.S. there’s NOT a clear, major trend of higher education being linked to liberal ideas (being a Democrat), and that cities are better education I would concede my point. You, on the other hand have some ego defensiveness I don’t have. Good luck with that bud

    3. The constitution makes it very clear that state legislatures determine election laws. HR1 is not constitutional.

  3. We need politicans to fight for citizens rights 24/7. Not only banking wealth please or career politicans.

    1. @GoZipper! so you can go back to blowing the crap out of his creation? Or persecuting more of it for being created the “wrong” colour? And it’s funny how we didn’t really hear this argument when the thieving adulterous dishonest fascist was in charge… oh btw, Romans 13:1,2. “There is no power but Gods, and the powers ordained by him.” So…

    2. @Joe Roscoe who knows who he was talking about. Maybe he was projecting: A thieving, adulterous fascist is president now.

    3. @My friend Jimmy Fascist, socialist, communists are the same. They all want to take your God given rights away.

      Sorry for triggering you.

    4. @GoZipper! that’s hilarious, The Bible, the Constitution, Das Kapital, I guess there’s no end to the books you’ve eaten…

  4. At first, I thought everyone was thinking the way that the mainstream democratic media wants them to think. To which, I assume some of that is true. However, looking through the comment section I realize that many people peer through the political propaganda. Outside of just Republicans

    1. If you think someone named “the biden crime family” is a legitimate viewer of this channel, then sure…
      You can also see by their talks of communism and marxism that they are not regular viewers

      This just shows how p***ed Republicans are

      Conservative tears… delicious 😀

    2. @RedXlV If you REALLY think that Democrats are America loving Patriots, why do they want to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE” our nation so much? If you think that Democrats are not tyrants, maybe this will help. : cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others. : a government in which all power belongs to one person : the rule or authority of a tyrant.
      In this case, the Democrats are tyrants. They want their way or no way at all. How do you not see that?

    3. @Dave Foss We want to “fundamentally change” America because we want the country we love to be *better.* Whereas in the past Republicans wanted America to stagnate, and now they want America to get worse.

      And “cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others”? That *perfectly* describes the Republicans, with “a government in which all power belongs to one person” being exactly what Republicans want.

    1. @g0679 LOL! Hannity didn’t even finish college! He was and still is a shock jock. Maddow has a PhD.

    2. This voter suppression bill will ban 24-hour voting, an option used by people who work two or more jobs. This bill will ban drive-thru voting. This bill will criminalize riding with your friend in a car going toward voting precincts. Tell me, why should that be criminalized? This bill will make overturning election results by a judge easier. This bill will criminalize giving water bottles to voters waiting 5 hours in line just to vote.

      This is voter suppression. Plain and simple.

    3. @Clarence Loie Let the republican cult members continue to prove they cannot learn anything on their own, which they absolutely cannot. Don’t tell them everything. They will not listen, anyway. And, it really only makes people vote against republicans, which has already been proven. It was many past republican supporters that helped Biden/Harris get elected! That will continue. It also makes democrat supporters more determined to vote and get new votes. As usual, the republicans have no policy other than to be anti-democratic and anti-America/American! They will continue to destroy themselves. Wonderful!

    4. @seattleite Yes, just like Carlson lying and attempting to denigrate military leaders when he has never served! Except for people like Wallace, _all_ of Fox FAKE News are traitorous cowards. That’s why they now put up disclaimers on their so-called broadcasts.

  5. I’ve yet to meet any adult in the real world who thinks voter id is racist, and I live in California. Literally everyone I’ve talked to face to face has an ID, or knows exactly where and how to get one. They average $20. C’mon. I can’t buy a car without ID. I can’t rent an apartment without an ID, I can’t buy liquor without an ID. Somehow none of that is racist or too much to ask for but when choosing the leader of the free world, it’s racist? This is ridiculous.

