1. We dont belong there and pulling out was a good idea but the disorganized incompetent manner that we pulled out was unconscionable

  1. Deep down the crooked politicians on both sides are mad because they can’t steel money there anymore

  2. “In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible.”
    George Orwell
    The progressive inversion of the truth is just that: an attempt to defend the indefensible.

    1. 🤣 stinking MAGA fascists quoting Orwell at progressives are hilarious! George loved killing fascists. Wrote a book about it, ya derp

  3. The media propping it up like they did in 2001! There is no humbling, should have left 18 years ago.

    1. @Geo De Leon 2 days ago I seen what are unemployment rate was. I do watch local news. Jan 6th is why trump should get due justice end of story on that subject. Lying to the American people is not the way to get threw the virus and that’s all trump did. What else do you need spelled out.

    2. ​@Wayne Baehler I didn’t disagree with you with the unemployment rates as you provided information for your own state ( I don’t know where you live so I dont know what is on your local news.) But we are talking nationally. I didn’t argue about 1/6 but I DO agree, anyone involved with what happened that was not in line with peaceful protesting with Jan 6th should be prosecuted as harshly as possible and pending the current investigation, if it is found that Trump did in fact cause this by our courts then drop him in the biggest hole as well. But once again, you didn’t address ANY of the points I touched on. You just keep condemning Trump with no supporting evidence. You didn’t comment on the world stage, fact that all of our allies disapprove of Biden in his 8 months more than they ever did Trump in his 4 years. You didn’t comment on the current economy and Kamala Harris’ statement about American goods. You didn’t provide any support for Biden on COVID when I asked what has he done during his Administration that did not begin in the previous administration. What do I want spelled out? I answered every point you bring up and agree/disagree on facts. If you would like to disagree you could respond to the points I presented.

    3. @TheSeer101 What Peace? There was never any peace in that county when the US was there. The US has probably killed more Afghan citizens than the Taliban.

    4. @Geo De Leon what right wing nutbag news do you watch. Nobody including Canada liked trump your smoking some really bad crap if you believe what you just said on that subject. How many doses were just sitting around until after Biden became president. Trump wasn’t getting anyone vaccinated. All he cared about was trying to get the election over turned. And as far as Afghanistan they had there chance and walked away from it.

    5. @TheSeer101 Go and join the resistance and fight for your country and stop blaming America. Over 2 trillion dollars, thousands of US forces killed, many wounded and coalition forces. Are you numb to the fact that your army fled and wanted America to fight for them? Go away already. Why should it matter to America after 20 years?Spend your time on how to fight the Talibs rather than blaming America.

  4. The sacrifice in lives and treasure will be worth it if we learn from this. I truly believe that. We will never play this kind of nation-building game again. Instead of two trillion spent on the next Afghanistan it will be two trillion spent on America. Renewable zero carbon energy, universal health care, school loan debt forgiveness and free tuition…all could have been accomplished with that two trillion dollars. Instead it went into the pockets of the ultra-rich shareholders of the defense industry.

    1. @Thyalwaysseek you assume a lot. I totally agree with you. Why you make an unfounded assumption I agree with what Obama did, says a lot about you. Oh yeah, Obama also in encouraged the Arab Spring as well. He has blood on his hands as much as any and all other politicians.

    2. @Kenneth Nation You were the one who just made the claim *Republican would never spend that kind of money on the American people. They never have.*

    3. @Thyalwaysseek I don’t follow your arguments. What does one have to do with the other. Democrats have done more for the average American in just the last six months then all of Trumps four years.

    4. @Kenneth Nation LOL you said a Democrat would spend trillions on American people instead of war and I literally gave you an example of the last Democrat president who was spending it on war not Americans. Biden talks a big game when it comes to infrastructure but so far that’s all it is, talk.

    1. @Matt Campbell
      No one in the World could expect almost 300 thousands Afghanistan Army didn’t want to fight for their country and their people !

  5. Humbled, really? Vietnam wasn’t a lesson apparently. Shame on the politicians on both sides of the isle that kept our boys over there.

    1. @Contemporary Jie what are you talking about quote the link? Go in search of for yourself you have a brain

    2. Sure but now they are on their way here. Good luck Europe. Vietnam was a battle we had won they had worked a deal out with Nixon but Nixon wanted to hold it closer to the elections and in between he got watergate and left office and the dems went on to surrender to ehm Vietnamese/China/Russia. That was politics and money but that’s not what the middleasterners fight for they fight because of hate and they are coming mark my word.

    3. Chickens coming home to roost. Remember the black ops and cold war efforts by the U.S. when we sponsored the Mujadeen who is now the Taliban? Now the same thing has happened to us.

