U.S. Surpasses 12 Million Coronavirus Cases | MSNBC 1

U.S. Surpasses 12 Million Coronavirus Cases | MSNBC


Coronavirus cases passed 12 million in the U.S., with more than 200,000 cases recorded in the last 24 hours.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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U.S. Surpasses 12 Million Coronavirus Cases | MSNBC


  1. Trumps Virus reaching level numbers, beyond a Hoax and I did not go away in April. But it will in January 20, 2021

    1. @William H Music 2020 You delusions do not constitute truth. Biden will take the presidential oath of office in about 60 days. He will gradually decrease the virus, and your life will improve remarkably. Lucky you. You can say “Thank you” when you return to reality.

    2. @ruth depew Trump’s legal team has solid evidence of massive voter fraud concerning Joe Biden…wait for it

    3. @William H Music 2020 trump’s legal team has NO solid evidence at all, that is why their cases keep getting thrown out of court

  2. Lillian’s catching the disease virus thousands and thousands are dying Trump says today his son’s doing okay never mention anyone else

    1. @john wallace if you would have heard him talking a week ago about the virus doesn’t even exist nobody’s dying then you can say that stuff

    2. @Paul Wiley i watch cnn at least 16 hrs a day. i never saw this alleged thang. perhaps u could provide a link to this announcement trump made last week?

    1. Currently the percent of US citizens who have tested positive is 3.7%. This number is overwhelming hospitals across America where hospital beds for any condition are getting scarcer and scarcer. We can still crush this, but it will take effort.

  3. Mass Murder Mitch needs to be personally sued for denying aid on purpose! Thrown out of office for Willlful Dereliction of Duty, and subject to Trial at the Hague for Crimes Against Humanity ☆Lv

    1. Biden went from President elect to civilian faster than you can say. IMPEACHED before ELECTED


    2. @Changing of the guard
      This is what happens to your brain when you watch OAN.
      Scrambled and poached with no connection to reality.
      So dumb…

  4. Trump has Nixon will both be remembered has building barriers.Trump for building the great wall to keep the Mexicans out and Nixon for building a giant gate a water gate also to keep the mexicans out !

  5. I cant wait till biden moves in. We need to stop all speech I disagree with. And its finally happening. Thank you msnbc now we can get back to love.

    1. Remember: “In the early 21st century, the government eventually gained control of society by telling people what to think, instead of letting people think for themselves. The government actually enforced this mindset in people in a brutal manner. The totalitarian, repressive government saw that people, left to their own views, ideas, and initiatives, would be out of control (in the government’s view), whereby the government would no longer be able to direct the thought processes of these people.

      Consequently, the government, with the aid of social technology, embarked on a program of total conformity. People would be encouraged to believe in and do what the government decided was right. They would either sheepishly conform, or be forced to conform. Therefore, the government discouraged individual thought that was not in agreement with the stated norm – governmental decrees.

      Government leaders, in their arrogance and greed for power, saw that ideas, values, and such espoused in videos by independence creators, would not assist them in keeping the populace under control. They needed the populace to be under control so they could move forward with their agenda. Therefore, they deemed social media, and what their videos exposed, to be unprofitable and banned them from society.”

    2. @S D – tRump calling people names & spewing hatred is not news. It can now officially be called death. I personally will boycott any news agency for 1 week every time they show the orange buffoon spreading his hatred & death. It’s not news. 4 years is enough.

    3. @ra5928 Yes, but spewing hatred and you calling “love” “hate” are two very different things.
      Remember, you are doing the very things that made the Nazis evil.

    4. @S D – Where in the world did I call “love” “hate”? Where? Go back and read my post and quote me. Are you saying that tRump calling people losers and fools and idiots is spreading love and my disgust for such behavior is hatred? Is that what you are saying? You are confused pal. Go back and read my post and then come back and quote me. And if the German media had censored Hitler for his hatred and spewing, perhaps all that death would not have happened.

    1. dems 2016: electoral college must go
      dems 2020: electoral college is foolproof!
      dems: trump, shady dealings in ukraine? impeach! biden, shady dealings in ukraine ? biden 2020!
      dems: believe all women! (all democrat women)
      it’s endless

    2. @john wallace No, we still need to ditch the Electoral College. tRump didn’t do anything about it because it was the only way he could win again.

  6. At this rate we will have another million (preexisting condition) Covid cases every six days. This rate will, however, keep expanding and overwhelming our hospitals so that no one can find a hospital bed for any reason from broken bones to appendicitis to cancer.

  7. All this while Harry Halfwit plays golf and gorges on junk food. Where’s a massive heart attack when ya need one.

  8. While Trump wants to Count vote by vote Himself, Americans Continue Fallen Victims Of Covid. And the President is to Busy Formulating All Kinds of Conspiracie9s to Remain in Power, the American People are the Least of His Concerns. His Supporters Still Finding Ways to Downgrade the Virus, and Very Critical of Those Who Take it Seriously. One Thing They Forget to Add is that This Virus Prays On The Poor ,Nutrition, Environment , Medical Care Accessibility…. They all Play a Role. And it affects the elderly, Because Their Immune System is Compromise. Is been A Genocide on This Groups ) Having No Resources is Not A ….So Not Everyone that Contracts The Virus Has The Same Reaction. Some Required Hospitalizations, Intensive Care…While Others Like President Trump , and Many Individuals shake it Of Real Quick. Good for Them!! Let’s not Forget that this Virus Disproportionately affected Minorities , and Most Probably are the Ones Still Dying From this Contagious Disease. I know we don’t Take Restrictions easily_ like Dr Birx Said ,Restrictions Don’t Go Well With Americans. But If we want to Slow the Spread, and Move Forward, Something Has to be Done.

  9. The only ones muzzling the truth and “science’ has been the left and the media, why have they refused to cover the success of hydroxycloroquine, and how about all those doctors that supported that drug, how about all the studies showing masks do not work and whats more may very well cause all kinds of health problems. Have they discussed the biggest and latest Danish study which proved mask will only protect you at a rate of .3% or have they told you the covid survival rate is 99% plus , what about the fact the CDC has told us less than 20,000 deaths were actually covid deaths the others all involved at least 2-4 pre existing conditions that most likely would have caused them to die anyway. No, it is the media and the left that has lied. Here is a great example how they do it . This is exactly how the media lies and distorts truths https://youtu.be/6bATsSiAcgo Have they told you they truth about biden and hunter or what their plans are??????? No, and you never bothered to educate yourselves. There is no excuse for you being uneducated. By the way, once again, we are talking about cases, and as for the testing you should listen to this doctor, this is a top Canadian pathologist https://knst.iheart.com/featured/garret-lewis/content/2020-11-20-top-canadian-pathologist-calls-covid-19-greatest-hoax-of-all-time/


  11. When this evil buffoon took over in 2016, Americans should have fasten their seat belts and brace for impact. Stranger Things. 72 millions still give a “like” after impact.

  12. I’m so appalled in Jacksonville Fl. there was so much traffic and stores were full, where I work it did not look like a pandemic is here, cases are going up here, mask mandate ends on Thanksgiving,vthey dont listen anyways, I feel forced to go back to work instead of having a choice on unemployment I should beable to follow the science and stay home, this is ridiculous the way no one really cares, I have family in Wisc. who have friends being hospitalized becuse they dont believe a small rural town can get it, they think only big cities, whatever bad comments you want it.. whatever… I have underlying conditions and I shouldn’t be forced to have some income only part time to have none with high percentage to get it

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  14. The way its going the United States will have over 20 million people infected with the coronavirus by the end of the year and over 10% of the population by the time Biden is sworn in has the 46th president of the United States.

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