    1. @KesselRunner606 That is because EVERY state requires valid ID to register to vote. Your voting card is a receipt of that valid ID having been produced by the voter and accepted by the state registrar.

    2. @Cleaster Huff Sheppard
      Hmm interesting maybe you should watch the VP interviews on this. All she is worried about is that the poor people can’t get an ID and Rural people can’t copy there ID. Not a surprise considering the bigot that she is.

    3. @Jay Bush
      The only thing the bill is trying to do is make sure your an AMERICAN CITIZEN and alive when you Vote. Or is that to unreasonable.

    4. @J333 no, you’re wrong, as I’ve already explained, and you get no more responses from me. Lol

    5. @Jay Bush
      No I’m not wrong. You just want to follow a party line. That is clear by your responses. But you go ahead and follow that puppet where ever his master leads you if you must. I suggest you take off the collar open your eyes use your own brain and judge things for what they are not what any Party tells you to.

  6. Amendment 14 sec 1 IS the protection of voting rights. That amendment demands federal protection of voters’ privileges from state abridgement. Just enforce it as written and as Congress is sworn to uphold it.

    1. paul harris
      You make it sound like it’s either black or white. The reason people cannot agree is it’s so subjective and open to interpretation. That’s precisely why everyone argues over the intended meaning. Both parties understand and interpret it from different perspectives and both seek to use it to their own advantage.

    2. @Nanno Believer Not to mention, the supreme court just upheld AZ’s voter’s rights changes, thus opening the door for any other state to do the same.

  7. So these people all fled because they dislike having more days to vote, longer hours to vote, more voting locations, and a requirement that you have ID to vote. Must be the ID, I know everyone can get one, but that must be very problematic for them. I need ID to buy beer and cigarettes, right now you need ID to show you can go into a store without a mask, but guess we don’t need ID to vote. No one seems to worry about ID and discrimination for anything else it is used for, suddenly there is some imaginary problem. Maybe the problem is imaginary votes?

    As a member of the DNC you have to understand how stupid this looks, but it serves a purpose. These people want other jobs in government later down the line, so they have to do ridiculous things like this pro-forma for the DNC to show they are worth those future positions. It is all nonsense.

  8. Left this right that, anyone not gonna acknowledge she’s on a freaking bus, like that’s the most casual thing you can do

  9. Voting rights should be a priority right now to protect the people and to protect democracy. HOW DARE THEY DO THIS TO DEMOCRACY!!!!!

    1. @RedXlV And you are the epidemy of a Democrat without an argument resorting to dismissive commentary. So, Nanana-boo boo.

    2. @Ash M When the only way you can defend this bill is to lie about it, that proves how bad the bill is. This has nothing to do with ID. Texas already requires a photo ID to vote. That law was enacted back in May 2011.

  10. Just another example of Democrats throwing a temper tantrum when they can’t get their way. They abandoned their elected duties and responsibilities to the people of Texas. Their true goal is not to protect the voter, but to protect their system to rig an election, and deprive the honest voter from an honest election, and they know it.

    1. How so? The last election honest voters weren’t deprived of an honest election, so what are the new laws for?

    1. They will be taken into custody at the capital not arrested to jail. Whoever watches these news sites really need to explain the importance of the whole truth.

  11. Children run and throw tantrums not adults and we all would be fired from our job if we ran from our job because of something we don’t want to do why aren’t they

  12. Do a Mitch. Protect minority rights—well that’s what he said he was doing. I think it was Mitch, they’re just interchangeable today.

  13. Nancy said “I make sure that trump would not be elected”. “I Make SURE OF” why did she said that? This election is CLEARLY “MADE UP”.

  14. First of all, we are a REPUBLIC.
    Secondly, why are you not working to preserve voting rights and election integrity? Do you have something against election integrity?

    1. All Democrats seem to think this nation is a Democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic.
      They do have something against voter integrity. They will never win another election if we fix voter IDs. If they can’t cheat, they will never win again.

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