  6. My brother is a wounded combat veteran of this war. But he’s with us today. We honor all sacrifices made by our troops. This is a tough day. My thoughts are with you all

    1. @gemmster14 that’s funny trump had 4 years to pull out of Afghanistan and didn’t he released 5000 taliban members including the current taliban leader made more difficult for 17.000 afghans that worked with allies to bring them and their families to America.
      Who started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
      The military spending goes up under republican presidents and democrats president decrease military spending

    2. Thank him for his service, please, and you for yours in supporting him.❤️🇺🇸I am so grateful to him, and all who served with him.❤️🇺🇸☮️

    3. My post is for the veterans and allies who did their duty. It dosent mean I agree with the war or war itself. But after watching my brother change, and live in pain the rest of his life..I won’t demean that sacrifice. For no one. We care about our troops in this country and if you don’t, I don’t care about you.

    1. *Agreed brother, it is HOW they we left without accountability that vexes most servicemen like me. We could’ve secured: military gears, Americans, and Afghan Allies alike before we stepped-off.*

    2. whatever … we will have to go back in after showing weakness like this they are going to launch global terror attacks and hit us with everything they have ….. when we stop dealing with them they plan attacks on our soil that is the way it is whether you like it or not and people are going to die and maybe it will be someone you love this time. You can;t reason with them or pressure them and they will never ever stop until we are all dead. The only answer is peace through strength please reference Ronald Reagan speech “we must fight”… and learn something….

    3. @Crack n Parmesan I do not wish for us to be attacked to educate liberals who we are dealing with but because they choose appeasement and think that diplomacy will work. They don’t get it…. and people die because of their ignorance.

    4. Most Americans don’t agree to abandoning our people or 85 billion dollars worth of equipment that they can now clone and attack us with China

  7. We kind of have our own problems here in America Jack. Afghanistan nation of tribes. They don’t want our form of government

  8. I would love to hear an interview of George W Bush concerning the end of the US presence in Afghanistan.

    1. @gemmster14 Ok, but then you have to hate Biden too. Biden was one of the main politicians that pushed for the war. Bush was bad, but so was Biden.

    1. Well being the policeman of Asia has a price. But I rather it be American than someone like North Korea or NAZI Germany.

    1. @Geo De Leon As opposed to you watching Russia Today 2 and all of the other Fascist outlets where you clearly imply you DON’T GET THE TRUTH but you continue watching?

  9. The reporter has to understand, the war in Afghanistan is not for other country to fight, its the people who have to fight, its theirs and forever theirs if they want to.

  10. 20 long years in wasting young Americans life’s for a nation building delusion. This was a great day for the country and the troops.

    1. *Agreed, however it is HOW we failed to secure our equipments, Americans, and Afghans Allies before we left. The loss of human life could’ve been less significant.*

  11. The security blanket was not a few thousand troops, but trillions of dollars poured into the pockets of corrupt Afghan elites. Once that well dried up, off came the blanket.

    1. This is what we know. After reassuring Americans and their allies that an Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban was NOT inevitable a month ago, *BIDEN* was *CLEARY WRONG*

      We know that he had been warned many times and ignored advice (or, he chose to take the wrong advice if you want me to put it that way).

      NYT article titled _”Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden’s Assurances.”_

      Also Sean Hannity confirmed from dozens of sources that this was the case. The YT video is available to watch.

      *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      This is a typical military exit strategy. Biden ignores the plan and did not dispose of military equipment and did not evacuate the civilians he had reassured a month prior that the Afghanistan military would fight.

      By not disposing of the military equipment like President Trump planned to, Biden armed the Taliban with dozens of billions of dollars of equipment. Including, but not limited to:

      – Black Hawk Helicopters
      – A-29 Super Tocano Bombers (aircraft)
      – Armoured Humvee and Drones
      – Night visions goggles

      Since then, we have found out through Breitbart news titled _”Biden Officials gave Taliban List of Stranded Americans, Afghan Allies.”_

      When asked if he trusts the Taliban, he completely dodged the question. Even if he does not trust them why would you give them a list?

      Our government is now “working with the Taliban” to create a perimeter. If he doesn’t trust them why does he want to work with them?

      The Chinese Government openly supports the Taliban.

      Joe is a puppet for 🇨🇳

    2. @Bay 17 taliban is hanging people from our Blackhawk helicopters. Biden should be charged with treason, and all of his administration.

    3. @Bay 17 Hannity and Breitbart are your sources? ENOUGH SAID from another QAnon Trumpski cultist. The ivermectin is wearing off. Do masks work? Are “Trumpski’s” vaccines safe? Are you vaccinated or is that a HIPA violation? For your actual information – no, it’s not. None of your “facts” – like your world view – is real. The sources alone speak that TRUTH.

    1. @Donna Brockbank your clueless ” president Biden will hold the Taliban to their word to treat the Afghanistan peace better ” Ha Ha
      No he won’t and the America people really dont care what the Taliban do to the Afghan people , but the 12 marines that Biden killed wont be forgotten

    2. @guitarristaflamenca AFGANS are again leading their country and not a foreign country. we lost enough in people and treasure . when would it be enough. trump made a deal with the taliban and biden fullfilled it

    3. @Ralph Colerick I can only assume you think I have a problem with the fact that we withdrew. I do not but I do have a problem with the way in which that withdrawal was carried out.

    1. The Taliban want to be in good standing with the rest of the world. President Biden is going to hold them accountable. It could have become WWIII.

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